Abb Aurora inverter review - house fire


We are happy to write an Aurora ABB Inverter review to add to the list of inverter reviews we have now published.



We are still here and still replacing dead Aurora inverters. You can see the inverter replacement prices here.

The Error 31 code on the Aurora is probably the most common solar inverter fault that we get.

If you have a faulty Aurora or ABB inverter, get in touch with us. We will have you up and running in no time with a shiny new inverter, with a great new warranty!


Buy ABB Inverters at our shop.

The Aurora inverter is now known as the ABB inverter, since the ABB takeover a couple of years ago.
Ahhh,  The Aurora Inverter… Yes, the solar inverter is made in europe, Italy in fact. I suppose with this being the case, you would assume it is great? Well, we think it’s the worst inverter going. So terrible in fact, we wont even use it!

Abb Aurora inverter review - house fire

Get rid of your Aurora inverter ASAP! Click to enlarge.

We tell our customers we will not sell them an Aurora Inverter – We  Just wont!

My quarterly electricity bill is only around $525 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?


ABB talk Aurora and Uno inverter in June 2016 – And how SMA have dropped the ball.

We think you may not EVEN GET AN ITALIAN MADE ONE… It appears many are coming out of USA now. This could explain the poor performance and reliability we have seen from our previous installs of Aurora inverters lately. There now appears to be USA made Aurora inverters.

Chinese Made Aurora inverters. please see here. These are not the STRING INVERTERS going on your house. Power-one is now ABB

This ‘premium inverter’ costs nearly as much as a German SMA Sunnyboy. (Unanimously considered the best inverter you can buy)

The Aurora, which we have found to be not-so-impressive costs over $1000 dollars more than a cheap Chinese inverter, which works the same.

Aurora Inverter Review

Aurora Inverter Review

We have seen so many failures from these Aurora Inverters!  – Loud, humming, LCD stops displaying, failures. We have had them all e.t.c

We are also not enjoying replacing these inverters (an annoying and embarrassing job we are doing far too often)

ABB is just too slow at hooking us up with replacement inverters. Hearing of stories, where it has taken other installers in the industry near 12 weeks to get a replacement out – so much for shelling out that bit extra for a ‘European upgrade’

We believe, Power ONE Aurora really need to lift their game with the solar inverters. It is in our opinion, that for a long time they have piggybacked off the obsession with consumers wanting European gear for their solar fit-out. We hope this attitude has not proved to have dire consequences for the bloke opting for the Italian made Aurora.

The wireless capabilities on these inverters are something that we have found to be really behind the eight ball. We find the Aurora wireless additional purchase hard to work with.

If you want one, we will not sell you one. Sorry. We don’t want to go backwards installing something, only to come back to your home or business at a later date, only to replace the failed inverter! However, we will happily recommend you to look at  the ever-impressive SMA Sunnyboy.




We would like to say if you do go and get one… Best of luck. There have been many people happy with their Aurora inverter, perhaps you could be one too. You can find many other Aurora Inverter Review on the internet with some very happy buyers and users.

We hope you have enjoyed this Aurora Inverter Review.

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Have a look a this dead Aurora inverter showing up the Error 31 code! We get several calls a month about these error codes.