Winaico Solar Panels Review


Are you after a non-Chinese made solar panel? You must not go past WINAICO SOLAR PANELS. These Solar panels are fantastic, and have been around for quite a few years now. We have been selling Winaico panels since 2011, but they now have gathered some momentum in the Australian solar industry as a lot of Tier 1 Chinese Solar panel manufacturers have dropped the ball!

Winaico Solar panels are NOT MADE IN CHINA! – They are made in Taiwan by WIN WIN PRECISION TECHNOLOGY.

winaico solar panels

These Winaico Solar Panels are NOT made in CHINA province

Winaico solar panels rated in Australia Winaico Solar Panels are rated in Australia!

Did you know Winaico Solar Panels have one of the best Warranty system I have ever heard of a solar panel company having? Last I checked, These guys will replace your solar panels even if they are stolen from your roof by thieves within the first 2 years.

Winaico Solar Panels smoke a lot of other panels out there, including Trina solar panels, Csun Solar panels, and all those other Panels that solar sales reps have been plugging at your Dining room table.

Winaico Solar Panels are not for everyone though. They are very expensive as they are the only solar panel we offer that consists  of parts made in Germany. This sees the price tag on them sky-rocket, and out of reach for everyday Aussie families, but are still regularly snapped up by the Mercedes-Benz driving Yuppies, who only settle for the best of the very best!

If anyone asks me @what is the “Do you have any non Chinese Solar panels. I hate China and the products made there!” I simply tell them, “Winaico Solar Panels would probably be a good choice for you”  – But you can be rest assured that there is nothing at all wrong with Jinko Solar panels and their service here in Australia coupled together with a German Made SMA SUNNYBOY INVERTER or Fronius Primo. – These are tremendous solar systems.

winaico solar panels

You can always rely on the Winaico Solar panel company.


While the performance of the Winaico solar panels wont be any better than a good Tier 1 Chinese panel, at least it won’t be made in struggling China, and that’s why we pay more for the Winaico panels. Not made in China, but Taiwan (not far from China. haha)

Winaico Solar Panels have their cells made in Germany, then lastly assembled in Taiwan. Not a Chinese product. A great quality product.