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14/10/2013RE: Temporary suspension of Trina Solar Module Shipping

Dear Customers

RFI have a well established reputation for quality control.  We have proudly maintained accreditation to the international quality standard ISO9001 since 1993.  Our quality focus relates to every element of our business and every product we sell, whether manufactured directly or distributed on behalf of our supply partners.

RFIs’ quality procedures enable us to identify areas of concern, and to ensure the identification and rectification of potential product faults well before they enter the supply chain. Recently our quality processes identified such issues across some of the Trina solar panels we supply.

We are currently working with Trina Solar on these issues and a detailed investigation has identified a potential root cause.  The affected models include DC01A Mono, PC05A Honey and small area modules. We appreciate the strong support Trina are providing but our systems give us no option but to suspend the affected product range from further shipments until we receive new replacement stock.

The restocking process will take 4-6 weeks before we can return to normal order processing for Trina large area products. Meanwhile our sales team will work with you to assist in offering alternative solutions to ensure continuity of supply for your orders and will keep in regular contact as to the progress on these issues.

If you have concerns in relation to any stock of modules all normal product warranty processes through RFI Solar Central (1300 000 RFI) apply, alternatively Trina can be contacted on 13 000 TRINA.

We apologise for any disruption this may cause to your business and can assure you that both teams at Trina and RFI are working hard to rectify this issue as soon as is possible.
Managing Director – RFI Solar

RFI Solar Central 1300 000 RFI(734)