Taco Bell to arrive in Australia in 2017

September 2017 update!

Taco Bell is well and truly on it’s way to Brisbane!

also, if you are so keen that you would consider working at Taco Bell in Brisbane, why not apply for a job at the new store in Annerley here!

Read the latest news article about the Taco Bell store opening in Brisbane here.

I’ve been told that Taco Bell will be opening it’s first stores in Australia by the crew that work in the Taco Bell Head Office in Los Angeles, California! “At the moment we are working out where the locations are going to be, but I am quite confident we will have Taco Bell stores open within 9 months of me saying this!’ said the Food Product Manager. He told me this in October 2016, so let’s see if we will all be munching a Taco come July 2017.

taco bell brisbane Australia

Whilst traveling in Bogota, Colombia I was invited to the first TacoBell restaurant VIP Launch Party in Bogota, Colombia. It was very entertaining. They threw a massive party for hundreds of people to attend, many Californian employees made the trip down to South America, as they will when Taco Bell opens it’s doors in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.


The Taco Bell guru’s told me that while Taco Bell has been in operation in Australia before, it failed because they believe they tried to change the menu up to make it suit what they thought Australians would like, or perhaps they were just too early for the Mexican food craze in Australia. This time though we have been promised, ‘What you see and can order in an American Taco Bell is exactly what will be on the menu in an Australian Taco Bell store!’ – So any of you who had been to the United States and loved the Taco Bell / Del Taco experience there, you will be happy to know that a Taco Bell in Brisbane, Australia is looming.

Did you know the Head Honcho of Taco Bell is an Aussie from Brisbane? Of course he wants it brought here!

The VIP party was great. Free Taco’s, Burrito’s and Heineken beer on Tap to all invited! We Just can’t wait for the Launch party for the Taco Bell in Brisbane!