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In today’s world, we as humans have increased our dependence on technology and energy substantially. In many of the things we do on a daily basis—from air conditioning our homes, to charging our smart phones, and so much more—energy is required.

With this and an increased focus on going green as a society, certain forms of renewable energy have begun to crop up. And in the spot light is—you guessed it—solar power!

This green form of energy is not only growing in popularity, but it’s also dropping in price—which largely helps to fuel the push towards renewable energy. Today, around 25% of Brisbane households have a renewable energy system, as per the low-carbon map from AVPI. The suburbs just outside of Brisbane proper have even higher numbers of residents relying on green energy to power their homes.

The number of systems using this renewable form of power to fuel their homes has been steadily growing in recent years, despite the absence of any strong incentives like feed-in tariff initiatives.

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Why should you be considering solar power?

Because these systems are now cheaper than ever! And after the initial investment, they continue to drive down your energy costs long term. As a result, they effectively pay for themselves in no time at all.

One of the primary things driving this growth is the fact that the price of renewable energy systems in Brisbane have plummeted significantly—and for Australia as a whole! Nowadays, how much does your average sun system for a residential property set you back? Let’s take a look at the different solar panels for sale package options available:

Our Best Solar Packages & Prices in Brisbane and Queensland




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Jinko Solar Panels In Brisbane And Gold Coast

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Ultra-Budget Package


Infinity Solar Panels

If you’re looking for the cheapest option in the Sunshine Coast, read this one carefully! It’s one of the best deals around if you’re just trying to get hooked up with renewable energy without spending too much.

This package includes 23 INFINITY older design 260-watt panels. They are from local sources right in Brisbane, so the warranties they come with are completely safe. This package also comes with a Growatt inverter.

This Growatt inverter is a popular option in Australia and has been for the past 10 years. However, the inverter we choose to use and recommend is the Zeversolar inverter, which is owned 99% by SMA. From just $3850 you can have your new system fully installed on a single storey home with a tin roof!

6kw Sun System – Seraphim Solar Panels

This 275-watt package from Seraphim is the CEO’s special! Partnered with the 2017 inverter from Zeversolar that comes with Wi-Fi

monitoring, the cost for this is just $4,950 for everything including installation!

The 275-watt cells from Seraphim are a tier 1 sun panel. They’re known as one of the best performing devices used in Australia ever since their introduction in 2012.

Today, they are a strong and durable 40mm framed unit. It has an excellent performance quality, paired with the Wi-Fi connectivity feature. For just an extra $900, you can also be fully equipped with the European inverter we offer.

Jinko Solar Panels In Brisbane And Gold Coast

Premium 6KW System


Jinko Eagle 275w Solar Panels

This premium option is the most popular we sell!

The reasons are obvious—these tier 1 panels from Jinko are famous for their incredible performance.

Australia’s Choice magazine recently tested them and rated these 2nd only to LG– a device that sells for double the price! We believe Jinko offers the best bang for your buck.

The Jinko solar panels feed into a Fronius Primo 5.0 inverter, which comes with a 10-year warranty and Wi-Fi compatibility. Everything you could look for in a renewable energy system! Introduce it to your home for just $6,200! 

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Popular Package


6kw System with Trina Honey – $6200

This Premium solar system is a slight variant of our most popular 6kw system as it comes with the Trina panels rather than the Jinko panels.

Some people had Trina Honey panels installed back in 2012 when they were all the rage, or know someone who did and highly recommends and are looking at getting a new install with the latest Trina Honey panels available.

A slight variant of this system is the Trina Honey 290 watt Monocrystalline panel which costs an extra $500 to switch to.

The Trina Honey panels feed into the Austrian built Fronius Primo 5.0 inverter. This inverter comes standard with a 10-year warranty and Wi-Fi compatibility straight outta the box – It ticks all the boxes!

Longi Solar Panels Brisbane

Ultra-Premium 6kw System


Longi 300w MONO PERC Solar Panels – $6500

Longi Solar Panels are a favourite here at QLD Solar & Lighting, for good reason. This system is for those wanting 6kw of panels, taking up only 20 panels of roof space!

Longi Solar Panels are the largest manufacturer of Mono solar cells in the world. Making the PERC cells for Qcells and LG solar panels. As of April 2017 Longi solar panels are the fastest growing manufacturer in the world.

Read why LONGI PERC are a superior panel and superior option to other panels on the market here and you can see their recent claim of the world record for PERC Technology with their PERC panels right here.

This package includes Longi Panels with the worlds best solar inverter, the Fronius Primo inverter or upgrade to a neat 6.6kw system for just $7000.

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The Ultimate 6kw System


‘Solax Hybrid’ 6kw System – $7495

Concerned about your system’s batteries? This package comes with SolaX’s new SK-SU5000E Hybrid inverter with a 50 amp charging current power.

This means that 2.5kw/hr is able to be discharged or charged all the time. This inverter is compatible with 6.5kw SolaX batteries. This means you can fill your battery in 3 hours charging time.

The Talesun cells that come with this package are a tier 1 panel and a well-renowned option. They boast the 9th largest volume in the industry. Make it yours for just $7,495!

If you’re the type of person who prefers to spend a bit more for assurance in the quality of your products, then this is the package for you!

REC Solar panels

Premium 6.16kw System


REC Twin Peak 280w – $7000

Want to ditch components made in China? REC Twin Peak units come at 280 watts per panel and are made in Singapore!

These REC Twin Peaks have a great reputation from their functions and features, using PERC technology.

With these panels and the Australian-built Fronius Primo inverter, you’ll have all the high-quality components you need—with none made in China! This sun system can be yours for only $7,000!

Sunpower Solar panels

A Solid All Rounder


Sunpower’s 327w E Series  – $9500

Want your home or commercial residence to feature the absolute best that money can buy?

If that’s the case, then this package was designed for you. The world’s best renewable energy manufacturer is Sunpower. We are proud to be able to offer their stock readily available!

Sunpower has managed to design units that feature 327 watts of power output from a standard sized unit. With this package, those panels can be yours! They will feed into the Fronius Primo 5.0 inverter, which comes with a 10-year warranty and Wi-Fi compatibility.

There you have it, the best panels and the best inverter, all in the one package, all for under $9500!

Or want some more grunt? Get 20 of these panels and make it a monster system (6.54kw) for just $9900

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Commercial Solar Systems

The cost of getting your business converted to running on sun power is going to vary drastically from the cost to power your home. Here’s what you can expect to spend as a business owner to get your company running on the power of the sun!

  • 10kw System (from $9,995)
  • 20kw System (from $16,000)
  • 30kw System (from $24,000)
  • 50kw System (from $44,995)
  • 100kw System (from $89,995)

Keep in mind: While the initial amount of investment may seem high, cutting down on your energy bills will save your business money in the long run!

Cheapest Renewable Solar Energy Systems

We also sell a wide range of other renewable energy systems in Brisbane, allowing you to design precisely the energy system that will best benefit your home or commercial property! Some of the Tier 1 solar panel options we have available include:

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Solar Panel Price – Everything You Need to Know

Are you tired of watching your energy bill skyrocket with little way of cutting down on the costs? We understand how frustrating this can be, with no sign of it letting up in sight.

This problem is precisely why so many people have chosen to convert their homes to using green sources of energy! Renewable energy is free to use after the initial set up fees, and it will end up paying for itself in no time! That’s not even to mention the benefits you get from cutting down on your carbon footprint.

When renewable energy was first introduced as an option to power homes, it was far too expensive for most people to afford. In fact, it was out of the budget of nearly anyone. However, the price began to steadily go down over time, making it possible for more and more people to start availing of the uses of renewable, green energy.

Fortunately, when those prices started to come down, they didn’t stop. They became available for those who made more money at first, but now the prices have come down to a point that they are a feasible option to a much wider range of people. The popularity of this energy has spiked and is now soaring. With more and more people using renewable energy to power their homes, electronics, and daily functions of life, the impact is much greater.

But how much exactly do renewable energy systems cost?

As you can see from the costs listed on the packages above, the price can vary substantially based on a number of factors. However, the cost in general has come down significantly. And after that initial installation fee, the energy they produce is free for you to use! However, the solar panel price can vary significantly based on who you choose to get them from and the type you choose to invest in.

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The Real Solar Panel Cost

When calculating the solar panel cost in your area, it is important to also factor in other costs—or, rather, what you end up saving. While the price of purchasing and installation is typically a lot more than you would spend on your energy bill, you need to remember that you will be cutting down on energy usage—and what you get charged by the electric company. Depending on the area where you live and how much sunlight your PV cells will be able to absorb, you will also be saving a lot of money at the same time.

Depending on various factors, your system may or may not provide your home with all of the energy you need. Even if you do have to supplement your energy from a renewable energy system with a standard grid, it will still be significantly less power that you need to use and, therefore, will result in lower prices.

Factors Impacting Solar Panel Installation Costs

When you call on the help of a professional to get a quote for a home installation, this should include the all-encompassing price of installing an energy system onto your roof. However, as you start exploring the different packages and options for your house, you will notice that different factors will affect that total price you will pay.

The first factor is equipment. Not all inverters are one and the same. More efficient equipment is going to be a higher upfront investment—but it’ll produce more energy at the same time! This means that while the initial investment will be greater, your savings in the long run will be more substantial. Because you won’t be relying on the grid as much, your energy bills will diminish significantly. Also, keep in mind: higher-efficiency equipment tends to come with a better warranty, too.

However, parts aren’t the only thing affecting your final quote. Costs of labour and permits also factor into the equation. In most cases, it costs money to have your energy system on the grid. In addition, it takes time and effort to install your green energy system. These things all take time and will add to the total bill.

Finally, the design and characteristics of your home also play a role. If you have a roof that faces south sloped at 30 degrees, then the installation will be simple. However, roofs with several levels, skylights, dormers, etc., require additional effort that will come with a higher installation fee.

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Savings for the Long-Term

Sun cells are intended to save you money—all the while having a positive impact on your carbon footprint. However, how much money should you expect to save using the energy of the sun?

Well, the amount of money you’re going to save is only going to increase as time goes on. Why?

Because the prices of power on the grid are going up! However, after you’ve made the switch to renewable energy, your power is going to stay free while everyone on the grid starts shelling out more cash! The benefits of switching the form of energy you use are so pronounced that even the Prime Minister switched to green energy. So, are the advantages enough to convince you to follow his lead? Countless Brisbane residents are making the choice to go green because the savings are significant and long-lasting.

The amount that you will save depends on the features we discussed above and the package option you choose. So, it’s best to meet with an expert to discuss your budget, expectations, and the specific situation in your home!

To get started on your sun cell installation today, get in touch with us! Our team of experts can help you find the package option that is best for you.

Too Cheap 5kw Solar System Price

Then there is the other side of things… Too cheap (companies that sell stuff unbelievably cheap are your National Sales Companies)… We have no idea how they are selling their systems at pretty much cost and getting away with it – but really their after sale service and support all indicates that their customers are far from impressed with these companies… these companies also are often using sub-contractors to take part in these solar installations )

These guys sell the stuff as cheap as they possibly can (well even cheaper than that!) So much so, that it has been made news that they are to be said to skimp out hard on -he quality of install or after sales support (dead inverter, leak in roof etc) Not long after your solar install, these sub-contractor installers have already gotten back in their Gypsy looking, barely passing a blue slip, Nissan Urvan and camping out at the next un-powered camping site a few hundred Kilometres away, ready to mass install the next towns victims from the Brisbane Solar power companies aggressive marketing campaign and TV ads.

Too Expensive 5kw Solar System Prices

Often you will get quoted ridiculous prices out there. From a solar system company like Modern Solar or Bio Solar knocking on your door, to a Solar Sales Rep sitting at your Dining Room table for 3 hours raving on about absolute crap, desperately wanting a signature. These guys are apparently charging up to $14,000 for a 5kw SYSTEM!!! – THATS CRAZY!! – January 2015… they’re still doing it!

We only sell Quality Solar power systems in Brisbane!

If you are after the best value 5kw solar system in Queensland, you have come to the right place! We have the best products, best warranties at the best price. If you would like a personalised quote on any of our solar system packages, please get at us. We hope to install a 5kw solar system or a 6kw solar system that you will be impressed with until the day you sell your home!

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