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Cheapest 6kw Solar System

For those wanting the cheapest 6kw solar system you can get



Growatt Inverter Review

The Growatt inverter with free Wifi

The ULTRA BUGET 6kw Solar system is most popular with people who are interested in getting a 6kw system installed on their roof for as little as they could possibly pay, and not worrying about the quality of components that are included in the solar system.

At the moment this package is consisting of 24 x  older style, 250 watt INFINITY solar panels that are sourced locally here in Brisbane, meaning that the warranties are as safe as they could possibly be, avoiding the risk of buying solar panels directly imported from China to the Solar retailer.

The panels are coupled with the Growatt inverter. The Growatt inverter has been around for quite a few years in Australia. 5 year warranty and comes from China. Growatt have now been in Australia for 10 years! Our pick of the Chinese inverter is the German owned, Zeversolar inverter, 99% owned by SMA.

Budget 6kw Solar System

No fuss system at a great price - $0 Deposit -$95 per fortnight ($570 per Quarter) for 3 years (36 Months)

‘BANG For BUCK’ BUDGET 6kw Solar System

Sma Zeversolar chinese inverter - part of the SMA Group

The BUDGET 6kw Solar system is our second most popular system sold. For people who know that it makes sense to pay a little extra to get piece of mind for better quality products.

The 270 watt, Black Frame Link Energy panels are more efficient and look better than a standard 250 watt cheaper panel. They also come with 40mm Frame, not 35mm Well built!

Partnered with the all new Zeversolar ZEVERLUTION inverter, the first 5kw Zeversolar inverter designed with help by the guys at the German SMA company, This inverter will be sure to impress with WI-FI connectivity a standard feature.

True Hybrid 6kw Solar System

You are thinking batteries down the track, but want to be 'battery ready' with a capable inverter? We got you covered

‘Solax Hybrid’ 6kw Solar System

Solax hybrid solar systems brisbane and queensland

You may call or email us to receive a free quote on the hybrid Solax Inverter.

Want Batteries? Get the New SolaX SK-SU5000E Hybrid inverter that has 50amp Charging current power, meaning that 2.5kw/hr can be either charged or discharged at any time. These inverters are compatible with the SolaX 6.5kw Batteries, meaning that with good export from a 6kw System, you should be able to fill your battery up within 3 hours of charging, then use at night time in a similar time-frame.

Talesun are a Tier 1 Solar Panel and are a well-renowned Solar Manufacturer, and currently 9th largest by volume in the world.The 270 watt, Black Framed Talesun are more efficient and look better than a standard as they have a black frame design also.

If you are after this system, or would like to explore your options when it comes to Hybrid inverter and battery-storage technology for your solar system – Let us know.

FULLY INSTALLED –  Queensland Solar Systems Price list

 Pricing and cost for 5kw solar system installed Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands and surrounding suburbs. We always sell the cheapest Solar Panels Brisbane has ever seen. Contact us via email or phone to get a free quote today!


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fronius inverter and lg solar panels

Click to Read about our Ultra premium solar system special


UPDATE – We are now servicing all over Queensland and NSW. We are happy to install solar power in Mount ISA and District. We specialise in installing solar panels Brisbane and the surrounding regions.

Click here to see our prices on Solar Hot Water in Brisbane and Sunshine coast Region


Solar Power Asbestos Roof

Do you need a solar power quote for solar power on your asbestos roof? We can help you!

We do many installations on Asbestos Roof, with our Asbestos certification.

My quarterly electricity bill is only around $550 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?

About Author Solar

solar quote brisbane queensland

Free Personal 6kw or 5kw Solar system quote

We sell TIER 1 Solar Panels Brisbane



We Sell HIGH Quality Solar Inverters

Sma Zeversolar chinese inverter - part of the SMA Group

Zeversolar – Part of the SMA Group. Finally, what appears to be a decent Chinese Inverter.

Can be made WI-FI ready for just $100

 Zeversolar is now 99.25% owned by German SMA company!

SMA inverter review

Sma Solar inverter Review – The SMA inverter is world recognised as being the best in the business.


  • Fronius Primo Inverter

    fronius galvo inverter review

 SMA Inverters and Fronius are the only make of inverter we will go near! The rest are rubbish in our opinion!


 Do not use a B & B Solar power inverter , Solis Inverter, or a Delta Solar power inverter – We have had nothing but CHRONIC problems from these inverters and Manufacturers – Truly bottom of the barrel stuff!

Price list for Solar Panels Brisbane – Fully installed

Discounted CASH price

270 Watt Polycrystalline Solar panels & Zeversolar INVERTER

1.5kw solar system price – $3700


2kw solar system price – $3850

3kw solar system price – $3900


4kw Solar system price – $4000

Read about how we do our installs here – NO Sub-contractor installers!

5kw Solar System price – $4100

6kw Solar System price – $4200


6.5kw Solar System price – $5000

Solar installers Brisbane

CLICK HERE to get your free personal solar quote today!

>SPECIAL 6kw JINKO – SMA/Fronius inverter – $6400<

Click here for more info on our Tier 1 Jinko – SMA Deal for $6400

Jinko Solar Panels Review



commercial solar power

Commercial solar power Brisbane and Gold Coast quotes. See Below for rough commercial solar power price guidelines.

10kw Solar System Price List – $9995 (from)


20kw Solar System Price List – $16000 (from)


30kw Solar system Price List – $24,000 (from)


50kw Solar System Price List – $44995 (from)


100kw Solar System Price List – $89995 (from)


 Commercial Solar Power Brisbane Testimonials

commercial solar power system review Brisbane

We recently installed this Commercial solar power system in Sumner Park, Brisbane. This was a 10kw system using Luxpower Solar Panels and JFY 10kw Suntree inverter. This is what it produced the very next day after installation!



Brisbane Solar hot water pricing

Envirosun Solar Hot Water System Price List

315  Litre Split 2 Panel (315AS) – $3895

300  Litre Roof  Mount  2 Panel (300ST) – $4295

400 Litre Split 2 Panel (400AS) – $4295

400  Litre Split 3 Panel (400AS3) – $4595

Solar hot water brisbane

Save money on your hot water bills!


We were recently in USA – Having a look at Solar Power in USA!

Check us out visiting the largest solar system in the world!


We also sell Micro inverter solar panels and Solar Edge packages if that is something that you are after or in need of also. Currently doing specials on the Micro Inverter solar systems. If you are interested, please get in contact by either phoning us or sending an email!

Do you want to use Enphase Solar microinverters on your Brisbane solar system install? We have you covered!

50kw solar power systems and 100kw solar power systems have also been popular recently. We install anything and will cater to your needs.

*** We guarantee to beat any written quote in SE QLD! ***

Solar power systems on FINANCE using Certegy EZi PAY – 5kw systems for only $350 down payment!







Often you will get quoted ridiculous prices out there. From a solar system company like Modern Solar or Bio Solar knocking on your door, to a Solar Sales Rep sitting at your Dining Room table for 3 hours raving on about absolute crap, desperately wanting a signature. These guys are apparently charging up to $14,000 for a 5kw SYSTEM!!! – THATS CRAZY!! – January 2015… they’re still doing it!

solar panels brisbane

We have the best range of solar panels in Brisbane – Call us today!


Then there is the other side of things… Too cheap (companies that sell stuff unbelievably cheap are your National Sales Companies)… We have no idea how they are selling their systems at pretty much cost and getting away with it – but really their after sale service and support all indicates that their customers are far from impressed with these companies… these companies also are often using sub-contractors to take part in these solar installations )

These guys sell the stuff as cheap as they possibly can (well even cheaper than that!) So much so, that it has been made news that they are to be said to skimp out hard on the quality of install or after sales support (dead inverter, leak in roof etc) Not long after your solar install, these sub-contractor installers have already gotten back in their Gypsy looking, barely passing a blue slip, Nissan Urvan and camping out at the next unpowered camping site a few hundred Kilometres away, ready to mass install the next towns victims from the Brisbane Solar power companies agressive marketing campaign and TV ads.



5kw solar sytem

This is a picture of a 5kw solar system installed using tilt frames in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

We only sell Quality Solar power systems in Brisbane!

If you are after the best value 5kw solar system in Queensland, you have come to the right place! We have the best products, best warranties at the best price. If you would like a personalised quote on any of our solar system packages, please get at us. We hope to install a 5kw solar system or a 6kw solar system that you will be impressed with until the day you sell your home!



Optional Inverter list to use for your Solar System


SMA ZeverSolar




SMA Sunnyboy Inverter

Micro inverters

 Below is a list of Solar inverters we no longer use because we found them unreliable

  • Power-One Aurora –  We dont use this inverter anymore!! –
  • Delta inverter – THAILAND – FAKE GERMAN RUBBISH – Definitely don’t use him anymore either!
  • Effekta Inverter – We will not installl this one aswell – FAKE GERMAN
  • Samil Inverter – The Samil inverter doesnt even include a Dual MPPT inverter in it’s range – That’s saying something!
  • Solis Inverter – Another Chinese shocking inverter


free solar power quote brisbane

contact us 7 days a week to get your free measure and quote

Full Warranty Service


Installed by Employee’s that have worked for the company for 3+ years.

No Sub-Contractor Electricians!


** Pricing is subject to change daily without notice




5kw solar system price

We have the best 5kw solar system price. cheapest in QLD for Solar Panels Brisbane

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