Australia’s Suntech Solar Panels Review

Welcome to Queeensland Solar and Lighting Suntech Solar Panels Review. We have reviewed many other popular solar panels over the past 18 months here at QLD Solar & Lighting, we thought that now would be a good time to give Suntech Panels a write-up and share our past experiences with them.

Suntech Solar Panels Review


Suntech Solar Panels claim to be the largest Solar panel manufacturer in the world. They are made in China just like 99.9% of the other solar panels on the world market.

Suntech Solar Panels are reported to be Bankrupt and have an outstanding debt of over $1 Billion US Dollars. This once promising solar company began to crumble when many other Chinese solar panel manufacturers turned the heat up on the global solar industry by manufacturing and selling their own solar panels at a loss, or very thin profit margins. When this happened, Suntech Solar were not setup for such skinny profit margins and had to compete with the inferior solar brands that have sprung-up overnight in China just to get sales.

Suntech Solar could only do this for so long, I guess they had hoped that the market would soon recover, the other Chinese Solar companies would soon put their prices up to a reasonable mark, and they would again be sailing in the Green, and become a healthy and profitable solar panel company before long. Unfortunately for Suntech, this never ever happened. They were manufacturing their great product, and so much of it (remember they were the world’s number 1 solar panel Manufacturer)

As you can see this Suntech Solar Panels review cannot speak to highly of the once might Suntech Solar panel as it appears they have really gone to shit. The company is in Severe debt and we here at Queensland Solar and Lighting feel very sorry for the investors who invested in purchasing shares in Suntech.

Unfortunately when it comes to Solar, the only good solar investment is whacking a Solar System on your roof. Give us a call and we will help you start your solar investment today.

Thanks for reading our Suntech Solar Panels Review.