Sunpower Solar Panels are the #1 Panel

Did you know that Sunpower Solar Panels are the absolute number 1 panel that money can buy! When it comes to comparing Solar Panels absolutely no other panel or company can compete with Sunpower Panels!


Sunpower Solar panels

Remember this name, it is the leading solar panel maker in the world!

Sunpower Solar company  is the Mack Daddy of the solar world. Sunpower has it’s headquarters firmly based in California, USA and established in 1985.


Why are SunPower Solar Panels so good?

Sunpower Solar Panels are often featured in the Photon Magazine (commonly referred to as the ‘SOLAR BIBLE’)

If you have not seen Sunpower in Photon Magazine, you have never had a Photon Magazine in your hands before. It’s as simple as that!

Ever since people and organisations like Photon have been comparing solar panels for yield, reliability and performance, and have had a SunPower Solar Panel included, SunPower has smoked the competitions in the results… in other words, left the others for DEAD!


Who uses SunPower Solar Panels Brisbane?

That’s easy to answer! Anyone who wants the absolute best solar panel money can buy! There is still plenty of people who want SunPower Gold Coast and SunPower Brisbane.

Did you know that the largest solar powered powerplant in USA is called the ‘Nellis Solar Power Plant’. Nellis power plant is in Nevada and uses SunPower Solar Panels exclusively!

Sunpower Solar Panels

Look at Obama just marching around the power plant eyeing it off! Even Obama is threatened and intimidated by the Sunpower Solar Panels power!


Thats 15 MEGAWATT of Sun Power! If you don’t understand that, it’s 72,416 x 200 Watt Sunpower Solar panels! This beast is powered by 54 x 250 kw Xantrex inverters (Schneider)

It’s THAT GOOD, the Barack Obama dude that runs America even stopped by to check it out!
We have sold a few systems using these Panels, but keep in mind, they definitely do come at a price!

Sunpower E20 Solar Panels Brisbane

SunPower not only makes the most efficient solar panel on the market but also makes the largest power output panel. This Means that they are the choice to go when you are short on roof space but still want to get a solar system that pumps out the juice!


Sunpower Solar panels

We are proud to sell and install the E20 series solar panel

Our best selling Sunpower’s are the Sunpower E20 models! These bastards come in 2 flavours, 327 Watts and 333 Watts!
Somehow they still only weigh 18.6kg per panel – That is Crazy!

Please Click here for the SunPower E20 Datasheet

Imagine these Monsters coupled with an SMA or JFY inverter! – TOO BLOODY GOOD!

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