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Solar Power Forest Lake


Solar Power Forest Lake – Sunshine All The Time


Forest Lake was the first master planned community of Brisbane. Now it can show the way to Solar Power Forest Lake. The pioneer of affordable housing can now lead the way to discovering affordable power supply. The town enjoys an abundance of sunshine. Sunshine is synonymous with solar power. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company tell you what you can do with sunlight.

About Solar Power

Solar Power Forest Lake is the new instrument of electricity supply. Solar panels are mounted on the roof tops of your homes, offices, schools, etc. These panels can provide you with sufficient electricity supply to meet all your needs. And you will still have a residual supply stored in the batteries. Say “goodbye” to antiquated fossil fuel supply. Say “hello” to Solar Power Forest Lake.


Solar Power Working

Solar power is a direct product of the sun. The rays of the sun fall on the photovoltaic cells in the solar panels. These photovoltaic cells are embedded in the solar panels. The semi conductor chip in the cell is activated by the heat transferred through the cell.

Production of electricity

This activation of the chip generates high voltage across the ends of the cells. This voltage is in the form of a direct current. The direct current is converted into an alternating current through an inverter. The current is then supplied to your home as Solar Power Forest Lake


Solar Power For The Community

Solar power can meet all your community needs Solar Power Forest Lake. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has a wealth of experience in installation of utility solar systems.


Why Solar Power?

Solar power technology is developing rapidly. These developments are driving costs of solar power down. Sunlight is free of cost. With the cost of conventional electricity becoming costlier, the payback period for solar power investment is getting shorter. And solar power is free of pollution. When you opt for solar power, you leave no carbon footprint.


Which Solar Power?

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company offer you a practical solution. This is a solution for Solar Power Forest Lake .

ü  Solar panels are available in either monocrystalline or polycrystalline;

ü  Every photo voltaic cell is scrupulously tested for adherence to international standards;

ü  The material supplied for every cell is subjected to stringent quality control checks;

ü  3 bus bars configuration generates improved power production;

ü  Design parameters assure performance even in cloudy weather conditions;


What is special?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – tempered glass surfaces for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Cell Power – Reduction of space between bus bars which translates to better power output;

ü  Tolerance limits – It can withstand water exposure and wind pressure,;

ü  Long term relationship – longevity beyond the generation in which it is installed;

ü  Economical – cost-effective solution. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.


Let’s Do It

Forest Lake pioneered the concept of master planned community in Brisbane.  Now it can march ahead with Solar Power Forest Lake.

Solar Power Holland Park


Solar Power Holland Park –  Sunshine All The Way


Solar Power Holland Park, you can have sunshine all the way. Did you know that the sunlight which you enjoy everyday can generate electricity?  Let Queensland Solar and Lighting Company show you how. Welcome to our Hanwha solar panels review.


About Solar Power

Solar Power Holland Park is a 100% sustainable and renewable energy. The solar power that you use daily is replaced the next day. The replacement is free and there is no harmful impact on ecology. You only have to provide space on your home roof top for installation of solar panels. Leave the rest to Queensland Solar and Lighting Company


How solar power?

The solar panels are embedded with photovoltaic cells. These photovoltaic cells absorb the radiated heat of the sunshine. The cells contain a semi conductor chip which is agitated by the heat. This chip generates a high voltage direct current across the ends of the cell. That electricity is converted into an alternating current. It is then transmitted to your home.


What happens at sunset?

Queensland Solar and Lighting Company will assess your need. Your requirement for a span of 24 hours will be taken into account. The system will be designed so that it generates surplus power during the day. The surplus power will be stored in a battery. The battery will be used to supply electricity during the after sunset period


Solar Power For The Community

Solar Power Holland Park could even provide adequate electricity to run your commercial establishments, offices, school, and recreation areas.  This would call for the implementation of utility solar systems. Queensland Solar and Lighting Company has qualified technical personnel with substantial experience in such installations…


Why Solar Power?

For Solar Power Holland Park is fortunate to enjoy bright sunshine for most of the year. Installing solar power systems is definitely an attractive idea.  Solar power is environment friendly with zero pollution impact. It is also comparatively inexpensive; actually virtually free after installation. Further, rebates, discounts and tax credits are offered by the Government to promote the use of solar energy.


Which Solar Power?

For Solar Power Holland Park, the choice of equipment must take into account not only cost but also value. The major features of the equipment are.

ü  stringent quality control checks for every photovoltaic cell and semi-conductor;

ü  inspection of solar panels for compliance with global standards;

ü  micro chips embedded conform to international certification criteria;

ü  higher power output owing to 3 bus bars arrangement;

ü  design parameters assure performance even in unfriendly weather conditions;

ü  customer friendly service and professional expertise


What is special?

What are the other special reasons for Solar Power Holland Park to choose sunshine all the way?

ü  Guarantee – A 12 year product warranty and a 25 year performance warranty;

ü  Efficiency – tempered glass with anti-reflective coating for higher levels of sunlight absorption;

ü  Tolerance Limits – Designed to withstand exposure to water and wind;

ü  Economical – one of the most economical panels at a very competitive price. It achieves this without compromising on quality and performance.


Let’s Do It

With Solar Power Holland Park, you will be walking in sunshine all the way. Thank you for reading our Hanwha solar panels review







Brisbane solar systems – An introduction


Brisbane solar systems – An introduction

The focus of the article is to discuss the Brisbane solar systems. It is not an unknown fact that the renewable sources of energy of the planet are slowly diminishing and we have to switch over to more sustainable sources of energy. For that, solar power is the answer.

Likewise, here is an opportunity for the residents of Brisbane to know more about the Brisbane solar systems.


Introduction to Brisbane

Brisbane is the capital of the Queensland state of Australia. Being the capital of a sunny state, the city enjoys a good amount of sunlight throughout the year. This definitely calls for the installation of solar power systems wherever possible. After all, the benefits experienced make it worth the installation!

Therefore, let us look at the options of Brisbane solar systems


Suppliers of Brisbane solar systems

Fortunately, with the increase in the demand of the PV systems, there are more and more companies who are providing the solar power systems for the region. The companies not only provide the solar power systems, they also look into the pre and post installation processes. In fact, a simple search on the internet will provide the names of many companies who provide the solar PV products.

Few names of the suppliers are

  1. Smartt solar systems
  2. Energy matters

Information about the products and contact information can be accessed through the websites of the suppliers.


Some of the Brisbane solar systems available are:

  1. Solar hot water heaters

By installing the solar hot water heaters, it is possible to have an unlimited amount of hot water which is warmed by the sun’s rays.  Information about the cost of this solar power system can easily be gotten from the internet or by contacting the companies.

  1. Solar panels

These systems consist of solar cells. The solar cells convert the sun’s energy to electricity. The electricity is then circulated to the building or commercial complex for which the solar panel is located.

Along with these, there are many more solar power systems like the solar inverters, the off grid solar modules, solar ACs, and several others.


How to buy the solar power systems?

  • For buying the Brisbane solar systems, an individual needs to first consider the amount of area that is available for setting up the solar power systems.
  • Next, the electricity requirement of the house or the commercial complex needs to be estimated.
  • Next, a research on the companies who provide the solar power systems can be conducted.
  • Lastly, based on the above data collected, the best fit solar power system can be selected.

Therefore, depending on the area and use, the solar power systems can be selected.


In conclusion, if the idea is to save up on electricity bills and use a cleaner source of energy, the answer is solar power systems. There are the most obvious advantages of saving on power bills with the installation of the solar power systems. Residents of the city, get ready to install the Brisbane solar systems!

Solar panels Lennox Heads


Clean and green – Solar panels Lennox Heads


You are reading the article on Solar panels Lennox Head. For the residents of Lennox Head, it is time they move to a cleaner and a more sustainable form of energy. This calls for setting up of solar power systems. One very functional solar power system is the solar panels.

Similarly, residents of the area, get ready to switch over to the installation of the solar panels in Lennox Head.


Introduction to Lennox Heads

The region is a seaside village in the continent of Australia. The locale has seen good development in the recent years and been a favorite for the holiday goers, surfers and the beach persons. Lennox Heads enjoys a sunny weather all throughout the year.

Consequently, sunny places are excellent for solar power system usage since the systems can generate adequate electricity with a good efficiency. Surely, residents of Lennox Heads can consider the solar panels.


Companies selling Solar panels Lennox Head

Fortunately, there are many companies who readily supply the product for the seaside village. A search on the internet or the yellow pages will provide a list of names of companies from where the Solar panels Lennox Head can be purchased.

Few of the companies that do the needful are

  1. Greenup Australia
  2. Partners Energy Management

The companies not only help to install the solar panels but they also give expert guidance into the need and the requirement of the solar panels for a particular space.


The need of Solar panels Lennox Head

  • Quite simply, the first need is to save on the power bills. The prices of electricity are just going up and the chances of it going down are very less. The solar panels are using the energy of the sun and transferring it in the homes. Therefore, that is almost free as compared to the normal electricity.
  • Secondly, solar panels once installed require very little maintenance. In fact, dealers for solar panels in Lennox Head can also give good deals and offers on the prices of the solar panels.
  • Another advantage of using the solar panels is that the electricity generation is silent and there is no byproduct that is released into the atmosphere. As a renewable source of energy, this is one of the cleanest sources. It is truly both clean and green!


Solar panels Lennox Head – Some characteristics

  • One characteristic of the solar panels is that electricity generation is the most during the noon. However, the solar panels are even functional in rainy or cloudy conditions.
  • Fortunately, the electricity that is generated in excess by the solar panels can be stored in the battery backups.
  • Also, any excess electricity generated by the solar panels can be as fed back to the grids. Moreover, a payment can also be received for selling the electricity back to the grid.


All in all, it is not a bad idea to switch over to something that is more of a necessity of today. Likewise, residents of the region – go for Solar panels Lennox Head.


Solar Systems Mount Tamborine


Solar Systems Mount Tamborine: All You Need To Know About Solar Power

Mount Tamborine residents who want to make their homes and offices run on solar systems Mount Tamborine have much cause to cheer. We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are continuously expanding our solar systems network and now our services will be available in Mount Tamborine. Our solar systems Mount Tamborine network promises to live up to the requirements of all our customers because it incorporates the latest developments in solar energy research. We use the products of authorized manufacturers only, and make sure that the entire grid is completely up to date with the latest technological innovations.

We are a continuously expanding group of wholesalers, suppliers and dealers with expert knowledge in solar energy generation. We have brought renewable solar energy to thousands of homes and businesses in the Queensland region, and we have a long list of customers satisfied with our quick and efficient service. We intend to spread our business in the solar systems Mount Tamborine area. Mount Tamborine is gradually catching up to the idea of energy generation by renewable means and the requirement for good solar systems Mount Tamborine is continuously expanding. We are here to meet those demands and provide solutions to all your electricity needs.

Why we’re telling you to hire us:

  • We have already proved the quality of our equipments and our efficient working in several areas in Queensland, like Brisbane, Gold Coast, Coolangatta, Helensvale etc. You can read our numerous customer testimonials on our website to assure yourselves of our sincerity and dedication.
  • Free solar quotes: Since we are in the electricity supplying business, it is natural that we will have several experts in solar energy generation. You can sign up with us for free quotes about what kind of grid with what equipments will be needed for your house. We offer the best advice regarding the solar systems network, and it is not mandatory for you to buy from us after that.
  • The best technologies from the best companies: We have the leaders of solar grid manufacturing with us like Future Solar, Solar Edge, Fronius Inverters etc. We stock their latest products and equipments. Thus if you sign up with us, you can rest assured that you will get the very best grids in terms of technology and design
  • Our servicing: This is what makes us who we are. Once you sign up with us and the contract is fixed, we send our best electricians to your home to set the entire grid up. Te entire discomforting process of grid installation is done smoothly by our certified electric engineers and will be over within a day. We also have trial periods and lifetime warranties on most of our products.

If you are a Mount Tamborine resident, we invite you to become a part of our solar systems Mount Tamborine network. We provide solar grids for both residential and commercial purposes. Please browse our picture gallery and news section for the latest developments in solar systems Mount Tamborine.

Solar Systems Oxenford


Solar Systems Oxenford: Lighting up Your Lives

Welcome to our blog about solar systems Oxenford. We at Queensland Solar and Lighting Company understand that it is important to have a clean, independent energy source to power your home and work area. Our commitment is to provide the best solar systems Oxenford network to all homeowner residing in the Oxenford area. There is enormous potential for renewable energy generation in the Queensland region and the market for renewable energy resources is continuously expanding. More and more people are realizing the importance of having a solar energy or wind energy grid to power their homes and local businesses. We think this is a brilliant idea and we are here to spread the solar systems Oxenford network to reach homes and offices all across the locality. If you are a homeowner or a resident in the Oxenford region, become part of our solar systems Oxenford network for greater benefits on rebates and discounts.

Though renewable energy generation in Australia is a relatively recent phenomenon, it has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. People have finally started waking up to the fact that renewable energy is a very cost effective solution to their electricity requirements in the long run. It is also very beneficial to the environment and hence to our long term health. Because fossil fuels like coal, petroleum, natural gas are slowly depleting from the earth’s surface, soon renewable energy will be the only possible source of energy generation. Towards this view, an intense amount of research is going on to figure out how we can optimize our energy resources. In Australia, the two sources of renewable energy which most people depend on are wind energy and solar energy.

Australia currently utilizes 3.2 GW of solar photovoltaic power. In this, it is lagging far behind countries like Germany, the highest solar power consumer in the world, which utilizes 32 GW. Going by our climate and geographical location, we can do a lot better than that. And indeed, the market is expanding, with the use of small scale photovoltaic power, mainly for residences and small businesses, increasing tenfold between 2009 and 2011.

Though Oxenford is a tiny locality in Queensland, the dwellers here have also started installing grids working on solar power. With Mike Rann announcing solar feeds in tariffs for homeowners, we today stand more to gain than ever if we switch to solar power. There are also several schemes being unveiled under the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET) legislation, which aims to increase Australia’s renewable energy generation from 1.1% to 20% by 2020. This might seem like a tall order, but the way the commercialization of renewable energy is going, we look quite set to achieve it.

If you’re an Oxenford resident planning to make a switch to solar systems Oxenford, there is no time like the present. Our network of distributors, suppliers, electricians and advisors will take care of your every need, from choosing the equipment to installation to servicing. All you need to do is get in touch with us and your home can start running on the clean solar systems Oxenford network.

Solar Systems Bundall


Solar Systems Bundall: Best Power System for Bundall

Welcome to our review of the Solar Systems Bundall network. We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company have a huge catalogue of solar power grid systems from the best companies around the world. You can contact us for information regarding brands, models, prices and attractive rebates and deals on solar systems Bundall. We also offer comparative analysis of the products of the companies registered with us. In short, you have everything you need here for making you renewable grid installation simple and smooth.

Bundall is a suburb that receives continuous and intense sunlight throughout the year. This makes it profitable for home owners to convert to renewable solar energy for meeting the electric requirements of their home. The better the installation grid is, the more power effective your electric consumption will be and the lesser the costs. This has become a new craze in Queensland, with studies showing that one third of the 3 gigawatt of solar power generated by individual households is coming from out of Queensland alone. Around 360000 households in Queensland now operate on solar power and Bundall is no exception to subscribing to the popularity. With the government providing subsidies and abolishing tariffs on solar  systems Bundall, homeowners are in the best position ever to make the transition into solar powered grid systems.

Advantages of using solar systems Bundall

  • No dependence on the conventional grid system which provides electricity to all homes at once
  • Best option if you’re living in remote areas where the town’s electricity grid might not reach
  • Cost effective because you can always switch off the entire network if you’re not at home
  • Several attractive deals and rebate offers
  • Pollution free, no harmful substances added to the environment

Where we come in: Solar systems Bundall wholesalers

We are one of the widest and fastest growing providers of electric equipments in Queensland. We cover the entire area and are available 24/7. We have local manufacturers like Tindo as well as foreign companies with us to provide quality solar grid components. All you need to do is get in touch with us with your current electricity bill for us to evaluate your home’s electricity requirements. Based on that, we will choose a grid system for you that will meet the voltage and power requirements of your home. We will come to your house to install the solar systems Bundall and the entire process will only take a day. When the system is installed, we will send an authorized provider to change your home meter and you house can start running on clean, renewable energy.

Did you know?

When you use solar systems Bundall, you reduce your carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions. So you get something called a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). This certificate can come extraordinarily in handy when you want to upgrade your system or repair damages. So what are you waiting for, change to renewable solar energy and install the solar systems Bundall from our company to greater profits and increased efficiency.

Solar Systems Arundel


Solar Systems Arundel: The Best Renewable Energy!

Welcome to an overview of the solar systems Arundel scenario. The solar systems Arundel network, like the solar energy position in the country at large, is growing by leaps and bounds. According to data, the use of solar electricity in homes and commercial spaces has doubled over the past year, with Queensland being one of the biggest solar energy consumers in the country. This is highly surprising, since Queensland receives the maximum amount of sunlight all through the year. The Arundel area is also fast catching up with more and more homes converting to clean, renewable solar energy. Although the setting up of this system can be a little problematic and the installation costs are large, the power system is so cost effective that you recover your installation costs by saving on your electric bills within two months. The Australian Federal and State Government is also tries to popularize the idea by providing you with incentives to reduce your installation prices. Some of these incentives are:

  • REC or Renewable Energy Certificate issued by the Renewable Energy Regulator Office
  • Solar Credits subsidies for residential spaces
  • Small Scale Technology Certificates (STCs) for small businesses and commercial areas
  • The 8 cent tariff on installing solar systems was repealed in order to give home owners increasing freedom in choosing their grid.

These are some of the reasons why this is a great time to change your home’s electric source to renewable power. There are options for installing solar systems Arundel in the form of an independent grid system providing power to your home. There are also several options for using solar panels and solar cells for commercial lighting purposes. All in all, if you are a homeowner in Arundel looking for a clean energy source, the solar systems Arundel network provided by our company is the best idea.

How we help you in installing solar systems Arundel

You get the best deals, rebates and discounts if you buy the solar systems Arundel from our company. You also avail of our efficient customer care, which is ready all days a week to help you out. The installation is done by the best technicians who will customize the entire grid to meet your electricity needs. Each home needs a different grid depending upon the amount of electricity used, the number of things running on electricity, the number of electric sockets and points in the home etc. We understand that it is usually very harassing for you to make all these calculations by yourself. If you contact our company, our expert sales advisors will work out the kind of grid you need and the specific components in it. Then our servicemen will turn up right at your doorstep to install the entire thing for you. We also offer free quotes and advice if you sign up on our website. We also send you newsletters so that you get to know about attractive deals and discounts when they become available. All these advantages make us the best guys to come to if you are converting to the solar systems Arundel network.

Solar systems Burleigh Heads


Solar systems Burleigh Heads: Whatever You Need


The Solar Systems Burleigh Heads from the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company are proved to be the best in the Queensland area.  We are a country wide distributing company to ensure quality lighting for your home. We are the fastest growing distributors in the market when it comes to solar systems installation. Since Burleigh Heads like all other Australian towns receives high intensity sunlight all through the year, installing your own solar power generator is a very cost effective situation. Our power saving, cost effective Solar Systems Burleigh Heads means that you get lower electricity bills and yet not compensating on constant electric power. Our products give you an uninterrupted electric flow without having to depend on the conventional grid. The installation of solar power is a very good option these days with the government offering rebates on renewable energy projects.


Why solar power systems are a great idea right now

With everybody from the Australian government to Master Electricians Australia (MEA) trying very hard to get us all to install renewable electricity, the hassle of changing your home’s electric source is actually worth it. Yes, the installation of the entire bulky system can be harassing, but once it is done, you don’t need to depend on an outside grid. This offers you the freedom to choose when to use the grid. If you’re going away on a vacation or on business, you can simply switch off the grid and your meter won’t register any electrical activity.


Advantages of installing the solar systems Burleigh Heads made by us

  • All our brands that are part of the solar systems Burleigh Heads network are certified to meet the needs of Australians. We do in depth research on the qualities of each brand we sell. Our range of brands means we have something to suit every price range. We incorporate only the brands that use the latest technology. We have a comparative system for analysing all brands so that you have a clear idea of what you’re getting when you buy into the brand.
  •  Our range incorporates something for every price. We also offer attractive deals and discounts
  •  Our solar systems Burleigh Heads ensure that you get the most environment friendly, low polluting products
  • We are the biggest wholesalers of high design solar power systems that make your home look contemporary and sophisticated. The solar systems Burleigh Heads in our catalogue guaranteed to look solid and functional as well as function with the highest degree of efficiency.
  • Our efficient customer service is the reason we are best known. We drive over 600 kilometres to install the high performance solar panels in your home. We believe in serving customers quickly, efficiently and with a smile. We take entire responsibility for any malfunctioning and defective apparatus and are available all days a week for servicing. We are also available over the phone if you have questions or doubts.


Thus, if you’re thinking of going the green way in powering your home, our solar systems Burleigh Heads are a brilliant idea.

Solar Systems Helensvale


Solar Systems Helensvale: Power Your Home

In case you are a Helensvale dweller looking to switch to solar energy to power your home, we have all that you need to know about the solar systems Helensvale network. Read on to find how solar systems work, the benefits of switching to solar systems, the specifics of the solar systems Helensvale network and much more!

How solar systems work

Solar systems are renewable energy sources that can be installed in a grid form to power your home individually. This is how they work:

  • The solar panels, made up of solar photovoltaic (pv) cells, capture the light rays when the sunlight falls on them
  • The semiconductor chip of the photovoltaic cell generates a high voltage across its ends when exposed to sunlight.
  • This voltage creates a direct current (DC) across the ends of the cell
  • The inverter converts the direct current to alternate current (AC) for feeding into the grid
  • In most homes, there is a two way meter which records the amount of electricity provided by the solar cells as well as any additional power the home source might feed into the grid.

Advantages of using solar power grid systems                  

  • All year round sunlight means a continuous source of electricity for your home and commercial space
  • Back up batteries that source electric charge for when direct sunlight is not available
  • Attractive rebates and incentives offered by the government as well as individual retailers
  • Cost effective, one time installation taking care of all subsequent electric power needs
  • Environment friendly, being a renewable energy source. Does not emit harmful substances like greenhouse emissions, UV rays etc.
  • A very good option if you’re living in a remote area where the public grid electricity can be cut off due to natural disturbances.

Benefits of using our solar systems Helensvale grid

  • We at the Queensland Solar and Lighting Company take care of all your electricity needs from the choice of electric equipment to the installation and servicing
  • We use the products made with the latest technology and design that can be customized for your home needs
  • We have an attractive range of options for commercial lighting purposes like small businesses, restaurants etc.
  • Our solar systems Helensvale network is the fastest growing and we are opening more and more showrooms all around the suburb. This ensures you can reach us easily as our offices will be available in your locality
  • You can always contact us online for free sales quotes. We are extremely committed to delivering on time.
  • We have an attractive list of rebates and deals in addition to the ones that the government is offering
  • Both local and off shore and local manufacturers of grid systems and their components are registered with us to provide quality equipments in solar systems Helensvale network

These are a few qualities that make us the best solar systems Helensvale for your home. Given the many advantages of solar system installation, it is highly recommended that you become a part of the solar systems Helensvale network.

Solar Systems Coolangatta


Solar Systems Coolangatta: More Power to You

Welcome to our article about Solar Systems Coolangatta. If you are a Coolangatta resident and want to change the electricity generator of your home to solar energy, you have come to the right place. We have everything that you need to know about renewable solar energy systems. In case you still have questions, contact us on our website and we will get in touch as soon as possible.

Why are solar systems a good option in Australia?

This is because Australia receives more sunlight per square meter than any other continent in the country. The rainfall density is also the lowest among other continents. The weather is dry throughout the year and most of the country has arid and semi arid weather conditions. Due to this, solar energy and wind energy are the fastest growing sources of renewable energy in Australia. The number of small scale photovoltaic cells being used has gone up from 200,000 to one million in the past 6 years and only shows signs of expanding. But Australia is still using very little of its solar power potential, which is 2.4% of the global total of 100 GW. Given that the highest solar power consumer is Germany with 32 GW of consumption, Australia still has a long way to go.

Queensland is no exception to this. Though the climate varies over the entire region, plenty of sun with low rainfall is consistent. Thus Queensland is rapidly becoming one of the biggest consumers of solar energy in the country. From the 1.1 million householders in Australia switching to solar energy, Queensland has around 360,000 homes that have installed solar systems in the past year.

The Australian government has come up with the Renewable Energy Target, which aims at providing 20 percent of the country’s electricity needs from renewable sources. It is thus providing plenty of schemes for you to profit on while installing solar systems. In Coolangatta, more and more people are opting for solar systems Coolangatta because of the cost effectiveness and power saving options. It is also becoming a big investment area for major electric equipment providers from around the world.

Solar Systems Coolangatta

The Queensland Solar and Lighting Company

Our company is committed towards spreading the solar systems Coolangatta network. We provide Coolangatta residents with the best products related to solar power. Our solar systems Coolangatta network has satisfied hundreds of customers and has built up a reputation on efficient customer service. Since we have based our operations in the Queensland area, Coolangatta residents can get in touch with us  and we can deliver and install their solar systems Coolangatta within two days. We offer warranty solution and servicing discounts if the repairs are done from our company. We used authorized service personnel only, no contract workers or stray employees for us. To help you out in sorting your grid requirements and allocation, we have a team of experts who will analyze your electricity needs based on your electric bill, the electric fixtures in your house etc. All this is what makes us the best company in the solar systems Coolangatta network.

Thank you for reading our solar systems Coolangatta review.

Solar Systems Upper Coomera


Solar Systems Upper Coomera: The Best Renewable Energy Source

The solar systems Upper Coomera are becoming a rage with homeowners living in that locality with more and more people switching to renewable means of energy production. It is very heartening to see the expanding market and almost every day we see solar panels being put up on roofs. This is good news because renewable energy is really the future of energy generation. The traditional means of generating energy are fossil fuels like coal, petroleum etc which are finite and exhaustible resources, so after a point of time they will expire.

Also for Australia, renewable energy is a great option because we do not have that kind of a mineral base and have to import most of our coal and petroleum. Also Australia is the state which receives the maximum amount of sunlight with the minimum rainfall intensity in all the seven continents. A large part of the country is taken up by deserts, with arid and semi arid conditions. These natural factors mean that Australia has huge renewable energy generation potential and the market is only set to grow.

Queensland is the second largest state in Australia with the third largest population in the country. Because of its vast size, the climate conditions vary over the entire region. In general though, the weather in most of the Queensland regions remains sunny and dry through most of the year, which is why it is commonly called ‘Sunshine State’. Even those regions having humid summers usually have dry winters. The average annual rainfall is minimum and there is hardly any other form of precipitation. These natural factors mean that renewable sources of energy, like solar energy and wind energy, are the best sources of electricity for Queensland.

solar systems upper coomera

Solar systems Upper Coomera

The Upper Coomera region also has the same average climatic conditions as the rest of Queensland. This is what makes off grid solar systems Upper Coomera so very popular. An additional factor is the fact that many households in Upper Coomera are located rather far from each other and in remote locations. The area is also prone to natural disturbances like floods, tropical cyclones, droughts, bushfires and thunderstorms. This means that there may be periods when households are cut off from the town electric grid, so they have they become isolated with the thunderstorms and floods raging around them. In such a situation, having an off grid standalone electricity source in the house can almost be a miracle.

All this is what makes switching to solar systems Upper Coomera a great idea if you are living in that locality. Solar systems Upper Coomera also have additional benefits. They are environment friendly and can get you huge profits on your electricity bills. If you are interested in installing a grid, you can contact our company, the Queensland Solar and Lighting. We are the fastest growing suppliers of solar systems Upper Coomera and we cover the entire region of Queensland. We will be very glad to help you out if you want to become part of our solar systems Upper Coomera network.

Solar Panels Lennox Heads


Going Green with Solar panels Lennox Heads


If you are looking to gather information on solar panels in Lennox Heads, you have come to the right place.

cheap Solar Panels Lennox Heads

Lennon Heads has sunny weather all time around. This plus its wonderful head attract surfers. Sunny places are good for solar installations which will generate adequate electricity for self-consumption. For most folks this abundance of sunshine ensures that the PV System they will install will work to a higher degree of efficiency. As solar energy is a renewable resource and the ‘fuel’ is free the only cost is the capital cost of setting up the systems.

Why do you need to install a PV system at your home? For one the prices of electricity is just going up and the chances of it going south are very remote. Solar panels once installed require very little maintenance.  The solar panels and its associated equipment prices are going down. Dealers for Solar panels Lennox Heads will be able to give a good deal on this and related equipment.

Another advantage of using PV solar system is that the electricity generation is silent and there is no byproduct that is released into the atmosphere. As a renewable source of energy this is one of the cleanest sources. Therefore installation of solar panels in Lennox Heads helps in reducing in the carbon footprint of the neighborhood.

To get started, find out the energy requirements of your residence or establishments. A good way is to average out your monthly electricity consumption as given in your monthly electricity bills. Based on this you need to work out the recovery time period for the capital that you will invest in a new PV system. If your electricity consumption is greater you will be able to recover the cost faster.

cheap Solar Panels Lennox Heads

To be able to get a good quote from the dealers of Solar Panels Lennox Heads, you need to do the following:

  • Determine the area of the installation of the panels. Usually this is done on the roof of the residence or establishment
  • Measure the available area which can be used for placing solar panels. This will determine the amount of electricity can be generated
  • Determine the type of inverter required. The dealer can help you with this.
  • Look for invertors that have Wi-Fi capability as these will help in monitoring on an online control panel.
  • Determine the kind of battery you require. Depending on your budget there are various makes and models to choose from.
  • Discuss with your electricity dealer the requirements for interfacing your setup with that of the electricity grid.

For those of you who are going to install Solar Panels Lennox Heads you need to note the following regarding the PV setup:

  • Electricity generated by PV systems is a variable throughout the day. Peak solar energy is generated during the noon.
  • It is not possible for Electricity to be stored and therefore needs to be consumed as soon as it is generated.
  • Electricity that is in excess can be stored in the battery backup
  • Any excess electricity over and above this has to be given as feed in to the grid
  • The Electricity that is fed in and consumed by the Consumer is audited and adjusted by the electricity supplier. The benefit may not be immense as feed in rates are reduced

We are sure your needs for Solar Panels Lennox Heads are fulfilled.




Solar Systems in Brisbane


Solar Systems in Brisbane


All what you needed to know about Solar Systems in Brisbane is contained in this article.

Brisbane being the capital of the “Sunny State” has immense potential of utilizing the abounded natural resource provided by the sun. Over the various time periods of the day, the averages of sunshine received does not divert much from the mean.

Solar Systems in Brisbane

Solar Systems in Brisbane

With electricity companies increasing rates, it only make sense for the home and business owners go for Solar Systems in Brisbane. With a resource that is naturally abundantly available and as a fuel does not cost anything at all, it makes good economic sense in the long term to invest in a PV system.

What does the Solar System consist of?

  • Solar Panels as per the Size that would fit on the users rooftop.
  • Solar Panel type depending upon the construction method type – Mono or Poly.
  • An inverter to redirect energy to the grid or the battery.
  • Batteries to stores surplus energy not consumed.


For buying Solar Systems in Brisbane, you need to consider the amount of area that is available for spreading the solar panels to get the maximum amount of sunshine possible. After considering the electricity needs for which this solar system is going to be used, the amount of area available for the installation of the panels must be reconciled. If the area falls short by using the poly panels, it is necessary to use the more expensive mono panels which can generate a higher amount of electricity for the same square inch of area.

Different battery types are available for storage of excess energy. As a battery is basically a reservoir of energy, its primary function is to store surplus energy and use the same whenever sunlight is present. If the battery is going to be installed in a closed place then it is necessary for a maintenance free battery as the fumes will not be released by the battery. The correct size of the battery needs to be chosen such that the optimal energy needs of the place needs to be taken care of.
For customers looking for Solar Systems in Brisbane, a cursory search for various agencies that sell and install these systems which throw up a large number of results. The following needs to be taken care of:

  • First and foremost hire an energy auditor and carry an audit for the premise that needs to be served with electricity generated from solar energy
  • Understand the various equipment and devices that will be used
  • Look at the competitive costs of each of the units that needs to be purchased
  • Either select an agency or an electrician to carry out the necessary installation
  • Makes sure that the people concerned to carry out the work are licensed to do so.
  • Choose the right capacity batteries that suit your requirements during those times the sun isn’t shinning.
  • See to what extent that using each type of solar panels manufacturing technique will help in generating the maximum amount of electricity possible
  • Understand and eliminated those places where electricity is being wasted or not utilized efficiently
  • Analyze the electricity bill to understand the amount of electricity that is being fed into the grid and that which is being consumed from the grid. Ensure that this gap is minimized by either increasing the solar panel area or the battery capacity


Savings in Energy, Reduction of the Carbon Footprint, and additional electricity on the Sunny State grid when consumers install Solar System in Brisbane.


Solar Systems Noosa


Solar Systems Noosa – a Quick Guide.


Solar Systems Noosa are fast gaining popularity in Australia, making it the preferred choice for energy systems. Read on to know why this is.


Solar Systems Noosa

Solar Systems Noosa


The Australian government has always strived towards being pro-environment. In alignment with this comes its recent effort to encourage alternative sources of fuel and energy.


Conventional energy systems are harsh on the environment and work out expensive. It is good news that alternative sources like bio energy, wind energy and solar energy are turning out to be environment friendly and inexpensive.

Solar Systems Noosa:

Solar Systems Noosa are fast gaining popularity, thanks to the sunny weather round-the-year in Noosa. Sunlight is available in abundance, providing the base fuel required to power solar systems. And, it is available at the lowest of costs!

Solar Systems Noosa

With its low-cost advantages, it is no wonder then that this choice of energy is being backed by the government, with subsidies and rebates being offered to owners who chose Solar Systems in Noosa.


Highlights of choosing Solar Systems Noosa:

Here are some other advantages of making this choice:

  1. Big savings in your monthly energy costs.

Most solar bases systems like heaters or lighting systems are more energy efficient than those that work on conventional electrical power. This in itself makes a much needed dip in your energy bill. Add to this the rebates most often offered by the government on solar powered systems and you have yourself a pretty low expense deal. Good reason to invest in a solar system now!


  1. Solar energy is one of the more popular pro-environment options available, compared to degradable bio gas or wind energy systems that are still to gain widespread acceptance.


  1. Hassle free setup with low maintenance.

Solar systems are designed for long term use with relatively zero or low maintenance. This makes it a smart investment option.


QLD Solar and Lighting – your one stop shop for Solar Systems Noosa:

QLD Solar and Lighting are among the market leaders for solar powered systems. Headquartered in the Brisbane – Gold coast area, they also serve around NSW and Victoria areas.


They have the latest in solar powered lighting systems, panels, and solar powered bikes. Their staff is well-trained with a thorough understanding or their products, and readily available to answer your queries. They are just as easily available to understand your unique needs and come up with a competitive quote.


They even have a live-message window available from their webpage online, making it easy to reach them easily. Their service is best described as fulfilling.


Solar Sytems Noosa – your best choice for the future:

As energy costs are constantly on the rise and the green wave becomes more popular, Solar systems are storming the market with their low cost – hassle free setups.


Feel free to call 0411 348 400 or check out for more information on how QLD Solar and Lighting can help you make the most of the solar power wave. You can rest easy that you will be joining the many satisfied Solar Systems Noosa customers who are happy they made the choice to go solar!


Solar Systems Nimbin


Solar Systems Nimbin – The Economically Perfect Choice!

Welcome to our review of Solar Systems Nimbin. With this write-up, we tell you why solar systems are the way to go in the future, and what makes them the perfect choice for energy-systems.

Solar Systems Nimbin


Like most developed nations, the Australian government is constantly on the lookout for alternative sources of energy. Conventional grid-powered systems are environmentally draining and expensive. It is no wonder then that more economically feasible alternatives like solar energy, bio gas and wind energy are quickly gaining acceptance and popularity. Amongst these, solar powered systems are at the forefront and fast becoming the preferred choice.


Solar Systems Nimbin:

Solar power systems, not surprisingly, are fueled by direct sunlight. With Australian weather blessing the Nimbin area with plenty of sunlight all through the year, using solar energy to harness power becomes an economically viable choice. Hence the fast gaining popularity of Solar Systems Nimbin!


Solar Systems Nimbin

Solar Systems Nimbin

Advantages of using Solar Systems:

Solar Systems Nimbin have multiple advantages. A few top ones are listed below:

1)      Solar systems are typically low maintenance and work out excellent in the long term, making them a worthwhile investment that can be recovered quickly.

2)      When you chose solar power as your energy source, you can rest assured you have chosen an inexpensive and environment-friendly option. You can rest assured that you have chosen well!

3)      Solar systems can easily power both commercial and residential establishments.

4)      It is the preferred choice for commercial establishments where most of the work is done during the day and there is plenty of sunlight to fuel the systems.

5)      Solar systems Nimbin offers you a huge savings in energy bills. They are often backed with government grants and subsidies. In recent times, rebates have been offered to those who chose solar powered systems over conventional grid-powered systems. All these leave you with a much lighter electricity bill. Need we say more?


QLD Solar and Lighting:

QLD Solar and Lighting is in the business of solar power systems, and is a popular choice for solar installations. They primarily cover NSW, Victoria, Gold coast and Brisbane among other areas, but also accommodate up to 600km of travel for an installation.


Highlights of going with QLD Solar and Lighting:

1)      Being in the business for many years, they are among the leading suppliers for Solar systems Nimbin.

2)      QLD Solar and Lighting supply Solar Systems for both commercial and residential establishments.

3)      When you go with QLD Solar and Lighting, you are backed by a friendly service team available to help you with everything – whether it is answering your questions on solar power, or providing you with that dream quote. Their strength lies in their quality deliveries, while their service is known to be exemplary!


If you are interested in knowing more – either about solar power systems or to get a comparative quote, feel free to call QLD Solar and Lighting on 0411 348 400, or at the office on 07 563 692. QLD Solar and Lighting is here to help you make that journey into the solar world.


With this, you are now set with the information you need on Solar systems Nimbin to make the right choice.




Solar power –the need of the hour.

Solar energy is a renewable source and this fact is very well known for the same. Solar energy has gained it popularity bowing to the factthat adhere are constantly depleting resources that are being used as fuel in redr to fulfil the daily activities of every indivifual. This inevitably will lead to complete repletion if resources sooner or later, therefoe concepts such as solar power have gained popularity over the years. This means that this has become a very popular medium since solar energy is a renewable resources.



Pricing benefits to all:

Thera ra various prcing benefits that are offered for Solar power bourke, this suggests that there are various benefits for reason prices on 5Kw or 6 Kw solar panel installations and therefor ether customers can avail for these installations. It all depends on which needs suit the best for the customers

Quality systems maintained and up to date-

Solar power bourke  has a promise of quality and not just that it is absolutely essential for solar power systems to maintain and oases the necessary quality checks before they can be passed and used for purposed or electricity substitution.

The various advantages of solar power Bourke-

The most important advantage of Solar power bourke is that these are the most environment friendly and they are the most healthy option in term so if the environment. Even for individual that want to use solar power it is indeed a onetime investment and the person is free from paying unnecessarily inflated bill amounts and other similar this gas such as this.

Hassle free installation process:

There is a hassle free installation process involved in the same, this involves the concerned infidel or the service provider to come and install the solar power Bourke in areas that are closely to the stipulated areas. This installation system is very easy to use and converts the helpful and useful resources.

Where are they available?

These are available in areas like Brisbane, gold coast, Queensland etc. They are also available in the surrounding areas. And they can simply be available via the service providers who would come and get all the installations done in the nearby areas. These services are well trued.


The entire solar power bourke keeping in mind the needs of all the customers and the end users the solar power bourke is very reasonable ad one can simply ask for a quotation based on the needs of the customers and then go for it.  There are many customers who would find the option very easy fast and reasonable in comparison to the other solar power providers that are around without any compromises on the quality of the product being offered.

Solar power bourke– best of the best

Solar power has come as a respite to many users who would like to go green and take the more eco-friendly way out. The carbon footprint on the world would therefore be lesser each year all thanks to Solar power bourke

solar power Mount Isa


Much needed, solar power Mount Isa


This article is an effort to bring forward the topic of Solar power Mount Isa. In simple words, this article is an effort to write about the need of solar power and the systems available in the city of Mount Isa. Being an industrial and commercial centre of Australia, the need and installation of solar power solutions in the city is almost a necessity today.

solar power Mount Isa

Introduction solar power Mount Isa

Mount Isa is a city in the region of Queensland in Australia. It is a part of the Gulf country region of Queensland. Very well known for the vast and most productive mines in the world, the city came into existence with the large amount of mineral deposits formed in the region.

Mount Isa is also called ‘The Isa’ by the locals, and it serves as the commercial and industrial centre for the country’s north western region.



As far as the climate goes, Mount Isa has a hot weather condition most of the time. The summers are especially hot. Moreover, the winter season is also warm. With the amount of sun light available year round, it makes it possible and reasonable to install the solar power in Mount Isa.



Likewise, there are a lot of companies and a lot of options available for solar power in Mount Isa. We are one of them!

solar power Mount Isa


There are various kinds of solar energy options available in for the solar power Mount Isa. There are both the grid connected and single solar solutions available. Many companies use the poor quality Bosch solar panels in their fittings. Not only that, the companies also take care of the entire installation process. Accordingly the set up is totally hassle free for the end user.

There are also services in solar power Mount Isa right from helping the home owners reduce their electricity bills to the management of large scale solar projects and solutions for commercial and industry use.

Advantages solar power Mount Isa

A lot of benefits can be experienced by using solar power systems and solutions. To name a few, the sun is a source of energy which is in abundant supply. Also, it is a green source of energy which does not release any harmful elements from its usage.

For a city which enjoys a warm temperature throughout the year, it seems reasonable to try out solar soltions and solar power in Mount Isa.


Likewise, is it not better to just reign in the endless source of energy given by the sun? All that can be received with a simple installation of the solar power system. It is possible to cut down on bills and save a huge amount if money just by installing a solar system. Consequently, it is at least worth a try to install solar power in Mount Isa.


Solar Power Lismore


Power costs reduction, Solar Power Lismore


In this article, we are talking about the solar power Lismore. Consequently, let us see the options of solar power techno and systems available in Solar Power Lismore.

Solar Power Lismore

Introduction Solar Power Lismore

Lismore is a town based in Australia. It is a part of the North east part of New South Wales in Australia. It is also a subtropical town.



Due to being a subtropical town, Lismore experiences a warm temperature nearly for the entire year. The urban area of the town is mostly humid all year around. With the temperature having year round reusable energy of the sun, it definitely calls for the region to explore the solar power Lismore and the solar power solutions available for the town.

Solar Power Lismore

Companies Solar Power Lismore

With the sun being year round, there is a possibility of a lot of solar power in Lismore.



Lismore is possibly a very good place to install solar systems. The costs of installing the systems are going down in the region and also, the government is offering various rebates and schemes to enable the growth of solar energy.





Reasons Solar Power Lismore

The reasons for going solar power in Lismore are many. Solar energy is the perfect solution to combat the ever rising cost of electricity in any place. Also, the climate in Lismore encourages solar power solutions.

Solar power will only be useful if there is sun. So, in a place which has sin overall, it is the perfect choice. There are several government benefits which are being offered to the residents of Lismore as regards to solar energy. Depending in the size and location, various government schemes are received.


It is also important to understand, which solar power system to install. There should be a need analysis of the area and the level of energy needed. With the amount of sun a roof top generally receives, mathematically the level of the solar power needed can be worked out.

In Lismore, or any other place for that matter, to get a good return in the investment, it is vital to find a good deal and a reputable brand of solar power systems. The logical idea is to find that company with the facilities of solar power in Lismore, which provide suitable systems at a reasonable price.


It is a well known fact that ultimately, the whole life of the planet depends on the sun for their sustenance. If there are so many ways to convert these sun rays into useful energy currents, which can also be a clean and never ending source of energy, why not use this.

It can be safely assumed that houses or commercial complexes in Lismore which have solar solution installed are likely to be one step ahead of other residential or commercial complexes in the town. Likewise it is time to explore the option of solar power in Lismore.


Solar power Clunes


A needed change, Solar power Clunes


In this article, we are going to be talking about the Solar power Clunes. Solar power is a never ending and arguably the most resourceful form of an energy source today. A form which involves the conversion of sun rays into energy currents, this energy can then be supplied to different building and complexes.

Solar power can bring a remarkable difference to the electricity bills and help to save up on the power costs. Moving ahead, let us see the conditions of the solar power Clunes.

Solar power Clunes

Introduction – Solar power Clunes

Clunes is a town based in Australia. It is a part of the Victoria region of Australia. It is situated 36 kilo meters to the north of Ballarat. Solar power solution in the city consists of several solar power systems which are resourceful and best fit for a diversity of purposes.


Solar Power Systems available                                                                         

There are various solar systems available for the region. There are solar power systems available from 1.5 kw to 10 kw. From having solar panels to solar inverters, there are a variety of solutions for solar power in Clunes.

Companies also have facilities of solar water heating, cooling or even solar lighting power supply and safety equipments. The solar solutions are available in state of the art technology with trouble free installation and service maintenance.

Some of the types of solar power systems that are available in solar power Clunes are explained below:

Firstly, there are the Solar panels

There are solar panels available in Clunes, which meet the international standards and benchmarks. This is a very reliable and an efficient unit of power saving.

Secondly, the Mounting frame

This is a solar power system for metal or tile roof tops. This solar power system can hold against wind under the conditions prevalent in the town.  This is used to prevent overheating and enable a good performance of the solar panels.


A basic search on a search engine on the internet will bring out the results of various solar power systems and solar solution dealers in Clunes.


Advantages Solar power Clunes

Solar power is sure to bring cuts in the electricity bills. It is also a cleaner form of energy. For companies located in Clunes, it is also time to take the right decision and shift to using cleaner source of energy generation. Solar power can be a beneficial investment as the electricity cost will go considerably down.

It is high time to enter into the next generation with using a renewable source of energy wherever it is possible.

Solar power Clunes

As seen above, there are numerous advantages to switching to the solar energy source of power generation. Likewise, for people of Clunes, where the weather encourages the installation of solar power systems, it is the best option to switch to the solar power source of energy. Therefore, residents of the region, switch to solar power in Clunes.












Solar Power Byron Bay


Clean and Green, Solar power Byron Bay



The purpose of this article is to give a brief on the topic of solar power Byron Bay. In consequence, let us see the solar power conditions in the town for Byron Bay.



Introduction – Solar Power Byron Bay


People have definitely heard of the town of  Byron Bay. It is quite iconic as being a popular beach side place, situated in the north east part of New South Wales. The weather of Byron Bay is as generally warm with hot summers and very gentle winters.

cheap solar power Byron-Bay-

Therefore, this situation undeniably serves as an encouragement for solar power systems to be installed in the town of Byron Bay.





There are various companies like Sunbeam solar systems or Rainbow solar systems that can be contacted for installation of solar power in Byron Bay. Just a look at the yellow pages directory or a search on the internet can provide a variety of companies to offer and install the best fit solar power systems as desired by the resident of Byron Bay.


Different companies offering the solar power in Byron Bay also have employees who can give an expert advice and guidance into the type of solar power system to buy. Various solar power systems like solar panels, solar heating systems, solar baths, solar accessories and some others are available in the city.


Who go Solar?


For the residents of the town, there are several reasons as to why to choose the solar power in Byron Bay.


Firstly, to remove the shock of over priced electricity bills, this is the best option to switch to this mode of energy.


Secondly, as the need for electricity in a single house hold or a commercial complex increases, further solar panels can be added to the already existent structure.


Thirdly, solar power systems are a clean and green source of energy. There is no harmful carbon dioxide released from this energy source.


Also, fortunately, not all solar systems require light to function all the time. These systems can also work on low light.



Solar Power Byron Bay

Solar Power Byron Bay




By installing solar systems in Byron Bay, there are several benefits which can be experienced. The government of Australia is offering various credit schemes as far as solar systems in Byron Bay are concerned.


It is an excellent way to get rid of the costly power and electricity bills. This also helps the environment as one is using a clean and a renewable source of energy. Therefore, why not save the environment with our own little effort.


It is important to note however that all the solar power systems are not the very same. People thinking of installing solar power in Byron Bay should note that the solar system should be decided keeping in mind factors like the amount of electricity needed in the household or the number of people in the household.



With so many options and systems available, it is definitely an option to go green with using solar power. After all, it always pays good to go green. So, solar power Byron Bay it should be.



Byron Bay Solar Systems


Efficient and effective, Byron Bay Solar Systems


Ever heard of Byron Bay solar systems? Whether yes or no! Here is a small piece of information on the various kinds of solar power systems available in Byron Bay. With solar energy being the next generation step towards sustainable development, it is high time we change to this renewable source in which ever way and where ever we can.



Byron Bay is a town situated in the continent of Australia. It constitutes a part of the New South Wales region of Australia. It is also a beachside place. The locals also refer to Byron Bay as ‘Cavvanbah’.

The climate of Byron Bay is mostly warm with hot summers and very mild winters. Therefore, this weather condition positively suggests for solar power systems to be installed in the town of Byron Bay.


Byron Bay Solar Systems

Beautiful place to install solar systems.

Byron Bay solar systems

There are numerous solar power systems available in Byron Bay.

  1.  AC to DC inverter

AC to DC inverters are one of the available Byron Bay solar systems. These inverters constitute a well reputed grid attached inverter which has a very high efficiency rate. These inverters also have a good product warranty of several years. Furthermore, these inverters come with the option of installation and back-up systems.

  1. Water pumping

Solar power also provides an ideal solution for water pumping when the water is needed in the day time or when the water storage is at a high location.

  1. Solar Lighting Systems

Several companies develop solar power systems like a full range of DC electrical units constituting lights, the storage and the cabling systems.

  1. Off grid solar systems

These are types of stand alone solar power solutions for people who prefer the option.

  1. Grid Connect Byron Bay solar systems

These Byron Bay solar systems help to lower the monthly electricity bills as well as lower the carbon dioxide emissions as it is a cleaner source of energy generation. With the simple installation of grid connect solar power systems, energy from the panels can be supplied to the homes or commercial buildings.

  1. Solar/ Thermal Air Conditioners

These Byron Bay solar systems are solar air conditioners. They help to lower the electricity usage during the months of heavy usage of the AC. The solar AC comes with both the heating and cooling option. With receiving four to five hours of sun rays, the solar ACs can work for over 15 hours.

Byron Bay Solar Systems

Contact us, we also install commercial solar power systems in Byron Bay

There is only the initial cost of installation and then the benefits can be enjoyed. There are selections of companies which are offering various solar products in the region of Byron Bay.

One important thing to note however is that before selecting the solar power system to install, it is important to note the requirement of the household or the commercial complex. Based on the requirement the solar power system should be purchased and installed.


In conclusion, with so much variety available in terms of the solar power systems available, it is high time to change to this cause. Therefore, residents of the city, try the Byron Bay solar systems.

Solar Panels Queensland


Solar Panels Queensland


So you live in the sunshine state and need to know about solar panels Queensland? We have all that you need right here.

Queensland has more than average sunshine the year round compared to the other states. This abundance of sunshine means that you will utilize your PV System to a higher degree of efficiency than anywhere else in the country.

This abundance of solar power means that consumers can depend less on their electricity retailers and meet most of their requirement from the PV systems that they install themselves. They all add value to the environment in reducing their carbon footprint. So prospective customers are paying a visit to their solar panels Queensland retailers.

You will find that prices of installation of PV systems have reduced over a period of time, making it more economical to procure and install a system. This has spurted up sales even though the feed in tariff was reduced to 8c per kwh from 44c per kwh as users have learn to maximize their consumption of the power that they generate. They can use batteries to store the additional power that they generate.

The rise in the price of electricity by the retailers has only lead to an increase in sales as solar panels Queensland suppliers report. This is only to be expected as users look at all options to reduce the expenses on the rising cost of electricity.

Customers in Queensland can look at benefits by the 10% return on investment that they enjoy once they install Solar Panel and related PV equipment as observed by solar panels Queensland monitoring agency.

In order to maximize their investment, it is important for the customers to understand how the PV systems work. The maximum energy that is observed at any given location is when the sun is at it zenith which is usually in the afternoon.

While there is sunlight during the remaining parts of the day, it is the noon which will generate the maximum amount of electricity from the PV systems. So consumers would be well advised to move electricity intensive consumption needs towards this timeline.

This would enable the consumer to use the maximum amount of electricity that is generated. The balance electricity will be stored in the installed battery banks. As electricity really cannot be hoarded it is necessary to provide to the grid any surplus electricity that is generated.

The consumer of course will receive compensation for supplying to the grid and this will be offset by the consumption that the user does from the grid.

Customers of Solar Panels Queensland need to look at the following factors when making their buying decisions:

  • Capacity of the Systems that can be installed – These range from 1.5kW to 10kW and are available with most Queensland dealers. 3kW and 5kW are generally preferred.
  • Solar Panel Size and Numbers – This would depend on the area that the panels are to be installed on and the dealer will assist in determining the numbers required for the rated output capacity. The general price for a residential setup is around $1.46 to $2.80 per watt.
  • All in One Solutions – It would be advisable to go for a turnkey solution wherein a single supplier would provide the panels and invertor. Their team will carry out the survey, make recommendations and carry out the installation.

The following solar panel brands are available with dealers in Queensland:


  • ReneSola
  • Hanover
  • Perlite
  • Q-Cells
  • BenQ/AU Optronics
  • Lightway
  • Trina
  • Lightway
  • Jinko
  • Yingli
  • Munchen
  • Solar Juice
  • Yingli



The following are the Invertor brands that are available:


  • SolarMax
  • Xantrex/Schneide
  • Zever
  • SMA
  • Fronius
  • Growatt
  • Afore
  • Samil
  • JFY
  • Schneider
  • Delta


We hope that this brief on Solar Panels Queensland was informative.

Solar Power Canberra


Solar Power Canberra


In the recent years, solar energy has picked up fast growth in Australia. The weather of Australia which is dry with lot of sunshine throughout the year makes it ideal for the shift to Solar energy as compared to conventional electricity.

The Australian government has also come up with many attractive schemes for encouraging the move to solar energy. Some of them being:

  1. Rebate schemes for getting solar installations done
  2. Solar Credit Program for moving to Solar and getting points credited for Renewable energy
  3. Feed in tariffs which will give a reduction in electricity bill when excess solar is generated and fed back into the grids.

Solar Power Canberra districts

In Canberra, many residential and commercial buildings have moved to Solar with hundreds of successful installations done. In 2013, Canberra got a nod to built the largest solar farm in Australia which will have a 20 megawatt capacity.

This will significantly reduce the carbon emissions and also be able to supply energy to power more than four thousand homes. Solar power is definitely here to stay and make a positive impact to energy consumption in Canberra.

Advantages of going Solar

1)    Drastically brings down the electricity bill

2)    Cost in investing in a Solar panel can be easily recovered over a short period of time

3)    Helps the environment by reducing use of fossil based energy sources

4)    Government offers incentives for moving to solar which can be availed

5)    Excess solar energy generated and fed back into grid can become a source of revenue

6)    Solar systems come with long term reliability and guarantee on performance

7)    Using solar water heaters are a great way of reducing energy spent on water heating

QLD Solar and Lighting – Canberra Services – install around Yass also

QLD Solar and Lighting is a Solar panel distributer which started off with services in Queensland and have now moved to all states in Australia. Their services range from offering the best design solutions for Solar Systems to actual installations.

QLD has done an indepth research on the best panels and inverters available and makes sure that they offer the best in class recommendations to their customers. All their products cater to the certified standards in Australia.

They offer their services across the length and breadth of Solar Services. They have experience in installing Solar panels and inverters for residential and commercial building and have an impressive clientele across Queensland, Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria and of course in Canberra.

If you are looking towards seeking a solar solution for your residential or commercial buildings, QLD Solar and Lighting can help design the best solution with maximum return on investment.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting – solar power Canberra

While there are many players today in the solar field in Australia, QLD offers some benefits over the others:

  1. Use only leading and top quality German and Chinese products
  2. Fast installation within a fourteen day timeframe
  3. Excellent customer service round the clock
  4. Have a qualified team of electricians and specialists
  5. Offer cost effective pricing
  6. Solar power canberra is where we have vast experience with ACTpla installing. Dont worry about the job we can do

Call us 0756363692 or email

Solar power brisbane and Sunshine Coast


Solar Power Brisbane


Australia is looking to harness renewable energy to reduce the dependency on conventional energy sources which are fast getting depleted. The various  alternate sources of energy which are emerging are Wind energy , BioGas, BioMass and Hydro electric , but amongst all the one picking up most in popularity is Solar energy.

In a place like Australia which is known for sunny skies during all seasons summer as well as winter, converting the solar energy into electricity brings about a lot of savings in the electricity bill. This is also environment friendly and hence the government is doing all it can to assist people in the move.

Solar Power in Brisbane

In Brisbane which gets a lot of sun all during the day and the intensity of light is also good, many residential and commercial buildings have moved towards Solar panels. The advantages of these are multifold, key amongst them being –

1)    Reduction in the energy bills and ensuring keeping the bills in control with growing electricity costs.

2)    Availing rebates on using renewable energy.

3)    Being more environmental friendly by reducing the depletion of fossil energy.

4)    Getting credit on the electricity bill for excess energy generated and fed back into the grid.

5)    Having the advantage of a low maintenance high performance solar panel installation which comes with long term warranty.

QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD Solar and Lighting has been a well known name in the solar field. They started off with installations in Queensland and since then have spread their operations across other cities in Australia , some of them being Brisbane, Sydney, Victoria, Goldcoast and Brisbane to name a few.

QLD offers solutions in solar from suggesting the best panels and systems to installations and post installation services. They have experience of having done many successful installations in Brisbane and enjoy a rich clientele across both residential as well as commercial.

Advantages of going Solar with QLD Solar and Lighting

Since many players have entered this field of Solar energy , it is important for customers to go ahead with a trusted name who will deliver the best result in terms of product and services. This company has many advantages which it gives to customers some of them being:

  1. A good view of all Solar panel brands available along with their strengths and weaknesses which makes it easier to suggest the best fit for the customer.
  2. Detailed understanding of the output efficiencies of all the panels available and only use top class products in their installations.
  3. Experienced staff and technicians who have done many installations.
  4. A commitment to customers to offer only the best products which suit the energy requirements and space availability.
  5. Good customer service network across Brisbane.
  6. A streamlined process of making the move to solar fast and efficient for the Customer.

So if you are looking for going the solar way and are based in Brisbane, just contact the QLD Solar and Lighting company by asking for a quote on our website and be assured of premium services.


Solar Power Eurobodalla


Solar Power Eurobodalla


In the last few years with the growing price of Electricity per unit and also a serious awareness of environment and protecting fossil energy, Australia has made the big shift towards going the Solar way.

Government is investing in Solar plants and other forms of renewable energy to reduce the dependency on conventional energy sources. Given that the Sun is the largest and most inexhaustible source of energy, Solar panels and systems help harness this energy and convert it into electricity in houses and commercial buildings.

To encourage people to start installing Solar systems in their home, there are many attractive schemes which the government is coming up with

Solar Power in Eurobodalla

The Eurobodalla Council adopted many policies to make the move towards Solar panel. In 2010, the Shire council took steps to support establishing a solar power generation facility in their county.

Most of the streetlights have been replaced by energy efficient lights and there is an action plan in place to reduce the green house emissions drastically. All residential and commercial facilities are being encouraged to have Solar panels installed.

Given the sunny weather, this will be very beneficial for reducing the energy consumption.

Benefits of moving to Solar Power in Eurobodalla

There are many benefits of making the move to Solar power in Eurobodalla , some of the key ones being:

  1. Availing the government rebates on Solar System installation
  2. Getting extra credit and having an alternate revenue by feeding back the excess energy generated back into the grid
  3. Drastic reduction on electricity bill, having a solar panel at home can help generate enough electricity to power most of the appliances
  4. This is a wonderful investment as the money spent will be saved through the electricity bills in a short period of time
  5. Reducing the carbon emissions and doing your bit to sustaining the planet.

QLD Solar and Lighting in Eurobodalla

Queensland Solar and Lighting is an established name in the field of Solar Energy, they help in identifying and installing the best Solar System for both houses and commercial facilities.

They started off in Queensland and now have an impressive footprint across Australia where they have helped install many Solar panels and inverters. Their success stories are spread across different states including Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Goldcoast, Queensland and they also offer their services in Eurobodalla.

There are many companies which offer Solar installations across Australia but some advantages of going with QLD Solar and Lighting are:

  1. An experienced team which will offer the best fitting solutions for your Solar system installations
  2. Own team of electricians which will help do the installation
  3. Very quick turnaround time as they finish off the work within two weeks usually
  4. Have done comparisons between all the top Solar products available in the market and recommend the best products based on suitability for the project
  5. Provide a Cost benefit analysis and the best suggestions on products and pay back period.

So if you are looking for a well designed Solar installation, partner with QLD Solar and Light to get the best results.

Gold Coast Solar Power Systems


Gold Coast Solar Power


With the intention of reducing the dependency on fossil energy, in the recent past Australia has been encouraging the use of Solar energy and other renewable sources of energy across Commercial and Residential locations.

There are many rebates which schemes which act as an incentive to have Solar systems installed. By this the emissions of carbon and green gases are reduced, the depletion of the fossil energy is reduced and the cost savings are many.

Solar Systems in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a very sunny city and has thus found a very good benefit of encouraging the use of Solar energy. The in-exhaustible energy source coming from the sun’s rays is converted into electricity through Solar panels which are installed in buildings. Thus you get clean renewable energy at a low cost.

While multiple alternate energy sources are available within Australia like energy from Wind, Bio Gas, Bio mass and hydro electric but Solar continues to maintain a significant presence  with more than a million installation of panels across houses in Australia.

Advantages of going Solar in Gold Coast

By moving towards Solar power , the residents of Gold Cost can experience many advantages, some of them being :

  1. Making use of the Renewable Energy rebates which the government offers for installing Solar energy
  2. Reducing the electricity bill considerably by powering appliances through solar power.
  3. A very Good return on investment – by installing a solar panel, within a short time the savings on electricity bill will offset the cost of solar installation itself.
  4. Low maintenance of the solar systems and they come with long warranty on performance.
  5. Excess solar energy generated which is not used by the house, can be fed back into the system to get credits for it.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Powering Gold Coast

QLD Solar and Lighting has been an established name in the Solar energy area in Australia for a long time now. They started off their operations in Queensland and since then have successfully grown and made a foray into other cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Narooma, Victoria and also Gold Coast.QLD Solar & Lighting is a distributor and an installer of Solar and offers a wide range of Products and Services which help their customers in moving towards Solar energy.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD  has developed its own knack for making it easy for customers to get Solar systems installed. Some of the benefits that comes in partnering with them are :

  1. While many products are available in Solar panels and inverters, QLD has done an indepth comparison of all the available brands and can offer the best and most efficient solution for your requirements based on efficiency needed and space available.
  2. Has an experienced team which works with you from starting to end for making a smooth move towards Solar installation.
  3. Has an excellent Customer Service network across Australia and has a short turnaround time for installation.
  4. Offers sound and cost effective solutions.

Canberra Solar Power


Canberra Solar Power


Given Australia’s sunny and pleasant weather conditions, the shift to Solar power as a growing source of energy has accelerated over the last few years. Government is also offering many incentives for making people adopt Solar power as a source to power their homes.

While many other renewable sources of energy like Wind energy , Bio Gas, Bio Mass, Hydro are also picking up momentum but Solar energy is leading in the renewable energy sector.

Canberra Solar Power

In Canberra Solar Power is becoming a natural choice for people to power their homes. By installing Solar panels in residential and commercial buildings, the energy which comes from the sun is converted into electricity which is then fed into the grid to power the appliances. There are many benefits of going solar , which are listed in the following section.

The city of Canberra has gone Solar in a big way by building one of the largest solar plant in Australia with a capacity of Twenty Mega watt. Through this their contribution towards the environment is also immense as it reduces the carbon emissions and reduces the burden on fossil energy.

Advantages of going Solar

The Australian government offers many schemes and subsidy’s for those customers who opt for Solar energy. Some of the advantages of making the shift towards Solar are –

  1. Financial gains by getting subsidies for installing a solar system
  2. Falling in line and helps complying to the Mandatory Energy program
  3. Generate money by feeding back excess solar energy generated into the grid and thus getting credit points for it
  4. Using Solar water heaters which use less energy for heating water
  5. Reducing the carbon emissions by using solar energy
  6. Getting an excellent return on investment – the cost of installing a Solar system will be offset through the reduction in electricity bill in a very short time.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Canberra Services

The QLD Solar and Lighting company was set up to service Queensland and has successfully helped many customers from all around Australia.

The director knows all about the ACTpla solar applications and what is needed for Canberra solar power.

We have been involved with many solar power installs in ACT, YASS and the Queenbeyan regions.

We were very involved back in the early 2011 era, supplying many with the 44.7c Feed in Tarrif.

In Canberra we have a strong presence and have successfully done many Solar installations in both residential as well as commercial buildings. More than a million houses across Australia have solar panels installed and many of them are happy customers of QLD Solar and Lighting.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD is an established player in the field of Solar energy. They offer customized solutions for solar system installations across residential and commercial buildings. Some advantages of going with them in Canberra are as follows :

  1. Offer the most efficient energy solutions for Solar system installation
  2. Offer a good comparison of multiple leading brands in Panels and Inverters and then suggest the best solution.
  3. Have experienced staff which is skilled in Solar panel installations.
  4. Offer excellent customer service right from when you request for a Quote to the installation and warranty.
  5. Have a streamlined process in place and the installation process does not take more than 2 weeks.

So if you are looking for solar power in Canberra, please email or call us to get a Quote.

Solar Power Narooma


Solar Power Narooma


While using Solar energy to power residential and commercial buildings has been a common

concept in many countries, in Australia this has picked up pace in the recent past.The Solar

energy installations in Australia have increased ten fold between 2009 to 2011 since when it has

started gathering momentum.


There have been two reasons which are responsible for this –

1) There are government schemes which are targeted towards increasing the use of

renewable sources of energy one of which is Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme

(STCs). Through this house owners become eligible for rebates when they opt to go in

for renewable energy sources.

2) There are also Feed in Tariff schemes which will result in a pay back for the solar energy

generated back into the electricity grid.

There are also Mandatory targets which will be imposed to ensure that upto Twenty Percent of

Energy used comes from Renewable Energy sources.

While many renewable sources are in use like Biogas, Biomass, Windpower this articles will

focus on Solar Power usage in Narooma.

Solar Power in Narooma

With Australia being one of the places that gets the maximum sun throughout the year, one

easy way to save rising costs is to go solar.

In Narooma more and more people are looking for new ways and means to lower their energy

bills and this is where the apt solution is leaning towards Solar panels and Solar hot waters.

Instead of using the conventional energy sources to generate electricity, Solar power is

becoming a more popular way which works on generating electricity from the Sun’s energy.

A solar panel converts the sun’s radiations into electricity which can then be used to power


QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD Solar and Lighting started off services in Queensland as a Solar panel distributer and

now offers services across all states in Australia. They have a wide range of Solar Power and

Lighting products which will help make the move towards Solar easy and cost effective for


QLD has researched solar panels and inverters across a wide range of companies and uses

and recommends only the best quality brands which are mostly from German Manufacturers.

Germany has been the leading market in researching and developing Solar products and going

with their products is a safe proposition for all Solar solutions.

If you are looking towards seeking a solar solution for your residential or commercial buildings,

QLD Solar and Lighting can help design the best solution with maximum return on investment.

Advantages of going Solar

1) Becoming eligible for government schemes and rebates which are targeted towards

increasing the use of renewable energy

2) Increasing compliance to mandatory targets on using Renewable energy sources

3) Reducing on electricity bill by having appliances use solar energy drawn from installed


4) Getting credit for excess solar energy generated by feeding back into the grid.

5) Reducing on energy spent on heating water by using solar water heaters.

So if you are looking to seek a quote for a Solar installation in Narooma, then contact  and ask for a quote.

Sunshine Coast Solar Power Company


Everyone jumps on the Solar Energy Sunshine Coast Solar power Bandwagon

The sunshine coast solar power is just what it says, sunny! The beautiful area is always flooded with sunlight, making it a beautiful abode for the residents of the Sunshine Coast. One rather obvious use of this sunlight has now been realised by the residents of this heaven on Earth, solar power. The Sunshine Coast solar power industry is now booming as a large part of the community decides to switch from coal and gas produced electricity to solar panels on their roof.

Sunshine Coast Solar power

One would believe that this brave effort would be applauded by everyone, especially the Treasurer of Queensland. Alas some people just fail to see the good in the world. Instead he proceeded to call these people opting for Sunshine Coast solar power, “champagne sippers”. Isn’t that rather nice of him?

sunshine coast solar power

sunshine coast solar power installed 5kw system

It is disturbing to see people, especially those in positions of power to demean those who are trying to make this world a better place. The Sunshine Coast solar power usage is great as it is reducing the cost of electricity by a landslide. It is also benefitting the environment, as everyone knows that solar power is one of the safest sources of energy, with the previously useless spaces on roofs being used as grounds to start the revolution that may be called the, “Sunshine Coast Solar Power Revolution”, possibly a pebble whose ripples may spread to the rest of the world and actually cause a change that the future generations would be happy to hear about.

It is clear as crystal that the Sunshine Coast Solar Power idea is a great idea, and anyone with even the slightest care for the planet or just their wallets would choose to opt for this. Somehow the Treasurer, Tim Nicholls, believes that he is so far along saving the planet that he has every right to call these, Sunshine Coast Solar Power panel owners, actually owners of solar panels everywhere, “champagne sippers”.

Its rather idyllic that a man is pushing down the effort of an entire community just because of some petty politics on his mind. It is pure idiocy that anyone in their right mind would choose power over sustainability. Well we all know what power does to the mind and it is spreading faster than the filth that floats up from the coal consuming monsters of energy generators.

further information on solar power in QLD

Needless to say that the Sunshine Coast solar power panel owners are agitated. They have not only dished out a lot of money to take a beneficial step towards the environment but now they are suffering because some man is incapable of putting aside his greed for power and also is possibly facing an inferiority complex seeing someone else do better than him. It is ironic that those who are ready to help are the ones that are being pushed down.

The Best Tweed Heads Solar Power


Tweed Heads is situated on New South Wales far away from north coast, just right side on the Queensland border. When you pass by this area, you should need to concern about the danger area, greeted by a big sized memorial for captain cook. We are happy to sell the best Tweed Heads solar power in NSW and Queensland.





When you are going to buy a solar panel system then you should need to consider the placement area, solar panel cost and price, tolerance capacity, conversion rate, durability, size and watts, types of solar cells etc. Normally the reputed solar panel warranty is 25 years, so you need to choose the best rather than considering cost cycle system.

The solar panel manufacturer, installer, retailer and servicing agent are also important factors to choose a great solar panel system for Tweed Heads Solar Power. The solar panel size depends on how many cells are used inside it. Sometimes it become a major issue for selecting a best solar panel system.

For the proper placement of solar system rooftop area is too important, because it will ensure the best service during it’s total life-time period. To away from all types of complications and ensure the best uses of your money, our trained consultants are always with you. Tweed Heads Solar Power are completely determined to give their best to you for a super satisfactory life. We complete the entire process within few business days, but duration depends on your residential state, area etc. It can carry some extra cost which will appear on your electricity bill system.



The rebates amount is an another important issue, don’t worry our consultant and installation team members are ready to save from all type of complications cordially. Don’t be hesitate to contact with us before choosing a solar panel system for your home and office.

Contact us now for Tweed Heads Solar Power

Solar Panels Victoria


Everyone is wanting Good quality Solar Panels Victoria installed. We also offer to sell and install Solar Power systems to many customers in the Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.


Not only do we install Solar Systems in Gold Coast, Ashmore, Coolangatta and Nerang, but we also install solar panels Victoria. We offer our whole system range in special cash prices and also on finance.

Solar panels Victoria

solar power system installed in Victoria

When considering installing Solar PV in Victoria you should always consult with your Energy Retailer. Whilst Energy retailers are a good source of information when it comes to asking questions about good value solar systems in Moe or any other town in regional Victoria, please be careful as the retailers will try and stitch you up with their own install crew, and in fact, try and sell you a solar system.

While this is not all bad, the Energy Retailers around Australia have been known to outsource and sub-contract much of their install work. It is probably not a good idea to have a company that relies on sub-contractors to carry out the solar power install in Dandenong.


We believe True Value Solar Melbourne has sold a lot of solar systems in Victoria. There has been a tonne of information written about True Value Solar on the internet lately.

The good news is that Queensland Solar and Lighting have teamed up with a local Victorian Solar power company that can offeryou the best solar panels Victoria has to offer.

Solar panels Victoria German

We Install German Solar power systems and solar panels in Melbourne and Surrounding Victoria areas.

Please click here to get a FREE SOLAR POWER QUOTE (please let us know you are from Victoria) if you live in Melbourne, or the area of Rural Victoria – Riddels Creek, Malvern, Bulla, Sunbury, Dunolly, Avoca, Castlemaine or any other nearby Suburb. We will promptly organise a free solar power quote for your home or Commercial solar system for your Business.


You will be pleased to know that the qualified and confident Solar Assessor will come to your house prepared to measure your roof, offer you award winning European Solar Panels and Inverters, Give advice on what size system is needed, and offer you a Certegy Finance plan if needed.


German Solar Systems Brisbane and Gold Coast



Are you the type of person that only expects the best for your house you so proudly call it your ‘Castle’. That it’s not even your home, but it is in fact your CASTLE? Well we here at Queensland Solar and Lighting would believe that you too would only expect the best solar system, panels and inverter installed on your Castle, are we right? This means you want a German Solar Systems Brisbane.


If you are they type of person who believes that nothing good at all comes out of China then rest-assured, there is still a chance for you to put a German Solar Systems Brisbane on your roof!

Despite the fact that the Hindenburg went down and the Great Wall Of China is still standing, you STILL want a German Solar System, even though they will cost you a fair bit more when it comes to the price of a solar PV system.. EVEN THOUGH the Chinese INVERTER is Magnificent in quality and OFFERS THE SAME 5 year inverter warranty as standard as the $1500 Dearer GERMAN SMA INVERTER..


Don’t worry, we also have YOU covered!


We recommend the German made WINAICO SOLAR PANELS matched with the German Made SMA INVERTER as the best German solar systems Brisbane you can buy in Australia.



If you haven’t already heard of the German SMA Inverter in your quest for solar system knowledge I can almost guarantee this is the first web site you have come across in your solar power research.
I can confidently say this, as near enough ANYONE with an opinion on solar systems and installation will soon tell you that this is the best inverter you can buy. (while we don’t disagree with them, we can definitely NOT AGREE that this is worth the extra $1500 upgrade) If you knew what we knew… Very similar failure rates to the JFY inverter.

If I was getting a German Solar Systems Brisbane – You could bet your bottom dollar that the SMA Sunny boy would be included.


The Best German Panels in Australia

The Winaico Solar Panels are a phenomenal solar panel but don’t take our word for it. Winaico recently came first in a Desert Knowledge yield result test in our own backyard. That’s right. The Winaico Solar panels came first out of all the different type of solar panels tested in Alice Springs I believe. The Winaico Solar panels cells are made in Germany, the rest is assembled in Taiwan. Winaico Solar make a very impressive German Solar Panel.
The Winaico Solar panels have also previously been front runners in recent Photon yield result testing in Germany also… WOW – Talk about a QUALITY SOLAR PANEL!


If building and designing a German Solar systems Brisbane, you would be mad to overlook the Winaico Solar panels with Cells made in Germany.


This is a very popular system, the SMA SUNNY BOY Inverter coupled perfectly with the WINAICO Solar PV Panels. We sell this to everyone who ONLY WANT THE VERY BEST SOLAR SYSTEM money can buy.
Gold Coast  – German Solar Systems Brisbane – PRICING


5kw Solar System Made in Germany – $8995

6kw Solar System Made in Germany – $9995

Sydney Solar Power


You know, Sydney has the largest population in Australia. Sydney solar power would be cranking out that much electricity usage compared to the rest of Australia. They see a lot of 40° plus days, especially in the summer time. And it also gets bloody cold, come State of origin time, winter. All the reverse cycle systems must be pumping out the heater in June July August.

Sydney Solar Power

The amount of Sydney solar power that all these 3 kW and 4 kW and 5 kW solar systems would be pumping out to the grid would be astronomical. Actually it would be scary. We have seen so many people in Sydney put on solar panels on their rooms that the government is now really freaking out about what to do next, as there appears to be voltage spikes in local neighbourhoods, and just too much energy going into the grid on a good solar energy yield producing day.

Sydney solar power

The problem occurs when not too many people use their air-conditioners and pumpers and filters and whatever people having their houses. These days, us Australians have too many appliances and electrical gadgets running from our power points that we just simply finding it tough to power our homes economically.

It should be more people getting Sydney solar power, as soon enough Sydneysiders will just not be able to afford electricity bills at all and they won’t have enough money to put on food on the table and petrol in their car. Sydney solar power has to be purchased so we can start saving the environment and our piggybank.
This means that Sydneysiders should really get on board with Sydney solar power. If they haven’t already. They are crazy. People in Sydney in New South Wales pay the most from electricity out of any of the three main states. It is a crazy energy tariff that they pay. I would not like to pay the price that people in Sydney pay at all for their electricity usage.

Solar Power Sunshine coast



Are you living north of Brisbane and wanting Solar power Sunshine coast?

You are in luck! We install north of Gympie, north of Noosa, and weekly in and around Pelican Waters and Mooloolaba.

best value solar power sunshine coast

We have cheap and good quality Solar power sunshine coast

Even if you live in and around the Hervey Bay region, we  will have our own installers come out and visit you, and install a quality solar power system.

Out West of Toowoomba is no problem for us also,

We are receiving more and more enquiries for solar power sunshine coast and LED Lighting from well north of Brisbane. We have installed as far north as Cairns.


We have installed commercial solar power Sunshine Coast systems as well. Bigger systems 20kw plus size are becoming very popular all around Queensland these days as thecost of power is increasing in tremendous amounts yearly.

Solar power Sunshine Coast

we install Solar power all over the Sunshine Coast


We will install the best Chinese inverter on the market, JFY INVERTER. We will even install this in Sunshine Coast region.


Did you know we installed a Sunshine Coast Solar power system in Caloundra last week?

The customer has been more than impressed at not only our German Inverter, SMA SUNNYBOY we used in their install, but the fact that we agreed to beat and match price with a local competitor, as remember, we are local also.

Just because you live a couple of hundred kilometres out of Brisbane City doesn’t mean you have to pay premium prices. We can get away without paying high excess travel fees on the Brisbane Metro prices, as we are likely to have installers that live in your area!



If you are interested in a Solar Power Sunshine Coast quote CLICK HERE! or you may alternatively visit





solar power brisbane, solar power gold coast

have Queensland solar and Lighting install all your solar power needs.


Solar Power Brisbane


Queensland Solar and Lighting have thousands of happy customers in the Brisbane region in 2014. Solar power Brisbane, This is what we want to dominate!

We are always striving to provide the BEST SERVICE at always the BEST PRICE!

Solar power brisbane video

solar power brisbane

This guy has installed a commercial solar power system in Brisbane

We don’t confuse anyone when it comes to solar power and we definitely wont talk up HOW MUCH BETTER OUR PANELS ARE THAN THE OTHER MOB SELLING SOLAR! – I know you’ve heard this millions of times from every company you have talked to.

All you will hear is the truth!

We will tell you that our panels are Good, top quality and will do the job – WE ARE NOT LYING

Our inverters are great also – JFY and SMA.

Solar power Brisbane

If you want good solar power brisbane, and great solar power gold coast, you can certainly trust us!

We have stopped using the AURORA INVERTER – We are not interested in it anymore! I think it is similar to Growatt we were using.

We don’t like much failure with solar power inverters… either out of the box, fresh off a ship, or 6-24 months later on a customers wall. We dont use them, as we dont like to be re-visiting our customers faulty system we installed. We will only install proven quality now – JFY INVERTERS and SMA INVERTERS.

Solar power Brisbane, The Takeover Movement, for quality and price is what we are trying to achieve here! All aboard the train going to SOLAR POWER BRISBANE.


JFY ( The inverter from Heaven – Cheap and reliable)

SMA – THE DUCKS NUTS (proven to be the best.)  No one will ever loose sleep with purchasing an SMA inverter. But is it worth the considerable extra $$$?? – Not in our opinion, but happy to install SMA for you.

Solar power brisbane

The JFY inverter is a very good inverter! Use this for Solar power Brisbane

We like to think we are commonly known as the best Solar company in South East Queensland

Solar power brisbane, 10kw solar system brisbane

This is what a 10kw Solar System install looks like in Brisbane.




If you are looking for Honest advice from an honest company, please do yourself a favour and give us a call at Queensland solar and lighting.




If you want great Solar power Brisbane, It has been said by many, that you are best to steer clear of large sales companies. 

Solar power Cairns


Queensland Solar and Lighting is now selling Solar Power Cairns. We are happy to announce the launch of a dedicated sales team now operating out of Cairns, QLD.

Solar power Cairns

Queensland Solar and Lighting is happy to announce that we are currently doing a lot of solar power installs in Cairns

After many successful installs in the Cairns area, booked in from our Gold Coast over the phone, and some of the outrageous quotes Cairns residents were receiving we have ultimately decided on having a setup and presence in Cairns.

Cairns Solar Power

We have strong word that a guy is up there Spruiking Micro-inverter systems for around $14k for a 5kw solar power Cairns System… Unbelievable!

Can you get a good value solar power system in Cairns?

Of course you can!

Cairns residents deserve a fair price also. We are one of the few companies offering Certegy payment finance plans on solar and LED lights in the region.

Please call us ot  for all your Solar and LED lighting needs.


Where do we install Solar Power Cairns?

Everywhere. These suburbs have been hot at the moment! Pumping 5kw Solar systems out!

Trinity Park, Trinity Beach, Kewarra Beach, Clifton Beach, Palm Cove, Yorkeys Knob.

Residents in Cairns are lucky to experience a long day light period. Cairns has some of the longest daylight period and sunshine in Australia.

We are happy to provide you a free quote and a complimentary Bill analysis.

solar power cairns 5kw

Cairns solar power systems 5kw and 6kw.

We only use the best gear you can get in and around the Cairns Region.

Please click here to get a free phone call from a CEC Accredited solar power cairns Electrician.  (Please indicate that you are from Cairns when sending your details through)

We prefer to use JFY and SMA Sunnyboy inverters for quality, and to withstand the hot and humid conditions that is asked by the climate in Cairns to challenge even the best electrical equipment in the world.

We are currently working on a few jobs, Commercial solar power Cairns.

We are looking forward to hearing from you.