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Are Solar Batteries worth it in Australia?


“I’m thinking about installing ‘Solar Batteries – Are they worth it?”

My answer to you is ‘Definitely not at this stage!’

And as for the foreseeable future, my opinion is not for some time (a good few years yet)

Tesla Powerwall vs LG Chem battery

Decisions, decisions, Tesla Powerwall or the LG Chem? I say neither.

Why are batteries for solar not good?

They are so expensive to buy and install in 2016, around $10,000 and all you get is a battery that hold around 7kw/hrs, and they get worse and deteriorate from day one. The ROI (Return On Investment) on batteries is not even outlasting the warranty on these things.

If a Battery stores  7kw at the moment, and a kw is only worth around 26cents,,

let’s do the maths…

7kw of  stored energy @ 26cents purchase price per KW/hr =  $1.82 saved per day. That sure ain’t a lot of return per day, on the best possible scenario!

“What do you mean by ‘best possible scenario’? Batteries are surely worth it and a good thing?”

Just because many solar companies are out there actively promoting solar power storage and batteries for solar power systems in Brisbane doesn’t make them a good thing. It just means they are selling batteries for solar systems. Solar companies are selling batteries to make money. Money goes hand-in-hand with greed.

You only get that $1.82 per day if you actually produce enough power to fill the battery up – AND USE IT ALL!

What happens if it is a cloudy day, and your 6kw Solar system doesn’t produce enough power to fill the solar battery up to it’s storage capacity? Maybe the battery has only 3kw of storage saved in the tank from that dark, cold miserable day. Good day to run some heating at night from your stored energy, but oh my… Our Tesla Powerwall, LG Chem, or GCL Batteries – Whatever the flavour you have, has only managed to half-fill your solar battery, so the mathematics on that scenario go something like this;

3kw of energy stored, used to power appliances and Reverse system at night @ 26 cents = .78 cents.

Then we also run into another problem, what about the scenario where the battery actually all fills up. This is a situation where the solar panels and solar battery are functioning perfectly and come Sundown you have yourself 7kw of bottled energy you harvested from the sun, all that ‘free energy’ to use. But, your flight for a week-long get away in Sydney to catch up with the extended family, leaves tonight – All that clean energy harvested from the sun going to waste.  But hey, you can still brag to the knob you live to next door that your solar system has a battery attached – or does that make you the knob? Haha!

With Solar power you forgo your Feed in Tariff as you don’t sell the power stored

Also, you can sell the power for 6-10cents (6 cents with AGL, 8 Cents with Origin and 10 cents with Click Energy) without even having to buy batteries, so that automatically devalues your energy saved by over a whopping 33%. Put simply, you haven’t saved 7kw’s of energy worth 26 cents, it’s only worth 16cents, as you are already getting up to 10cents for your power exported to the grid!

So if a small FIT is still available, the maximum return is 7kw of power stored, with power being worth 16 cents;

[email protected] = $1.12 maximum saving per day – How much are you thinking of spending on one of those liabilities (We haven’t even gotten to the liability part yet)

Are Solar Batteries safe?

Like any battery – they can explode. with explosions, come fire. Houses and fire are not a good match. The truth is solar and batteries haven’t been around very long at all, they are a very new concept and we cannot comment on the safety of solar batteries that are on offer and sold in Australia at the moment. It would be safe to say that you minimize the risk of a house fire by not installing a 7kw battery in your home.

Could installing a solar battery contribute to an event that would see the Fire Brigade attend to your solar system in the case of an emergency?

Could installing a solar battery contribute to an event that would see the Fire Brigade attend to your solar system in the case of an emergency?

How good are the Warranties for Solar Batteries?

The warranties for solar batteries at the moment are not very good – They are not even lasting until the customers Return on Investment!
For Example the most commonly talked about solar battery for home storage is the Tesla Powerwall – This battery storage system has a warranty period of 10 years in Australia.

We don’t even know yet how good the batteries last. Do they last 20 years? Do they only last 5 years in actual fact? Are the Solar battery Manufacturing customers coming to the party with warranty claims? Just too many uncertainties around batteries for solar systems, and a non-existent Return on Investment that leaves only the mathematically challenged or full-blown ‘Green Energy nerds’ buying batteries in 2016. I’m not against anyone buying batteries, just as long as they fully install the benefits Vs non-benefits when it comes to installing batteries on their home solar system.

Does Qld Solar and Lighting sell and install battery storage?

Yes and no. We do have the ability to install batteries, but we are not so skilled at Sales, that we can sell a battery system to the average household in Brisbane. It would be literally like selling Ice-to-Eskimo’s. If you do insist on buying batteries from us, we would make you sign a waiver form agreeing that you bought the batteries for your PV Solar system, totally against our advice.

Even Choice magazine have got it right (for once) about the viability of these solar batteries.


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Beyond Building Energy


Beyond Building Energy was a solar power company that had many offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This company was known for selling very cheap solar power systems. So cheap that it effectively would bring Beyond Building Energy into receivership and liquidation.

Beyond building Energy

Beyond Building Energy – Definitely turned out to be the most non-sensible solar choice you could make

We here, at Queensland Solar and Lighting have had many phone call and email enquiries asking us if we help out beyond building energy solar power customers with their not-working solar inverters and faulty solar panels.

Beyond Building Energy – Sunny Roo Inverter

sunny roo inverter review

is your SunnyRoo inverter not turning on too? Click here to get help

Beyond Building Energy was known for not only installing Sunny Roo solar inverters, but also being so involved that we are led to believe that they were the main distributors of the Sunny Roo inverters and received thousands of these dodgy solar inverters in large shipment quantities from China. The sunny roo solar inverter is profusely known as one of the worst solar inverters to ever hit the Australian market. You can read about the sunny roo inverter here and also what to do if you need to replace your faulty sunny roo inverter or if you think that it is covered under warranty – which it definitely is not!

Beyond Building Energy – Warranties

The interesting thing about Beyond Building Energy and their warranties on all products and workmanship, is that they had the best in the business!

When everyone was out offering  their honest five-year inverter warranties and also standard five-year workmanship warranties, Beyond Building Energy was out there offering their ridiculous 10 year inverter warranty on what had proved to be a really bad piece of junk of a solar inverter.

So now there are many customers who had solar panel systems installed in Brisbane and the Gold Coast by Beyond Building Energy who believe they still have their solar system covered under warranty by Beyond Building Energy.

However, when they go searching on the Internet or ring the office number that was on the solar sales Representatives business card, they find that the phones are disconnected and emails that they are sending out to beyond building energy are just bouncing back!

This just goes to show that in some cases the length of warranties or what they cover don’t mean a damn thing! The poor old Beyond Building Energy customers have no customer service phone number to call or contact and no one from Beyond Building Energy to give them a helping hand when in need.

Beyond Building Energy warranty

What do now that your BBE System is not working?

So what we tell these disgruntled Beyond Building Energy solar customers is that all they can do is replace their Sunny Roo Inverter with a new inverter with full warranties while they are that, it is often advised, that they should really consider replacing those or performing and terribly built in manufactured 190 watt Monocrystalline panels.

These systems were also not installed as well is customers may have like them to be. They were the work of some very ordinary early sub contract installations, and it is highly advised that any beyond building energy customer has their existing solar system thoroughly checked out by a current CEC approved solar installer. This is to make sure that everything remains safe and protect you against a possible solar panel calls house fire. We hope that you have better luck with your solar system than you have had with Beyond Building Energy.

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Do solar panels add value to your home?


Do solar panels really add value to your home?

The best answer to this question would be, “No, Not really”, however they can sway a buyer to prefer to buy your house on sale, rather than purchase a similar house that the buyer also really likes. The house that has solar panels installed would likely get the nod of approval as they buyer will see this as an immediate $5,000-10,000 that they will not have to spend.

However, if Property Investment is something that you are interested in, We have a strong and impressive investment team who can help you get ahead. Whether it be with letting you know your borrowing capacity, Home Appraisal, Showing you new investment properties or helping you setup a SMSF. We have the team to help you.

do solar oanels add value to your home.

Solar panels – good value for the electricity bill payer while in the house, that’s about it.

75% of the installs we have been doing for the last 18 months are from people who have just bought an established house in the suburbs or others who call up and say, “Hi Qld Solar & Lighting, we are just about to finish building our new house in the new estate out the back of Brisbane and want a solar panel installation on the day, or few days after settlement!’ – These guys know that everyday they own a home without solar panels, is a day where they are simply wasting money.

A few years ago (when solar panels were more expensive) I remember selling solar panels to cashed up Canberra public servants whose primary reason for installing solar panels on their home was to ‘increase the value of their home’. I’m not sure if installing solar panels ever did increase the value of a house or ever will. But I can certainly say, for the most part, they will never lower the value of a home and won’t be off-putting like a swimming pool can be – After all, EVERYONE wants cheaper electricity bills, don’t they?

Bigger solar systems are better

However a buyer would more likely appreciate a bigger solar system (5 or 6kw) installed on a house, and installed PROPERLY – No dodgy cable exposed – A nice neat install from a reputable installer and also would be more attractive if the solar system consisted of better known brands.

For example, a house with a 6kw Sunpower panel / SMA inverter setup would be a great added fixture to come with the house, whereas an old 190watt x 8 panel Beyond Building install with a faulty Sunny Roo inverter would in fact be a burden and would more likely cost the new home owners more money in having it removed and replaced with a quality solar system that they would then have to source and have installed themselves.

If you are wanting to install solar panels on a new home that you are either building or have recently purchased you might want to check out our solar systems pricing here. Or if you are ready to get a solar quote let us know here.

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Sunshine Coast Solar Power


Sunshine Coast Solar Power


In its quest to reduce the dependency on fossil energy which is fast getting depleted and also to do its best towards protecting the environment, the Australian government is encouraging everyone to move towards Solar energy.

In a sunny land like Australia, tapping the sun’s energy and using it to power homes is a great way of saving on electricity bills. There have been than a million homes which have opted to go the solar way and got panels installed.

Solar Power in Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast located in Queensland, as the name suggests has an abundance of sunshine all through the year. Residents here are making the shift towards solar energy to save on their energy bills.

Queensland also offers the best rates for the Solar Tariff program across Australia thus making it even more lucrative to have a Solar panel installed. Some advantages of having a Solar Panel installed in Sunshine Coast are as below:

  1. Substantial reduction in electricity bill by using the solar power generated to power the household appliances.
  2. Feeding back the excess generated into the grid and being eligible for credit programs, especially with Queensland having the best rate, its very lucrative to go solar.
  3. Depending on the size of the current energy bill and units consumed, it can actually be possible to have a solar system in place which can complete cover the current electricity consumption.
  4. Installing a reliable solar panel also ensures low maintenance costs and there are some with come with a performance warranty as high as 25 years.
  5. Getting a solar system installed is a very easy alternate as companies have a streamlined process in place for making the shift.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Solar System Prices Sunshine Coast

5kw solar system sunshine coast.

we install solar power up here

QLD Solar and Lighting actually started its operations in Queensland where it established its base and then moved on to cover other states in Australia.

They have a good network in Sunshine Coast and offer a complete Solar Solution offering here.

Get quote for 5kw solar system sunshine coast here


Advantages of going Solar with QLD Solar and Lighting in Brisbane

While many companies offer their services in Sunshine coast , QLD Solar and Lighting has an edge over the others on many fronts:

  1. By virtue of having started operations in Queensland, QLD has a well established base in the Sunshine Coast for their solar offerings.
  2. QLD has a comparison grid of all the top brands in Solar panel manufacturing and are able to take the best decision on suitability of panels for a Customer.
  3. They offer cost effective solutions to Customers and also give a detailed Analysis of pro’s and con’s of the panel installations along with calculations of pay back period.
  4. QLD has a team of technicians and electricians who are skilled in implementing the best panel solutions for their customers.
  5. They have a smooth process for installing panels within a two week framework.
  6. QLD analyses the current bill and then checks with solution will work best for the customer and give the maximum benefit on savings.

So getting a Solar panel installed if you are in Sunshine Coast is as easy as going to the QLD site and placing a request for a Quote.

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