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Are Solar Batteries worth it in Australia?

“I’m thinking about installing ‘Solar Batteries – Are they worth it?”

My answer to you is ‘Definitely not at this stage!’

And as for the foreseeable future, my opinion is not for some time (a good… Read more

Beyond Building Energy

Beyond Building Energy was a solar power company that had many offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This company was known for selling very cheap solar power systems. So cheap that it effectively would bring Beyond Building Energy into receivership… Read more

Do solar panels add value to your home?

Do solar panels really add value to your home?

The best answer to this question would be, “No, Not really”, however they can sway a buyer to prefer to buy your house on sale, rather than purchase a similar house that the buyer also … Read more

Sunshine Coast Solar Power

Sunshine Coast Solar Power


In its quest to reduce the dependency on fossil energy which is fast getting depleted and also to do its best towards protecting the environment, the Australian government is encouraging everyone … Read more