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Longi Solar Panels Reviews


Longi Solar Panels Reviews

Longi Solar Panels are the latest premium solar panels to hit Australian shores. They also arrive with the latest technology, so can make for an excellent bargain among those seeking higher efficiency panels with PERC Technology in Brisbane. Queensland Solar and Lighting are proud to offer Longi Solar Panels.

LONGi Solar to finally break the “quantity before quality” curse for the Chinese solar PV manufacturers?

Longi Solar Panels Brisbane


LONGi Solar – a name that has been getting more and more spotlight in the solar PV industry in the past few years. Anyone with decent amount of experience in this industry will surely recognise the Chinese giant. Historically many Chinese PV manufacturers have had a hard time getting rid of the “quantity before quality” label. Has LONGi Solar managed to finally get rid of this association despite being the world’s fastest growing solar module manufacturer in 2016?

While rapid expansion certainly makes it harder to for the product quality to remain unhindered, it seems that LONGi has done just that. Their monocrystalline module production capacity has surged to 6 GW in 2017, with plans to increase this capacity by 10 GW in 2019. Nevertheless, their module quality has not only remained unhindered, in 2017 LONGi Solar has achieved a new world record in PERC cell efficiency by reaching 22.71%. As to be expected, LONGi product line is also considered to be one of the most efficient on today’s market. This can probably be considered to be a result of their exclusivity and experience in the monocrystalline field as well as strong focus on R&D.

LONGi’s standard monocrystalline 60 cell module product line offers power outputs from 275 to 300 Watts.


Longi solar panels Brisbane

The CEO has Longi solar panels on his roof!
Call him on 0411 348 400 to organise a quote with him for your house.
Or you can fill out a contact form here.


LONGi Solar is the subsidiary of the world’s largest manufacturer of mono silicon wafers, LONGi Green Energy. We are specialized in producing high efficiency mono solar cells and modules.


In order to make you understand the mono solar modules better, the advantages of mono solar modules compared with poly modules are shared with you as follows.

  1. More power yield due to good temperature coefficient and lower operating cell temperature (3-5% more than poly solar farm or power plants); LONGi’s PERC Product ranked No. 1 in TUV Rheinland energy yield simulation for all modules in 2016.
  2. Less mounting footprint and less BOS cost due to higher power output of a single mono module;
  3. Field-proven long-term reliable operation due to lower power degradation and better mechanical strength of mono solar cells;
  4. Lower LID (2%) in the first year and lower annual power attenuation (0.55% per year) can produce more power generation than POLY.
  5. Less degradation. For the PERC module, the 1st year degradation is 2%, and the degradation from 2nd year to 25 year is 0.55%.
  6. Good product appearance and performance.
  7. Perfect crystal structure make less micro crack.
  8. LONGi uses high-quality materials to make solar modules, such as DuPont backsheet with higher reliability, which can be used continuously more than 30 years.
  9. LONGi has the entire manufacturing line, including silicon ingots, wafers, cells and solar modules. Therefore LONGi can better control the manufacturing costs and product quality.

Longi PERCSolar Panels Review

In PERC and bifacial product lines, the output increases to 305 and 310 Watts respectively. With bifacial technology still being young, LONGi’s bifacial product line has the potential to increase by additional 8 to 25 percent according to Hongbin Fang, LONGi’s director of technical marketing.

Until recent years Chinese made solar PV panels haven’t been able to get rid of the outdated “inferior quality” label. LONGi Solar is one of the very few brands that have managed to seemingly break past this barrier. LONGi promises their standard panels to retain 83.1% and PERC panels to retain 84.8% of their original power output after 25 years. This is notably better than the market standard of 80% after the same period of time. However, there is still room for improvement as some higher-end solar PV manufacturers provide a 90% power guarantee after 30 years and even a 50-year module lifetime guarantee. Needless to say, the latter one is often met with scepticism but is still impressive.

To sum up this LONGi Solar review, Longi Solar Panels are a showcase example of how rapid production expansion can go hand in hand with increase in product quality. It’s strategy to emphasize the reduction in levelized cost of electricity is certainly the right one for today’s needs. The company’s end goal to reduce the cost of produced electricity while focusing exclusively on monocrystalline technology is promising and might one day lead the effort to deliver cheap renewable energy to the world.

Longi Solar Panel Downloads

Longi 300 Watt Mono Perc Spec Sheet Download

LR6-60PE 285-305W_HIMO1_EN

Longi PERC World Record Report

LONGi claims 22.71% PERC efficiency world record – pv magazine International

Longi Mono Perc Information

LONGi Mono PERC Best Solution for Lower LCOE



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Talesun Solar Panels Review

Talesun Solar panels

Talesun was founded back in 2010, it has been now seven years and Talesun has built a great reputation worldwide. It is among the best solar panels manufacturers available. Founded in 2010, Talesun Solar Technologies mother company is Zhongli Group which counts 29 years of experience. Talesun is an international manufacturer of solar cells and modules: European premium quality level linked with an excellent price-performance ratio. This titles are not just sweet words but they mean the sweet and profession work that they deliver.

Talesun Solar panels

Talesun Solar Logo

Talesun Solar Panels Datasheet


For the solar energy experts, installers and Engineers, Talesun solar energy company offers you’re the best quality of solar Photovoltaic solar cells ant very utmost advantages.

  • The quality of the solar cells is very well taken into consideration. Having a solar panel to last for more than 25 years and still maintain its effectiveness, Talesun puts all its effort to come up with solar cells that will last even more than 30 years.
  • Tales suns calls up to all project owners, installers, engineers, solar energy experts and other interested part to partner with them to make world green. Through their qualified personnel’s, Talesun deliver they consultancy through their contact persons who happens to speak your language
  • Talesun are able to beat deadlines and make reliable delivery times thus making waiting periods shorter.
  • Talesun’s quality products compared to others, the prices on talesun’s side are very competitive and beats all other brands

This is possible because Talesun is a highly capitalized company with one of the world largest, fully automated production lines for photovoltaic modules and cells.

Products & Technology

Talesun, a leading provider of high-quality solar modules, has one of the world’s largest and most advanced production facilities for crystalline solar modules and cells. The fully automated manufacturing process coupled with the most advanced technical standards guarantees a high quality product with exceptional performance.

All Talesun modules offer: Product warranty: 10 years. Talesun’s 25 year, insurance-based guarantee*(with non-cancelable term) underpins both product and performance warranty and offers thereby, a secure basis for even the largest projects and capital financing.

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TopSolar Panels Review

topsolar panels revew

A great bang-for-buck panel

We have been selling and installing TopSola solar panels for over 12 months now and we are very happy with what we see. The Topsolar Solar panels are proving to perform, just as strong in this first 12 months as their more expensive competitors, JINKO and CSun panels. Although Topsolar Panels are cheaper, you would not pick it, as their build quality appears unremarkable.

Top Solar panels have been sold and installed in Australia for well over 5 years now. It took us quite a few years to get the courage up to begin to install a new and foreign panel to us. We are certainly delighted to have had the guys from Top Solar approach us for panel testing and inspection over 12 months ago.


TOPSOLAR Solar Panels reviews

Our installers and customers aren’t the only guys in the world that think TopSola Panels are a great choice for any solar system. Check out these favourable Top Solar panels reviews here.

Topsola have been making solar panels since 2007, but parent company, has been around since 1994. As you can see, the company is not some new start-up company, founded only a few months ago to capitalise on the ever increasing global solar market… They already did that back in 2007!

You can visit the Australian Top Solar website here.


solar panels factory China

Here are the Chinese workers, pumping out a hard days work at the TopSola factory, ready to be sent to Qld Solar and Lighting.

top solar solar panels

Like everything Made in China, boxed up, crammed in a dodgy old truck and boosted off on a nearby waiting contsainer ship.


topsola panels reviews

Then a month later, they arrive safely at Qu
eensland Solar and Lighting’s warehouse. too easy!
We have no shortage of TopSola panels!

Thanks for reading our Top Solar Panel review. In conclusion, they are a very well made and excellently priced demonstration of a great panel that has proven to stand the test of time in this ever-changing, fast-paced Solar Industry!

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Jinko Solar Panels Review


Solar Panels Review: Jinko Solar Panels

We have waited 6 months after first using Jinko Solar Panels to write a Jinko Solar Panels Review. In the past 6 or so months we have been very impressed to say the least, by the performance of all solar systems we have installed that consist of Jinko Solar panels.

Jinko solar Australia

QLD Solar and Lighting have a very strong relationship with Jinko Solar panels!

We have predominately matched Jinko Solar Panels with an SMA Sunnyboy inverter, and the main sized solar system has been between 5 and 6 kw, with I’d say 90% being a 6kw Jinko/SMA solar system.


Cheap Jinko Solar panels special deal in Brisbane

Our most popular solar system sold.
Click to get your quote emailed to you!

We currently have a Jinko Solar special going at the moment that is proving to be too popular. It is the Jinko 260watt polycrystalline panels coupled with the German SMA inverter for just $5900!

jinko panels brisbane

Click here to check out one of QLD Solar & Lightings most popular deal!

On the odd occasion have we seen a Jinko paired with a zeversolar inverter, as the price difference between the best (German made SMA Sunnyboy inverter) and a good Chinese inverter (SMA Zeversolar) is only around $1000 these days, which equates to just a 6 month longer wait on the average return on investment for a 6kw solar system. Simply put, it’s a bit of a no-brainer to steer towards the forever tried-and-proven reliability of the German Manufactured SMA inverter.



Did you know that the largest Solar Farm in Australia is made out of Jinko Solar panels? Click here to read about the Royalla Solar Farm and Jinko’s involvement.



Did you know that Jinko and LG panels were the only solar panel tested by Choice Magazine that had produced at least their claimed power!!

Choice Solar testing 2016

Choice Magazine Solar Testing sees Jinko being one of the top performers – but no surprise to QLD Solar and Lighting
Choice Solar testing 2016
Click to Enlarge and Study the Jinko Solar Panel Test results.

Are Jinko a Tier 1 Solar Panel?

Jinko are a Tier 1 Solar panel Manufacturer. Let me add to this. JinkoSolar are registered on the New York Stock Exchange. You can see them at (NYSE: JKS).

Jinko Solar are not at all a ‘CHEAP CHINESE SOLAR PANEL’.  They build a VERTICALLY INTEGRATED Quality Solar panel.

This means that Jinko solar panels manufacture the entire solar panel themselves. Jinko do not rely on any other company to source their components.

Jinko Solar are currently manufacturing over 2GW of wafers and Silicon, 2.5 GW of Solar cells and over 3GW of solar modules in the year ending 2014!

Jinko’s Manufacturing puts them in the top 6 solar panel companies in the world by production!

Jinko Solar panels Tier 1

As you can see, Jinko Solar panels review as the 6th most made solar panel in the world as of QTR 4, 2014!

It is because of these reasons, you will find many Jinko solar panels review to highly favour the Solar product.

Jinko have well over 10,000 employees in 2015, with over 150 of these employees dedicated solely on Research and Development and working out of 11 International offices spread out all over the globe!

Jinko Solar Panels have an Australian office, and they are based out of Brisbane!

How can we not use or recommend Jinko Solar Panels?! In the EXTREMELY unlikely event that anything were to go wrong with a Jinko solar panel, both us (Qld Solar & Lighting) and our customers have piece of mind that Jinko are only a local phone call away, and have a physical office and address in Queen Street, Brisbane.

You can call Jinko on (0)7 3221 5218 or email them at [email protected]

contact jinko solar australia

You can feel at ease, knowing that Jinko Solar have a VERY local presence in Australia. Just up the road, in the Brisbane CBD!

Jinko Solar aren’t just some Chinese Solar Manufacturer with a small satellite office here in Brisbane. Not only are they also listed on the New York Stock Exchange, but they also have offices in Chile, South Africa, Japan, India, Singapore, Canada and of course the USA.


Jinko Manufacture their solar panels across 4 regionally different production factories. 2 in China, in Zhejiang and Jiangxi privinces and also one each in Portugal and South Africa.


Jinko Solar Panel Quality

Not only do Jinko have the Manufacturing numbers on their side but they also make sure that they are constantly making quality in numbers!

Jinko has performed consistently well over the years in the Photon Solar tests. Photon are a company that test all different types of solar panels and inverters from manufacturers all over the globe, who send their products in and see how they all compete with one another on a level playing field.

As you can see here, Jinko are  STILL pumping out impressive numbers in 2015, even with their 2011 installed solar panels! put simply, JINKO Solar panels are proving to last the distance and are superior to many of the more costly competitors!

Jinko solar panels review

Jinko explains the vigorous testing each and every panel goes through.

As you can imagine, ALL our customers who have opted to use Jinko Solar Panels, and with the German SMA Solar inverter are happy Vegemites!

Jinko solar farms in germany

Installing nearly 3MW of solar photovoltaic panels, you would think the solar project organisers have done their homework and chosen Jinko solar panels after some good research!

Jinko Solar panels can simply not be disregarded as not one the more premium solar panels that you can buy on not just the Australian market, but the Global Solar market.

Jinko solar panels reviews

Large Solar farms using Jinko panels in Germany

Remember, if Germany is using Jinko Solar panels for mass commercial and industrial solar plants over there, in Europe. Jinko Solar panels must obviously be doing something good! Germans are known to be very judgemental and finicky when it comes to solar power technology.


Thanks for reading our Jinko Solar Panels review.

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Sopray Solar Panels


   Sopray Solar Panels- A Ray Of Joy


Sopray is on of the world’s largest manufacturers of solar panels. The company is based in China and has two large production branches. The company was established in September 2005 with dozens of professionals working to create a technological miracle of which Sopray is the finished product.

About The Company

The company relies on the best and internationally acclaimed equipments for the construction of the solar panels. Sopray has the strictest control over quality management and the company has passed top international photovoltaic products certification, which guarantees Sopray solar panels to be at par with international standards.

Expansion of Business

At present Sopray is looking to expanding its chain of production to reach out to customers, globally. More than ninety percent of the products manufactured by Sopray is exported annually to more than thirty countries across the globe. The company is also actively pursuing the highest standards for quality control, service and price.

So with such promising expansionist anticipations, we can only expect the best in quality and reliability from Sopray solar panels.

Why Sopray?

In case you are wondering what makes Sopray solar cells so popular in the global market, here are a few points to vouch for the world class quality of Sopray which are reasons enough for you to look no further than Sopray solar panels.

  • Fully Automatic- Sopray uses both mono crystalline and polycrystalline photo voltaic cells for its solar panels. Both forms are the most commonly used in green energy products. The production lines of Sopray are fully automatic, the cells are inclusive of automatic chemical vapour deposition, cleaning, metal sintering, cleaning and diffusion.
  • Waterproof– The junction boxes of every Sopray solar cells are waterproof which reduces the damage of solar hot spots on the product. This aspect is a definite advantage as it increases the longevity of the solar panels.
  • Tempered GlassSopray solar panels are made with quality tested and tempered glass with high transmission that increases the efficiency of the solar cells.
  • High Quality Solar CellsSopray uses only the best materials to make their solar cells which accounts for the excellent performance of the panels.
  • Strength– The solar panels are framed with tough aluminium that imparts extra resilience.
  • Long Life– Sopray panels have been endowed with a long life due to the features of high photoelectric conversion efficiency, fully automatic cell functions.
  • Consistent Service- The efficient and state of the art features make Sopray solar panels your most consistent friend in terms of green energy conversion. The panels provide consistent and reliable service for long periods of time.
  • Technical Help– Being a globally recognized brand has its perks! Sopray provides one of the best customer services in terms of technical or installation difficulties. The brand guarantees a hundred percent customer satisfaction. The best thing about the brand is that it provides valuable technical assistance to every corner of the world, so no matter where you are, you can get quick and efficient service from the technical assistance quarter.


So with all these advantages, its no wonder that Sopray is one of the world’s best solutions for renewable green energy conversion devices.

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ReneSola Solar Panels


                    ReneSola Solar Panels- Energising The World           

  ReneSola is one of the leading providers of solar power energy and LED lighting products. The name ReneSola is to be reckoned with when it comes to providing top quality lighting products to various businesses across the globe.


  ReneSola company (NYSE:SOL) was founded in 2005 and since then it has become a leading technological brand that provides top quality green energy products all over the world.


Range of Manufacture

 ReneSola is the largest supplier of solar panels to Australia. The company produces a line of green energy products that range from difference in quality, material and affordability.

The solar panels mad by ReneSola range from semi-monocrystalline, polycrystalline and pure monocrystalline materials. The company also credited with the manufacture of its very own line of inverters.


Coming Soon

ReneSola company is rumoured to launch their very own patented central inverter system, energy storage system as well as a roof racking system soon. The manufactured products will be launched in the Australian markets first before being supplied anywhere else.


Why ReneSola?

The company is credited with making the best quality green energy products and this reputation springs from a certain stringent measures in terms of quality control.

  • Protection– In ReneSola, all the solar panel modules are protected against potential damage induced by degradation and general wear and tear through time.
  • Tempered- All solar panels made my ReneSola are qualitatively stratified to withstand very low and very high temperatures conditions. The panels are also equipped with low temperature coefficient which means that the panels work better in high temperatures.
  • Low Light Function- Each and every ReneSola modules are engineered to function better in low light conditions compared to the Tier 2 and 3. This handy engineering gives ReneSola solar modules the ability to produce a more consistent and sustained yeild for your homes.
  • Slow Degradation- Given that the ReneSola panels work better in low light conditions mean that their longevity is much more than other brand of solar panels. Your ReneSola panels will continue to give you top notch performance even with age.
  • PID Protected- All ReneSola solar panel modules are protected against PID (Potential Induced Degradation). PID is a common occurrence with solar panels that cause power leakage and eventual loss in solar panels.
  • Conditioned- ReneSola modules have been tested to address desert conditions, so you can be sure that your ReneSola panels will be dust and sand resistant.
  • Anti-Corrosive- ReneSola panels have been put through salt mist test and Ammonia corrosion test. No doubt they have passed the tests brilliantly.
  • Affordable- ReneSola panels have been classified as one of the most affordable solar panels in the world. So with all these packed up features, you don’t even have to burn a hole in your pockets.
  • Efficient Service- ReneSola has the largest local market in Australia which means faster and more efficient services in terms of both installation and repair.


So with so many features under one brand, it is no wonder that ReneSola has become the world’s largest manufacturers of green energy products.

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Tier 1 Solar Panels are not the best!


Tier 1 Solar Panels Reviews

Customers are calling us up saying that ‘they want a Tier 1 panel!’ but when we ask why, they simply reply ‘Because it’s Tier 1 – They are the best! Thats what I read on the internet. I want a Tier 1 solar panel!’

Wrong! – Tier 1 solar panels are not the best solar panels.

Just because a solar panel is a Tier 1 Solar Panel, it does not automatically make it the best solar panel you can buy. More often that not, a Tier 1 solar panel is a mid-range, cheap panel that is Made in China. Nothing wrong with Tier 1 panels, but  please understand, simply being a Tier 1 Solar Panel does not make it the best panel. It makes it a good panel.

We sell Tier 1 Solar Panels. Renesolar, Jinko and Risen. They each are a fantastic choice panel. However, if someone wants a better panel or a really good quality solar panel we present to them Seraphim solar Panels or Winaico Solar Panels.

These panels are better for performance, and build quality, Warranties and guess what, they are a Tier 2 panel.

Being a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer means that all components of the Solar Panel have to be made by the same company. This is where the quality of the panel is not as good as a premium panel.

For example, you can get a good Sandwich at Subway, but imagine if Subway were to grow their own Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumber, make their own Cheese and have their own Abattoir. It would be safe to say that they wouldn’t be sourcing the highest quality ingredients, would they? Well its the same as Solar panel manufacturers.

Tier 1 Solar Panels are always the safest and best choice!

While a Tier 1 solar Panel may not be the best performing panel, it will ALWAYS be a FANTASTIC performing panel and extremely efficient for the price you pay.

Put simply, a Tier 1 Solar Panel, such as a Jinko Solar panel will always be a great and SAFE choice. Our most popular selling solar panel system in Brisbane and surrounds at the moment is a special deal we have on at the moment, the 6kw $5900 Jinko Solar Panels and SMA inverter (10 year warranty)  –

This 6kw Solar system deal is phenomenal value!

jinko panels brisbane

Click here to check out QLD Solar & Lightings most popular deal!

Tier 1 Solar panels vs Tier 2 Solar Panels

Tier 1 solar panels do it all in house. Tier 2 solar companies assemble from what they can get their hands on, and Tier 2 solar companies that specialise in quality do it better than anyone else, assemble Ultra-High Quality panels using only sourced quality components, because let’s face it. You can’t expect a Solar Panel company to be an expert in all aspects of Manufacturing a solar panel. There’s just too much work involved in making a good one. What are the chances of a Tier 1 solar panel company being the best at Manufacturing Solar Cells, Junction boxes, Frames e.t.c?

Winaico and Seraphim have told us that they ‘never want to become a Tier 1 Solar Panel Manufacturer.’ – Simply because they are brilliant at making ultra-high quality solar panels and not at making all components of a solar panel. If Seraphim were to attempt at making their own junction boxes, you could nearly ensure that they would not do as good of a job as FujiFilm in Japan is currently doing for them.

We even have Tier 3 solar panels outperforming Tier 1 solar panels!

There is nothing wrong with any Tier 1 solar panel companies to our knowledge, but please understand that  just being a ‘Tier 1 solar panel’ does not make it the best solar panel!


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Micro inverters – Are they worth it?


It depends. Definitely not in a scenario where a perfectly good String Inverter will do the job.

micro inverter solar company selling

These are being used way too much of the time. There is a time and a place people!

Did your solar salesman try selling you Microinverters, and rubbish other inverters?

If you are being told that Microinverters will allow easy expansion of the system later we can inform them you;-


  • Expansion in QLD is limited by size of inverter so max with micro inverters would be 4.95 kW cumulative output without special permission
  • 5 kW string inverter like Suntwins has an output of 4.95kW and can be increased to 6 kW in panels which will provide more power at less price than the micro inverter system
  • QLD Energex is looking to limit residential systems to 3kW after Sept 30th and inverters over 3 kW total have to be reactive technology. So not much time for them to further expand their system if not installing in one go. Possible that micro’s will go up in price, reactive string inverters are already available at same price. If a 5kW string inverter is already fitted this will not be a problem as new regulations are not retrospective and more panels can be added up to the CEC recommended max of 20%.
  • Micro-inverters are only of use when severe shading problems exist due to increased price/power produced ratio
  • Salesmen selling micro’s are doing so for higher commissions based on the higher price and are using the higher efficiency rating of the units as a point of difference, but do not explain the short-comings of regulations in Energex area when compared to the cheaper and higher production from an overloaded string inverter system.
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Seraphim Solar Panels Review


Seraphim Solar Panels


Ultra-Premium Solar Panels

Seraphim Solar Panels are our ‘Premium upgrade’ solar panel of choice. Seraphim have proved time-and-time again to consistently be within the top performers of solar panels in the monthly Photon Solar testing in Germany since their inclusion in the test, dating back to October 2011.


Seraphim Solar review

Seraphim Panels have proved to be the top panel in the field of 2011 inclusions to the Photon Solar Test in Germany.

Seraphim Solar Panels – Performance

We have been installing Seraphim Solar panels for over 3 years now! However, everytime we install Seraphim panels on a customers roof, it is our install team who is as impressed as the customer with the performance they crank out – straight off the bat. Always over-achieving.

Whether we install Seraphim Solar panels coupled with either a German SMA inverter or the ‘best value for money’ inverter in Australia, SMA’s Zeversolar inverter, Seraphim solar panels never disappoint.

Seraphim Solar Panels

Here is proof that Seraphim solar panels are not your ‘run of the mill average Chinese panel – They keep respectable numbers with SUNPOWER PANELS – A panel twice its price, but not twice as good!

Because of Seraphim Solar panels Slow Solar Degradation – Meaning their performance deteriorates at an unrivalled rate compared to other solar panels on the market (Trina, REC, E.T Solar Panels, Yingli,etc) they can offer better warranties, and most importantly, with confidence.

A Seraphim Solar Panel has a 90% performance loss warranty over 15 years (not 10 years like all other solar panels), and a MASSIVE 80% performance loss warranty over 30 years compared to inferior competitor panels which only have Warranty good for 25 years – Just to re-iterate, this is because of the proven (Photon Solar Yield test in Germany) Slower deterioration in Solar panel performance and efficiency.

Seraphim Solar Panels – Build Quality

Not only are Seraphim Solar Panels the best performing solar panel for Australian conditions, they are also amongst the best built. Using Japanese components and being sold in Germany, you can tell that Seraphim is aiming for a high-quality solar build.

TUV SUD Thresher Test

Seraphim Solar Panels were proud announce that they were the first solar panel manufacturer to pass the highly stringent ‘Thresher Test’. This Solar Panel ‘build Quality’ test is designed to see how the panel will last over 20-30 years in extreme weather and harsh conditions, in terms of performance and life expectancy like no test prior.

Solar Panel Thresher Test

Seraphim Solar Panels need to be seen to believe – There are no solder imperfections on any panel compared to the competition – There Quality Control is simply too good!

What was the result?

So good that they SMASHED IT! – Seraphim’s test results were so immensely impressive that they could confidently raise the bar in the industry for Solar Panel Warranty criteria Terms and Length.

In conjunction with their development partners, Fuji Film, Seraphim not only passed all the criteria and physical testing, but due to these tests were also able to increase their Manufacturers Warranty from 10 years to 12 years.

Seraphim solar Panels are the panel with the best warranties in Australia.

  • 12 Year Manufacturers Warranty (industry standard is usually 10 years maximum)
  • 90% performance over 15 years (industry standard is usually 10 years)
  • 80% performance over 30 years (industry standard is usually 25 years)

Seraphim are a solar panel are like none other solar panel seen before. It is so unique to have a Solar Panel that can really tick ALL THE BOXES.

Performance – Up their with the best in the world CONSISTENTLY


Cost – You would be thinking that these Seraphim Solar Panels come at a hefty price tag. Even we are scratching our heads and puzzled how they can remain so cheap and priced in the market so competitively. Especially after installing system-after-system and visiting the factory in China on numerous occasions.


Reputable Solar Publication opinion on SERAPHIM SOLAR PANELS

Still don’t believe us that Seraphim solar panels are one of the best panels you can buy in Australia in 2015? READ THIS UNBIASED COMPLETE REVIEW HERE from a HIGHLY RESPECTED SOLAR MAGAZINE. – They are only saying what we have here, but more elegantly, haha. We are solar installers, not journalists remember.

If you want a solar power quote on Seraphim Solar Panels click here.

Seraphim Solar Panels are sold extensively in Germany, UK and the rest of Europe.

After seeing a Seraphim Solar panel, one of the most common questions asked in the solar industry is finally answered, “What is the best Solar Panel in Australia?”, and the answer, ‘Seraphim Solar Panels’ would not be too far off the mark.

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ReneSola and Sopray Panels-Solar Panels Comparison


ReneSola and Sopray Panels-Solar Panels Comparison


In this age of technological advancement, the use of alternative green sources of energy are fast replacing our dependence on exhaustible resources for fuels. The invention of solar panels is the best invention since they put mayonnaise in a jar! Solar panels have become so popular that we have to indulge in a solar panels comparison to help you choose the best in green technology.


ReneSola is one of the world’s foremost manufacturers and distributors of solar panels and other green energy technology. Based in Australia, this brand has made its name among the top brands in solar power inventions over the last decade. So lets see what makes this brand tick!

DC Electrical Characteristics

  • STC Power Rating 230W
  • PTC Power Rating 208.9W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 13.1W/ft2 (141.4W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 14.14%
  • Power Tolerances 0%/+2%
  • Number of Cells 60
  • Imp 7.88A
  • Vmp 29.2V
  • Isc 8.47A
  • Voc 36.7V
  • NOCT 45°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Isc 0.04%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.4%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.11V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 20A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1000V


    Mechanical Characteristics

  • Type Polycrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Output Cable Wire Gauge 12 AWG
  • Output Cable Wire Type PV Wire
  • Output Cable Wire Length 39.4in (1,000mm)
  • Frame Color Clear
  • Length 64.6in (1,640mm)
  • Width 39.1in (992mm)
  • Depth 1.6in (40mm)
  • Weight 41.9lb (19kg)
  • Installation Method Rack-Mounted



  • 80% Power Output Warranty Period 25yrs
  • 90% Power Output Warranty Period data not available
  • Workmanship Warranty Period 100yrs
  • CSI Listed No
  • 1. California Solar Initiative (CSI) list of Eligible Modules



    This brand is also famous for its technical precision, use of best quality materials international standards of technology. The features include:

    DC Electrical Characteristics

  • STC Power Rating 155W
  • PTC Power Rating 138.6W 1
  • STC Power per unit of area 11.3W/ft2 (121.4W/m2)
  • Peak Efficiency 12.14%
  • Power Tolerances -3%/+3%
  • Number of Cells 72
  • Imp 4.4A
  • Vmp 35.2V
  • Isc 4.96A
  • Voc 42.2V
  • NOCT 45°C
  • Temp. Coefficient of Power -0.48%/K
  • Temp. Coefficient of Voltage -0.143V/K
  • Series Fuse Rating 15A
  • Maximum System Voltage 1000V


    Mechanical Characteristics

  • Type Monocrystalline Silicon
  • Output Terminal Type Multicontact Connector Type 4
  • Frame Color Clear
  • Length 62.2in (1,580mm)
  • Width 31.8in (808mm)
  • Depth 1.4in (35mm)
  • Weight 34.2lb (15.5kg)
  • Installation Method Rack-Mounted



  • 80% Power Output Warranty Period 25yrs
  • 90% Power Output Warranty Period data not available
  • Workmanship Warranty Period data not available
  • CSI Listed No
  • 1. PTC rating calculated using 45°C as the NOCT (Nominal Cell Operating Temperature)


    The survey shows the two brands to be at par with one another as both types of solar panels are loaded with features. This solar panels comparison ensures that you buy the best green technology from among the best brands, for your home.

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Luxen Solar Panels Review



We have been selling Luxen Solar panels for just over 12 months and couldn’t be more impressed with them. Initially, we set out looking for a High-Quality panel that would replace our previous line up of affordable panels, ZN SHINE – These are no longer selling in Australia.

My quarterly electricity bill is only around $575 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?

luxen solar panels review

We sell the Luxen Solar panels in the 250 watt polycrystalline format. This version of solar panel, 250 watt polycrystalline, is what is considered ‘the norm’ these days when being offered to purchase a solar system.

Luxen Panels PDF

250 watt polycrystalline solar panels are now very efficient and a good size and weight to make it a happy day for the installers to carry up your 2nd storey roof.

Because of this it may seem that every man and his dog are selling 250 watt polycrystalline panels – They are – And for good reason. 300 watt + Solar panels are simply too big and cumbersome for installers.


  • Luxen Panels come with a 10 year build warranty and also,
  • a 25 year performance warranty.

When we first installed Luxen panels we didn’t expect for them to be as efficient and High-Performing as they are – I mean, they are priced very competitively – Yet we still see them pump out the same results as we do with a fresh Seraphim or Winaico solar panel install! (These panels are our Premium solar panels that we sell)

Luxen solar panels are proving to be this impressive right now, because they are made with components from Tier 1 solar companies we certainly expect they will be still producing good  performance numbers in 10 – 25 years time.

More expensive panel manufacturers claim to be more efficient over X amount of years. BUT KEEP IN MIND THIS IS ALL IT ISA CLAIM! – An OPTIMISTIC CLAIM.

Unless of course if they have a time travel machine. How else would they know? Luxen Solar panels have a minimum performance guarantee of 25 years, so there is nothing at all to worry about there.

All Solar panels have to come with a minimum 25 year solar panel performance warranty. The more expensive ones come with a 30 year panel performance warranty. – How old are you going to be in 30 years time?

LUXEN SOLAR PANELS – Real Performance in Brisbane

Recently we thought the surprising and impressive KW hours that we were getting out of the Luxen solar panels warranted further investigation – Investigate, we did.

It turns out that the reason why these Luxen Solar panels have been brilliant in performance, is because they are manufactured using well established components and solar cells from various reputable Tier 1 solar manufacturers. Tier 1 Solar companies listed were Trina, Jinko and Suntech solar cells for use in Luxen Solar panel manufacturing.

We installed these on Wayne’s roof back in Septemeber. He lives in Brisbane. Unfortunately with his house and roof being shaped the way it is. We had to split half the panels North-West facing, and the other half,  North-East facing, all hooked up and powered by a JFY SUNTWINS 5000TL… Very Impressive for a non ‘True North’ facing roof.

As you can see below, Wayne was ecstatic and sent me a Text to let me know what his Luxen panel / JFY inverter system managed to get him on his first full day of generation.

solar system redbank plains

Here is Wayne’s house before he contacted us to install a 6kw Solar system for hin in Redbank Plains.

luxen solar review

Here is our 6kw install in Redbank Plains. The customer is extremely happy with his JFY and Luxen Solar panel system.

luxen solar brisbane

Wayne has half his 6kw system facing North-West, and North-East. The Luxpower panels still manage to put out an impressive number with a JFY inverter!


LUXEN – Top Quality Customer Service

Please see below for a recent email exchanged between Luxen Solar and QLD Solar and Lighting. If you want further clarfication – you can contact Luxen for yourselves.


Luxen Solar Panels

Please click here to read an email that Luxen have sent us in regards to the origin of their solar cells.

We have also used the Luxen Solar panels on many of our Commercial Solar Systems installs and they have worked brilliant and outperforming expectations here also.

Below is an email we have received from one of our many happy customers. He had his Luxen Panels installed with a JFY solar inverter also.

commercial solar power system review Brisbane

We recently installed this Commercial solar power system in Sumner Park, Brisbane. This was a 10kw system using Luxpower Solar Panels and JFY 10kw Suntree inverter. This is what it produced the very next day after installation!

If you are looking for the ‘best bang for buck’ solar system in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast then look no further. The Luxen Solar Panels / JFY Solar inverter combination is sure to impress with excellent performance and over a long period of time.

To see our Brisbane Solar Panel prices on systems using the Luxen Solar panels click here.

Thanks for reading our Luxen Solar Panels review.



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LDK solar panels reviews


LDK solar panels reviews

Now; when most people realize that LDK is a China-based company they steer-well clear. I
understand the reasoning for this of course. China is not known for high quality solar power panel
producers. When something is created in China it is made to a budget. I do urge you to at least
consider the idea of LDK Solar Panels though, and you will see why throughout this LDK Solar Panels

LDK solar panels review

Definitely Chinese – Leading the way out of China. Not a bad solar panel

Firstly; LDK Solar Panels are produced to an incredibly high specification. Most of the solar panels
produced in China are made in a variety of different factories. This means that it can be incredibly
difficult for the company behind them to control the quality of the product. You do not have to
worry about that with LDK. Read any LDK Solar Panels Review out there and they will tell you the
same thing. LDK has its own dedicated factory. This means that each and every product that leaves
the building is checked for quality first. If you purchase from LDK you know you are going to get
something special.

LDK solar panels Brisbane

These Solar panels are about as Chinese as you can get.

There are a few people out there in LDK Solar Panels Reviews which tend to complain about the
power output of the product. I do agree with these people to some extent. However you do have to
realize that LDK is a ‘budget’ brand. It is not made to pump out huge amounts of power like some of
the biggest manufacturers on the market. It has been designed to fit a budget. You will most likely
not want to be using LDK solar panels to power your entire home. This is fine. You will probably be
best if you select them to provide some of your energy needs. I already know of plenty of places in
Australia that are doing this and they seem to have had no problems despite having the solar panels
installed for a long time.

A better alternative to LDK Solar panels would be a Winaico Solar panel.

LDK solar panels Australia

Solar trade fair – LDK getting amongst it

So; what about the build quality? It is actually pretty good! Obviously it is tough to damage a solar
panel anyway, but these seem to be built far better than the norm from China. They should be able
to withstand a lot of heavy weather without so much as faltering. By all accounts if you do ever have
issues it is actually pretty easy to get in touch with LDK. They will most likely be more than happy to
help you out and make sure that the solar panel stays in working condition for as long as possible.
Do I recommend LDK? You bet I do! You are going to get better solar panels on the market, but they
are often going to come in at a far higher price. If you are after something simple which is going to
work well then I have absolutely no hesitations in recommending LDK. You only have to read the
various other LDK Solar Panels Reviews out there to know that you are going to get something of a
high quality.

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Q cells solar panels review


Q cells solar panels review

If you are looking for solar panels then you may want to take a little peek at the idea of using Q Cells.
They may not be the best solar panels around; but they certainly are effective and remarkably cheap
for what you are going to get. Let’s take a little peek in this Q Cells Solar Panels Review, shall we?
Q Cells is a rather new company on the block, in the grand scheme of things at least. They were
established in 1999 but it was not until 2001 that Q Cells started to produce the silicon solar cells
that people know and love. We are currently in the third generation of solar panels produced by Q

q cells solar installer

There’s better out there in the local market than Q Cells in our opinion

Over the years Q Cells has put a lot of effort into ensuring that their products are as good as they can
be. There is no denying that they have had a couple of slip-ups along the way, but the products that
they produce now seem to be of a fairly high quality. I know that the Q Cells products that I have
been using recently pack a lot more punch then their counterparts a few years back.
One of the reasons as to why many people love Q Cells, and this is something which has been
mentioned in many a Q Cells Solar Panels Review, is the fact that they are actually rather well-built.
In fact; they are incredibly well-built. This makes them ideal for the rather high winds that Australia
is battered with from time to time. That being said; the majority of solar panels on the market, even
the poorer quality ones, are still going to be doing this. The lightweight design is great though and it
is actually surprising that they are able to withstand that much force. But remember, all panels, not just Q Cells solar panels can withstand a lot of force.

q cells solar panels brisbane

Q cells solar panels – You could get a Winaico solar panel for the price of Q Cells.

The only real issue I have with this company, and it is something which is picked up in just about
every Q Cells Solar Panels Review out there, is the fact that it can be tough to get hold of them if you
have any issues with your installation. There seems to be only a few companies in Australia which
actually offer them. This can make maintenance rather difficult. Thankfully it is highly unlikely that
you will have an issue with your solar panel so this should not really cause that much concern. It is
something that you are going to need to bear in mind though.
So; do I recommend this particular brand of solar panel? Well; if you have been reading this Q Cells
Solar Panels Review then you will most likely be able to tell that I absolutely love them. Sure; there
are better products out there on the market, but if you want something that is going to serve you
well without having you blow your cash. Some people do find them a little bit underpowered, but I
find that they work just fine.

For the price of the panel, to the after-sales support and the performance – Q Cells panels don’t really live up to the hype like a Seraphim solar panel, do they?


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Solarworld solar panels review


Solarworld solar panels review

Solarworld are the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the United States. If you hop on over to the USA then you will notice that pretty much every solar panel you feast your eyes upon has been made by Solarworld. The company is that widespread. Of course; this does not necessarily mean that they are good, right? It just means that they are marketed well. On this page I want to help you decide whether Solarworld panels are the right choice for you. You will discover that and more in this Solarworld Solar Panels Review.

Build Quality

Whenever I read a Solarworld Solar Panels Review, the first thing I seem to see highlighted is build quality. This company is ‘all American’. This means that absolutely every single component that goes into making that Solar Panel is made in the ‘good old’ USA. Sure; the quality is not as high as some of the Japanese-made gear, but you are still going to get something pretty special. I am willing to wager that a decent Solarworld Panel will last you a good couple of years without too many issues. This is why I am more than happy to recommend them.

Range of Products

Another thing highlighted by many a Solarworld Solar Panels Review is the fact that the range is absolutely huge. One of my issues with most solar companies out there is the fact that it is tough to upgrade your system if your energy needs ever increase. That is not something that you are going to need to worry about with Solarworld in the slightest. Their products have been designed from the ‘ground up’ to be modular. This means that every single component is fully upgradable. If your energy needs ever change then this company is going to have your back…if you can find the products for sale in Australia at least.


The only real downside, and again something highlighted in many a Solarworld Solar Panels Review, is the fact that the product is fairly expensive compared to similar products on the market. Sure; you get a ton of value there and a really decent warranty, but there is nothing that really justifies the high cost as opposed to being made in America and giving American’s jobs. You are Australian though. This is probably not something that you are going to worry about too much. That being said; there are plenty of solar installers in this country attempting to get these products installed so you may find a decent deal out there somewhere.

So; what does this Solarworld Solar Panels Review Mean?

Well; it means that if you are in the market for some high quality solar panels then you really should take a peek at Solarworld. They are not the best manufacturer in the world, but their solar panels certainly are cost effective. If you opt for Solarworld then you will love the panel and it will give you many years of good use.

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Schutten Solar Panels Review


Powering up with Schutten Solar Panels Review


For your PV needs, Schutten Solar Panels provide you with the required building blocks for electricity generation.

As Australia has very good sunshine throughout the year due to its latitude and try weather, there is a big push towards this utilizing this renewable energy resource. Of all the nations, Australia has the maximum sunshine available consistently throughout the year.

With the rising cost of electricity and this freely available natural resource, more and more Australians are installing Solar PV systems at their residences and establishments. With the initial thrust given by the Australian government towards using this renewable source of energy by incentive and a high feed-in tariff, more than a million homes generate their own power.

There are many PV systems available in the market. Schutten Solar Panels is one of which a lot of customers are choosing from.  Schutten is a China based manufacturer that manufactures an entire range of solar panels – both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline types. The refinement of the Silicon used in both the types of solar panels during the manufacturing process defines these two different types of solar panels. The R&D center churns out designs that are efficient, space saving and economical.  These conform to the applicable IEC standards

schutten solar panels

Mono Schutten Solar Panels:

The Mono Panels have an even look and an even external coloring, which indicates that high purity silicon has been used. They are characterized by the cutouts at the four corners of the cell. This is done since the manufacturing process is made by using silicon ingots and the corners are cut to make silicon wafers.

  • Efficiency in low light conditions is high

o    Cloudy Conditions provide 50% of rated power

o    Rainy Conditions provide 10% of rated power

  • These panels provide the maximum electricity generation for every square inch of silicon wafer.
  • Therefore these panels are energy efficient
  • Maximum generation of electricity in the minimum space makes them very space efficient
  • The longevity of these cells outlasts all other types
  • Panels available from 20Wp to 250Wp
  • Panel sizes are from 520x290mm to 1640x992mm


Poly Schutten Solar Panels

The Poly panels are manufactured using a comparable simpler process than the Mono Panels. It can be distinguished easily over Mono panels as there is no cut out on each of the corners. During the manufacturing raw silicon after melting is poured into a square mold. After this cools down it is cut into perfect square wafers.

  • Aesthetically pleasing since they have a uniform look unlike that of the Mono Panels
  • As the silicon used is not pure, the efficiency of the panel is around 20%
  • Therefore a larger area needs to be covered to get comparable electricity generated
  • Performance is not affected much to temperature variations
  • Panels have good ultra violet ageing resistance
  • Mechanical loading performance is excellent
  • Frame is manufactured to meet durable performance when exposed to the environment.
  • Panels available from 135Wp to 300Wp
  • Panel sizes are from 1473x670mm to 4500x1956mm


Depending upon the available space and output capacity required, the customer has a varied choice from amongst the Schutten Solar Panels.

These panels have been a number one seller in Australia. You cannot go wrong with installing Schutten Panels

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Bosch solar panels review


Quality guaranteed, The Bosch solar panels review

  Welcome to the Bosch solar panels review. As you read ahead, various features, products, pros and cons of the Bosch solar panels will be highlighted. For that reason, read ahead and hopefully, this review can help you with your decision. As far as the explanation goes, solar panels are a set of solar solution with photovoltaic units that are electrically joined and put on a supporting unit. The unit has different solar cells. The entire idea of a solar panel is to generate electricity with the help of sun rays. Last we heard was Bosch was losing heaps of money and had to shut down. Moreover, with the panels, the electricity which is generated can be directly circulated to the desired area like a building or a residential place. The working of the panels is such that these panels capture the sun’s UV rays directly by their component of the solar cells. These solar cells convert the sun rays into electricity and this electricity is supplied to the required places.

Bosch Solar Panels

Expensive, under perform compared to cheaper options and not all from Germany. Not our pick at all

Introduction – Bosch solar panels

The Bosch solar panels are a product of the popular German company, Bosch. This automobile giant took over a solar company based in Germany, and from there, started their journey into the solar electricity sector. Product range Bosch sells 2 types of solar panels. One being crystalline solar units and the other one being thin film solar units.

  1. Crystalline solar units

These are made up of around sixty solar cells. There is a warranty period of 10 years and also a 25 year guarantee which comes with this solar panel.

  1. Thin film units

These thin film solar units come with a sleek look and micro morph silicon technology. A definite quality control is practiced through out the manufacturing of these solar panels.           Pros The company has a sales facility in several parts of the world. The Bosch solar panels have a product portfolio which is fairly varied. The products range from standard solar panel modules to thin film sleek looking solar panels. Owing to the company standards, there is no sacrifice in terms of the quality of the solar panels. The solar panels adhere to required standard of quality and confirm to all quality accreditation norms. The Bosch solar panels give a good performance even at low or not very good levels of light. Due to the optimization of the cells, the Bosch solar panel performs well in limited light circumstance.

Cons The main criticism as far as Bosch solar panels goes is that the solar panels are relatively more expensive than the rival solar panels made by the Chinese manufacturers. But with the quality promised, it is up to the customer to decide whether the solar panels are too over priced or not.   All in all, Bosch does not offer a very high variety in the solar panels. And the price is a little high compared to rival brands. However, it is all covered in terms of the performance and quality of the solar panel. Accordingly, it is up to the customer to see what appeals more to them.

Thank you for reading the Bosch Solar panels review.

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Solarworld Solar Panels Review


Solarworld Solar Panels Review

Introduction to Solarworld

Solarworld is a recognized leader in the US Solar market for more than 35 years and are the largest player in this field. They offer services across the entire solar production process from sourcing and manufacturing to assembling and hiring. They manufacture and produce every cell and assemble the panels themselves and provide products for commercial and residential use. They have a state-of-the-art facility in Oregon.

Solarworld Solar Panels Review

SolarWorld’s Sunmodule solar panels follow the highest standards of quality in designing and manufacturing for best performance and durability. They offer both grid-tied and off-grid products which are customizable for all requirements.

Solarworld sells both polycrystalline and monocrystalline solar panels in the 220-255 Watts range. By adhering to the strictest of standards in Quality , Environmental and Safety standards available, Solarworld ensures that it delivers products which are of the topmost Quality and peak performance.

Key features of the Panels

  • These panels use High-performance monocrystalline cell structure for maximizing power efficiency.
  • These panels come in a stable aluminum frame which makes mounting easy.
  • Solarworld panels score in a key area over the other available panels. The power output and efficiency of solar modules gets degraded due to continuous exposure to high voltages. But Solarworld panels are free of this degradation through improvisations and are accredited to be PID free.
  • This is the only true black module in the market today. They come in an elegant design that blend with the roof line to give a sleek appearance.
  • The power ratings specified for these solar panels are maintained and regularly monitored. The performance of the solar panels exhibits just a  2 percent measuring tolerance which is more precise than most other manufacturers.
  • These panels come with a 25 year performance warranty.
  • There is a high load capacity which is better than other panels as these are designed to withstand heavy accumulations of snow and ice.

Current Products in Solar Panels

The Solarworld products come in the following ranges:

  1. Sunmodule Plus series
    1. Mono & Black
    2. 250 – 280 W
  2. Sunmodule Protect series
    1. Mono & Black
    2. 265 – 275 W
  3. Sunmodule poly data sheets
    1. 220 –,255 W
    2. Sunmodule Plus poly series


  1. Sunmodule off-grid data sheets
  2. Sunmodule off-grid 150 R6A
  1. Sunmodule Pro-Series XL
    1. Sunmodule Pro-Series 305/310/315W XL mono


Solarworld keeps reinventing on its Solar module ranges to improve in efficiency, power output, and performance.

Advantages of Solarworld Panels over others

  • Offers a better warranty of 25 years than many others.
  • Starting from the raw materials, SolarWorld exerts 100% control over the manufacturing process.
  • There is a stringent ‘in-house’ quality control process to ensure top class quality.
  • Long term player in this field which makes them knowledgeable about the customer’s needs and goes into designing the best solution.
  • Free of degradations which are induced due to exposure to high voltages hence give better stability in the long term.


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Q-Cells Solar Panels Review


Q-Cells Solar Panels Review

Introduction to Q-Cells

Q-Cells AG was established in 1999 and was later taken over by Hanwha to be then renamed as  Hanwha Q CELLS. They started producing silicon solar cells in 2001 and from there made steady progress in the field of research for Solar energy. Hanwha Q CELLS is headquartered in Germany from where it develops and manufactures its products.

Hanwha Q CELLS has established itself as one of the world’s leading solar companies by offering an extensive portfolio of photovoltaics solutions. They have products in Solar cells and panels and also manufacture solar power plants.

Hanwha Q Cells Solar Panels review

Q-cells offer a wide range of products ranging from solar cells and crystalline and thin-film solar panels through to complete photovoltaic systems.

Key features

The Q cells Solar modules are onto their 3rd generation of panels. They offer the following advantages and key benefits:

Advanced Solar cell technology

A new busbar design allows for 2 % more energy output. The innovation in surface structure reflects rays of light to pass through the cell without being utilized. This implies no loss of energy during conversion. Thus you get top performance for maximum power output.

Flexible FRAME TECHNOLOGY for high loads

A new type of frame has been developed which allows more flexibility, has a lower weight and can take much higher loads. These panels use a specially treated aluminum alloy which lends it their extra strength. Combined with a high-quality silicon bonding of the laminates a higher wind load can be resisted.

Anti reflection technology

Q Cells Solar panels use a unique anti-reflection technology which reduces unwanted reflections and gives a better conversion efficiency.

Increased power output and more stability

These solar panels use a unique outer membrane which keeps moisture and water from entering inside. This design enables the panel to have a lesser contact resistance, it minimizes heat build-up and increases power output. Welded diodes as well as the resistance against ammonia and salt water guarantee more stability. A combination of all this lends more stability to these panels.

Lightweight designs

The innovative in designs makes these modules real light:19 kg instead of 19.8 kg for a 60-cell modules, and only 15.5 kg for a 48-cell.

Top Quality tests

Q-cells has maintained very high Quality standards and have successfully adhered to stringent International tests too, one of these is the qualification by an independent German authority VDE. This guarantees the highest quality of solar modules. Repeat tests are compulsory and they follow a much higher testing standard.

Current Products in Solar Panels

Q CELLS solar panels have the following Product Range

  1. Q.PEAK-G3

This is a champion in monocrystalline solar modules with power classes up to 280 Wp


The same size as Q.PEAK panels, the BLK series panels come in an all-black frame and back sheet for aesthetics with rated outputs of 245-260W.

  1. Q.PRO-G2

These are polycrystalline solar panels with rated outputs of 250-265W.

  1. Q.PRO L 

These are polycrystalline solar module with 72 cells.


In our opinion, overpriced and under performing, OVERHYPED PANEL – NOT OUR PICK AT ALL!

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Hanwha Solar Panels Review


Hanwha Solar Panels Review

Introduction to Hanwha SolarOne

This is our Hanwha Solar panels review. Hanwha SolarOne is one of the companies of the Hanwha Group, which is one of the most established conglomerates in South Korea. This serves all the vertical markets namely utility, commercial, government and residential markets through a large network of manufacturers and distributorswhi help them in providing solar energy. They have a strong presence globally.

Hanwha SolarOne provides a wide range of Solar solutions for all kinds of installations to meet the customers’ growing demands for application-specific products.

They have also acquired Q-Cells AG and renamed it to Hanwha Q Cells which also produces solar panels.

Hanwha Solar Panels review

Hanwha SolarOne has come up with an impressive product portfolio which caters to both standard and application-specific PV solutions for normal as well as challenging climatic environments.

Hanwha SolarOne ensures that all modules are assembled with the topmost degree of quality and reliability. The panels meet some of the most stringent worldwide certifications standards.

Key features

Some key features offered by the Solar panels are as below:

·         Higher efficiency using 3-Busbar Configuration

Hanwha SolarOne has both Monocrystalline and Polycrystalline panels. The polycrystalline panels feature 3-busbar cells. By adopting a technology of reducing the amount of space between busbars and the distance that the current must travel, the solar cells have been able to successfully reduce current loss and significantly increase cell power output.

Thus the power output of this 3 busbar module is much higher than other 2 busbar modules.


·         Highly Weather-resistant Solar Module Frame

Hanwha solar panels review, SolarOne’s ensures that it has a sturdy frame which has been constructed of aluminum alloy. This has an oxidation coating to treat it for better corrosion resistance. Thus the frame has maximum endurance to rugged weather conditions like hail impact, snow load, water exposure and wind pressure.

·         Best in class raw materials

Hanwha SolarOne modules use the best raw materials available and there are regular tests conducted to ensure that all materials conform to the rigorous quality standards.

·         Sturdy Glass Surface

The glass surface of these modules have undergone vigorous tests and have been known to support over 300kg (660 lbs) of load per square meter (10.7 ft2).

Current Products in Hanwha Solar Panels review

These panels come in various models , key ones listed below :

Polycrystalline Modules

  1. Standard Series:

1) SF190

2) SF220

3) SF260

  1.  X-tra Series:

1) SF190

2) SF220

3) SF260

Monocrystalline Modules

  1. Standard Series:


  1. 2. X-tra Series


Black Diamond Solar Modules

These come in the same two series as above.

Advantages of Hanwha Panels over others

  • Panel uses an innovative solutions in the form of  Anti-reflecting coating for high sunlight absorption
  • Uses 3 busbar configuration to give a higher efficiency
  • Robust design ensures high tolerance and resistance to extreme weather conditions
  • Proven track record for large (1 MW+) utility-scale solar projects.
  • Hanwha SolarOne solar modules are constructed out of solar cells which have been produced internally after a rigorous testing process.
  • They come with a guaranteed quality and a  25 year warranty on their performance.

Thanks for reading our Hanwha solar panels review.

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ET solar panels reviews


ET solar panels reviews

You are about to read an ET solar panels reviews. Established in 2005, ET Solar is one of the leading solar companies which provides a one stop solution for all Solar requirements. Their business is two arms namely manufacturing of products and providing turnkey solutions.

Introduction to ET Solar panels reviews

Key offerings of ET Solar include a variety of BoS components like residential rooftop kits and power cabinets for customers in various verticals in both residential and commercial sectors across more than 50 countries globally.


There are many happy people who have installed ET Solar panels. However, we do believe that ET Solar Panels are no longer being imported and sold by the original importer ,’Positronics’ – So that must be telling you something. He now prefers Winaico we believe. Winaico is one of the best panels with the best insurances you can get! Give Positronics a call and tell him you want a quote on a Winaico Panel system – Ultimately THE BEST BUILT PANEL out there! – Not too far off SunPower!



et solar panels reviews

These solar panels are heavily flogged on Whirpool.
We only know that they are seldom available on the Australian market and come straight out of China. You can find many BIASED ET Solar Panels Reviews on whirlpool

ET Solar Panels reviews

ET Panels generate very reliable solar power for on-grid and off-grid solar power systems. They offer a wide variety of PV modules which are suited for all verticals be it commercial or for residential purposes.

By virtue of having a vertically integrated business model, this allows ET to have a far greater control over the control the quality of the product throughout the entire manufacturing process.


et solar panels faulty and caught fire

look at the brand of panel!

Key features

  • ET Solar modules are manufactured across two series: monocrystalline and polycrystalline.
  • Mono-crystalline and Poly-crystalline cells come in 5″ and 6″ sizes and the modules are designed with 60 and 72 cells.
  • These panels are all certified by agencies including TUV and UL.
  • The results of an outdoor test which was recently conducted by PHOTON Lab, has placed the performance of ET Solar module in the top position amongst most industry leading suppliers.
  • ET panels come in a low iron tempered safety glass and an anti-reflective layer which enables higher light absorption
  • ET panels lead in performance at low irradiation environment as proven by tests
  • ET modules come with high Cell encapsulation.
  • For customizable solar module ET offers Potential-Induced Degradation (PID) free.
  • EL screening is done to eliminate product defects
  • ET panels use an Anodized aluminum frame to improve resistance to corrosion

Current Products in Solar Panels

ET Panels come in a wide range of panels which can be used in various applications across –

  1. Both Monocrystalline panels and Polycrystalline panels
  2. Panels can be used in both grid-tied and off grid installations
  3. Many models of the panel available with output power ranging from 70 Watts to 280 watts

Advantages of ET Panels modules over others

ET solar delivers uncompromising quality and value to its customers.

  • ET panels are designed for a high conversion efficiency to guarantee power output.
  • Much better performance at low irradiation environment as compared to others
  • Even when the light condition is not so good, the module efficiency is still high.
  • Comes with a 0 to +5W positive tolerance
  • ET panels have been proven to withstand high wind loads and snow loads
  • Panel comes in a black frame with black back sheet for improved aesthetics
  • These panels do not accumulate dust and require low maintenance; also they come in a self cleaning surface.
  • The glass used has an anti-reflective layer with allows much higher light absorption
  • ET solar panels provide a 25 year warranty on performance and they give a ten year warranty on their product.
  • For ease of Support, ET provides a local support for issues and has a two day response service.

These panels are straight outta China, and there are not too many retailers in Australia selling them that we are aware of. Perhaps there is some severe performance issues with them?

Thanks for reading our ET Solar panels reviews.


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Canadian solar panels review


Canadian solar panels review

canadian solar panels logo

Should this say China Solar?


Canadian Solar are a cheap Tier 1 solar panel that has very little to do with Canada, and A LOT to do with China. Very deceptive company name!

Canadian Solar System – Special Pricing

We can get Canadian Solar panels very cheap so we thought we would offer a special to customers who are considering a 6kw System using Canadian Solar panels.

6kw System using 22 x 275 watt Canadian Solar panels and Fronius inverter


or 6.6kw for $6000

6kw System using 24 x 275 watt Canadian Solar panels and Sungrow or Zeversolar inverter


or 6.6kw for $5400

*Fully installed on a tin roof, Single storey



Introduction to Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar Panels Inc is an established name and a leading solar manufacturer for the last 12 years. With manufacturing plants in both Canada and China, Canadian Solar has a production capacity of around 2.4GW. Canadian Solar boasts of a large Customer base which is spread across 70 countries delivering over 6 GW of solar modules.

Canadian Solar Panels review

As you can see, the CEO of Canadian Solar Panels is a full-blown Chinaman. The company is not as Canadian as you would be led to believe.

Canadian Solar Panels

Canadian Solar Panels are commonly sold as a ‘Premium Tier 1 solar panel’ , but we can assure you they are not. They are deceptive in their name, just like Australian Solar Panels, German Solar, and Euro Solar – You will learn that a lot of the solar industry is sadly mostly ‘smoke and mirrors’.

Solar panel companies around the Brisbane area are guilty of offering Canadian Solar Panels because they are one of the cheapest ‘Tier 1 solar panels available on the market’ and also the name sounds great, ‘Canadian Solar’ – Canada is a pretty likable country isn’t it?!


Canadian Solar Panels reviews and hot spots

The ‘hot spot’ burnt right through the back of the ‘PREMIUM Tier 1’ solar panel!

Canadian Solar Panels Review  – Poor Quality

Canadian Solar panels reviews do not tell the whole story when it comes to the absolute weak manufacturing effort put into making Canadian Solar panels. in 2016, we have been involved in replacing many Canadian Solar panels for angry and furious customers in the Brisbane region who have been lucky and fortunate enough to have gotten away with just purchasing shitty and defective solar panels, and not a full-blown house fire!

If a salesman or solar company are offering you Canadian Solar Panels in the Brisbane region in 2016, RUN! or tell them “thanks, but no thanks!” The reason being you have seen proof and evidence to how bad Canadian Solar panels are made.



Not only are Canadian Solar becoming infamous in 2016 for all their burnt out solar panels that are being replaced, but a few years ago their major problem was ‘Snail Trails’ on solar panels, so much so that they had to issue a very Chinglish looking document on the matter to say that Canadian solar panels’ snail trails commonly found on their panels are nothing more than a ‘cosmetic defect’ – Yeah right Canadian Solar – we know better than that!

Click below to have a read of the document they sent to their international wholesalers to try to justify all their ‘snail trail’ defects.

Canadian Solar Panels Snail Trails

Click here to read the Chinese trash these guys put out in regards to the Snail Trails that appear so commonly on Canadian Solar panels.



Key features

Canadian solar panels have an unparalleled tolerance ratio and offer excellent features, salient ones are –

–       They are the first manufacturer in their industry to apply the state of art automotive quality management system (ISO: TS16949) in the production of their panels.

–       Partnered with a Netherlands research center to start using a new type of cells on their Solar’s panels which is one of its kinds.  This is expected to increase the efficiency ratings on their panels.

–       These solar panels have passed a mechanical load test of 5400Pa (113 pounds per square foot), which is much higher than the normal load and have demonstrated their ability to tolerate heavy snow loads and more wind pressure than other panels.

–       Gives a high 15.9% efficiency in the amount of electricity that its panel converts from sunlight per surface area which is a very remarkable level as compared to many others

–       Uses monocrystalline panels which can produce a maximum power of 305 watts.

–       The cover materials are made of tempered glass and the frame of anodized aluminum which gives it a great advantage in being able to withstand extreme temperature conditions. They can take on as low as 40 degrees below zero, which is as close to the best standard. And they can also stand up to extreme heat to endure temperatures up to 185 degrees F.

–       Uses anti glare module surface

Canadian solar panels brisbane

Look at all those nasty hot spots everywhere! With form like this, and well known and documented in the Australian solar industry, Canadian Solar panels are now being avoided by most reputable solar panel installers and companies.



Canadian Solar panels are simply a company profiting off it’s well thought of, ‘company name’ as they are made in China, and are just your average run of the mill Chinese solar panel. Might want to stay away from this lot. We hope you have been educated in the poor performance and build quality of the panels in this Canadian Solar panels review.

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Sharp Solar Panels Review


Sharp Solar Panels Review

Introduction to Sharp Solar

Sharp Solar has over 5 decades of history of being a player in the Solar development field. Since 1959, Sharp has focused on expending efforts towards R&D in the solar area and has achieved path breaking solar solutions. Sharp has a strong Eco-Positive mission which believes that as consumers of power it is also their duty to create power.

In 2010, Sharp signed an agreement to help establish the world’s largest solar power plants.

Sharp Solar Panels

Sharp boasts of a vast range of Solar solutions. In recent times, Sharp has the unique distinction of having developed the most efficient Solar panels with a staggering efficiency percent of 44%.This is a remarkable technology breakthrough as the best commercial models have only been able to achieve the 20% mark so far.

In order to achieve this level of efficiency, Sharp used a concentrator triple-junction compound solar cell. In this the light is first passed through a series of lenses which focus the photons on a central location. The ensuing concentrated light beam is then converted into electricity by three photo-absorption layers.

Key features


  • Sharp Panels can be used everywhere and are suitable for all kinds of environments
  • Sharp Panels use high quality silicon films and solar cells which deliver high efficiency electricity generation and are also cost effective.
  • They have any advantage of having an integrated manufacturing process from the cells to the panel.
  • Sharp Panels give a high conversion rate of 37%,these are very highly efficient solar cells that are also being used in outer-space
  • A shortened manufacturing process is used to produce dye-sensitized solar cells
  • Refined technology which enables re-use of photovoltaic modules

Current Products in Solar Panels

The key products available with their Wattage are given below :

  1. Sharp 142 : 142 Watts
  2. Sharp NE-170UC1 : 175 Watts
  3. Sharp 175 : 175 Watts
  4. Sharp 180 : 180 Watts
  5. Sharp 80 : 80 Watts
  6. Sharp ND-224UC1 : 224 Watts
  7. Sharp ND-230UCJ : 230 Watts
  8. Sharp NU-U230F3 : 230 Watts
  9. Sharp ND-U235F1 : 235 Watts
  10. Sharp NU-Q235F4 : 235 Watts
  11. Sharp ND-235QCJ : 235 Watts
  12. Sharp NU-U240F1 : 240 Watts
  13. Sharp NU-Q240F2 : 240 Watts
  14. Sharp ND-240QCJ : 240 Watts
  15. Sharp ND-240QCS : 250 Watts

Advantages of Sharp Panels over others

  • Sharp’s solar panels have been designed with very high tolerance to be able to tolerate very rigorous operating conditions and continue to offer high power output
  • Highly increased light absorption through innovation in surface texturing of panels which yields a high efficiency ratings.
  • An array of Sharp solar cells offers higher power output than others.
  • Sharp’s solar panels use high end technology to ensure they do not generate any harmful emissions back into the environment and yet maximize power efficiency.
  • Sharp modules are of top quality as they are  manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities
  • Sharp panels have a high warranty on power output of 25 years
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Kyocera solar panels review


Kyocera solar panels review

Introduction to Kyocera Solar

Kyocera Solar is a part of the KYOCERA GROUP which comprises of more than two hundred companies in different areas and is one of the biggest producers of Solar products .Kyocera Solar has been designing innovative Solar panel Solutions for over 35 years and has served thousands of customers across the globe.

Since its inception in 1975, Kyocera has developed some of the most reliable solar photovoltaic panels and has established itself as a front runner in this extremely competitive field.

Kyocera Solar Panels review

Kyocera Solar modules have a proven track record of being an extremely reliable, low maintenance-free power supply which converts sunlight into electric power at a highly efficient rate. Kyocera uses an advanced cell-processing technology to produce a highly efficient multi crystal solar panel. Kyocera has been the pioneer in the silicon casting techniques which was developed within its ceramic divisions.

Kyocera has refined its technology to achieve high efficiencies of 16% during every day use. One of the breakthrough technology that helped achieve this impressive efficiency level is Reactive Ion Retching or RIE which is their patented process that increases the surface area of cell allowing a higher conversion efficiency.

kyocera solar panels review

looks like Kyocera Solar Panels have shut up shop in Australia and you can no longer buy Kyocera solar panels in Australia. For this reason, they are given a one star rating. Companies need to have a better business strategy and still survive the threat of cheaper chinese panels that are still GREAT!

Key features

Kyocera panels offer unparalleled performance and high reliability

–       Uses polycrystalline modules which gives higher efficiency

–       High conversion efficiency of 16%

–       Uses patented RIE technology

–       First panel to use 3 busbar technology

–       Warranties on Kyocera panels guarantee no more than a 20% loss of production over 20 years

–       TUV offers a test for checking durability, and Kyocera panels have been the first ones to pass this .

–        20 year warranty on nominal power output

Current Products in Solar Panels


Kyocera KD Modules – These are high efficiency solar panels which use dark blue polycrystalline silicon cells. Polycrystalline, along with mono crystalline cells are the two most efficient solar technologies that are commercially available

The KD Blue solar model come in a full range of applications for all types of installations be it residential or commercial

Advantages of Kyocera Panels review over others

Kyocera Solar has been a top most name in solar efficiency, power yield and reliability for the last 36 years and that lends a lot of credibility to the brand name.


  • These panels have a Proven performance track record which has been  demonstrated through a variety of sites around the world delivering better than expected power yields
  • This is also one of the few companies which has a record of long term data on large installations done across the world
  • Excellent customer service right from the pre-sales period , till the post installation. All trouble shooting is done diligently and Kyocera offers advice and help for all aspects of an array’s life
  • Neat appearance as it comes in a  good-looking black panel
  • It’s a black frame polycrystalline module that offers a robust solar efficiency
  • Offer higher yields than many panels over the course of their life
  • Higher and better warranty
  • Easy maintenance


thanks for reading our Kyocera solar panels review.

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Suntech Solar Panels REVIEW


Australia’s Suntech Solar Panels Review

Welcome to Queeensland Solar and Lighting Suntech Solar Panels Review. We have reviewed many other popular solar panels over the past 18 months here at QLD Solar & Lighting, we thought that now would be a good time to give Suntech Panels a write-up and share our past experiences with them.

Suntech Solar Panels Review


Suntech Solar Panels claim to be the largest Solar panel manufacturer in the world. They are made in China just like 99.9% of the other solar panels on the world market.

Suntech Solar Panels are reported to be Bankrupt and have an outstanding debt of over $1 Billion US Dollars. This once promising solar company began to crumble when many other Chinese solar panel manufacturers turned the heat up on the global solar industry by manufacturing and selling their own solar panels at a loss, or very thin profit margins. When this happened, Suntech Solar were not setup for such skinny profit margins and had to compete with the inferior solar brands that have sprung-up overnight in China just to get sales.

Suntech Solar could only do this for so long, I guess they had hoped that the market would soon recover, the other Chinese Solar companies would soon put their prices up to a reasonable mark, and they would again be sailing in the Green, and become a healthy and profitable solar panel company before long. Unfortunately for Suntech, this never ever happened. They were manufacturing their great product, and so much of it (remember they were the world’s number 1 solar panel Manufacturer)

As you can see this Suntech Solar Panels review cannot speak to highly of the once might Suntech Solar panel as it appears they have really gone to shit. The company is in Severe debt and we here at Queensland Solar and Lighting feel very sorry for the investors who invested in purchasing shares in Suntech.

Unfortunately when it comes to Solar, the only good solar investment is whacking a Solar System on your roof. Give us a call and we will help you start your solar investment today.

Thanks for reading our Suntech Solar Panels Review.

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Yingli Solar Panels review


Welcome to our Yingli Solar Panels review. Firstly, we would like to start by saying that Yingli make a very good solar panel for the Australian Environment. However, we bellieve that there are much better options out there on the market for the same or better price.

Yingli Solar Panels review

The Yingli Panda solar panel – A good panel, but far more better out there on the market in that price range.

Australia Yingli Solar Panels Review

Yingli claim to be the largest manufacturer of solar panels in the world! Yingli have been proven to be popular in the USA, Germany and a lot of countries in Europe but have never really taken off in the Australian market.

We are not sure why the Yingli Solar brand is lacking so hard in Australia. Queensland Solar and Lighting has certainly had containers of their panels pass through our warehouse and checked their quality – All turned out pretty good, mind you.

The performances were great, nothing fantastic of course. You would want their performance to be great although, as other countries that have written a Yingli Solar Panels review has announced that they are a world-class panel. There is no denying that there.

Would I put a Yingli solar panel on my roof?

Of course I would.

Would I buy a system with Yingli solar panels in them?

Probably not. The reason for this is that there are SO MANY other premium panels out there on the market that we have seen to have superior performance and come in at a cheaper price point.

After all, a solar system purchase is all about a Return On Investment, isn’t it?

you can learn more about Yingli here.

Yingli Solar Panels review

While Yingli Panda solar panel is rated an impressive 6th by Photon Magazine German. Wouldn’t you much rather a higher rated panel with the same spending money?

With Alternatives on the market at a similar price, for example, Seraphim Solar panels, Winaico Solar Panels, it sure is hard to see Yingli panels as a clear front runner. These products reviews and power analysis after install all come in far better and consistent than I have ever had the pleasure of seeing in a Yingli Solar Panels review.

If you would like a quote on Yingli solar panels installed on your Australian roof, whether it be in Brisbane, Gold Coast or Alice Springs solar, please do not hesitate in giving us a call on 07 5636 3692 or email us at [email protected]

Once again, we thank you in reading our Yingli Solar Panels review.

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Sunpower Solar Panels Review


Sunpower Solar Panels are the #1 Panel

Did you know that Sunpower Solar Panels are the absolute number 1 panel that money can buy! When it comes to comparing Solar Panels absolutely no other panel or company can compete with Sunpower Panels!


Sunpower Solar panels

Remember this name, it is the leading solar panel maker in the world!

Sunpower Solar company  is the Mack Daddy of the solar world. Sunpower has it’s headquarters firmly based in California, USA and established in 1985.


Why are SunPower Solar Panels so good?

Sunpower Solar Panels are often featured in the Photon Magazine (commonly referred to as the ‘SOLAR BIBLE’)

If you have not seen Sunpower in Photon Magazine, you have never had a Photon Magazine in your hands before. It’s as simple as that!

Ever since people and organisations like Photon have been comparing solar panels for yield, reliability and performance, and have had a SunPower Solar Panel included, SunPower has smoked the competitions in the results… in other words, left the others for DEAD!


Who uses SunPower Solar Panels Brisbane?

That’s easy to answer! Anyone who wants the absolute best solar panel money can buy! There is still plenty of people who want SunPower Gold Coast and SunPower Brisbane.

Did you know that the largest solar powered powerplant in USA is called the ‘Nellis Solar Power Plant’. Nellis power plant is in Nevada and uses SunPower Solar Panels exclusively!

Sunpower Solar Panels

Look at Obama just marching around the power plant eyeing it off! Even Obama is threatened and intimidated by the Sunpower Solar Panels power!


Thats 15 MEGAWATT of Sun Power! If you don’t understand that, it’s 72,416 x 200 Watt Sunpower Solar panels! This beast is powered by 54 x 250 kw Xantrex inverters (Schneider)

It’s THAT GOOD, the Barack Obama dude that runs America even stopped by to check it out!
We have sold a few systems using these Panels, but keep in mind, they definitely do come at a price!

Sunpower E20 Solar Panels Brisbane

SunPower not only makes the most efficient solar panel on the market but also makes the largest power output panel. This Means that they are the choice to go when you are short on roof space but still want to get a solar system that pumps out the juice!


Sunpower Solar panels

We are proud to sell and install the E20 series solar panel

Our best selling Sunpower’s are the Sunpower E20 models! These bastards come in 2 flavours, 327 Watts and 333 Watts!
Somehow they still only weigh 18.6kg per panel – That is Crazy!

Please Click here for the SunPower E20 Datasheet

Imagine these Monsters coupled with an SMA or JFY inverter! – TOO BLOODY GOOD!

If you want the best Solar Panels available to our customers in Brisbane and Gold Coast, Queensland please call or email us to let us know. We will organise a free quote for you. 07 56 36 36 92

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Trina Solar Panels


Are you researching Trina Solar Panels? You have probably heard how much of a great panel they are. They are certainly a very popular solar panel.

Trina Solar Panels

QLD Solar & Lighting sell any panel you want. We have all the Gear in stock

Trina Solar Panels are used on ‘premium solar panels’ and are made in China. The local solar market has heard of some recent quality issues when it comes to using the Trina’s. Customers have been reported as having issues when making a warranty claim recently.

Trina solar has only been in existence since December 1997 so they are a relatively new company in the solar game.


Trina Solar has a massive 10 year workmanship warranty on the build and manufacture of their solar panel products, and also meet the Australian Standard of 25 year performance guarantee as you would expect.

Trina Solar Panels

Look how good the warranty is for Trina Solar Panels

Trina Solar is listed as a Tier 1 panel. For this reason we are happy to sell Trina panels. We realise that a lot of customers love Trina, and there are many happy solar customers who have Trina Honey solar panels installed on their roof. We also stock a heap of Trina Panels.

Trina Honey Solar Panel is one of the top performing solar panels that you can buy in Australia. We will give you a quote on Trina’s and fully recommend them to you.



Trina panels are so efficient and reliable that they are often being mistaken as a German Made solar panel, or being made in Europe somewhere.  They are Australia’s number 1 sold solar panel and for very good reason. There has not been too many people who regret their decision in buying Trina Solar Panels Brisbane.

Trina Honey Solar Panels

As if Trina Solar weren’t already good enough, they had to go out and make Trina Honey Solar Panels. These babies are what makes Trina where it is today. With Trina Honey Solar panels having 250w-260w panels on offer, this means that any system installed with Trina Honey included is going to put out some serious power.


If you are looking for a quality solar system to be installed on your Brisbane or Gold Coast house, please call us on 07 56 36 36 92 to get your free quote. Ultimately no-one can go past Trina Solar Panels installed with an SMA Inverter.

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REC Solar Panels Review


REC Solar panels

Too many people have rung me up lately and are requesting a price and quote on a solar system using these panels. For this reason I have decided to write a REC solar panels Review.


Rec solar panels are recognised to be one of the best solar panels in the world… since Forever. They were all the rage 8 years ago, and still on top of the market today with their new REC Twin Peak Solar panles. There is not many better panel options out there in terms of price and performance. We want all our customers to be the happiest solar customers in the world, and we believe we can achieve this by offering REC solar panels at the cheapest prices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.


The fact that they were one of the better panels on the market back in 2008 means that they were around in the earlier stages of the solar market. They were a Pioneer solar panel and many REC Solar panels review seen them rated highly, and rightfully so.

Why would you not consider a solar panel like REC who have had the runs on the board for such a long time?


Click here to read about the new plant where the Twin Peak panels are made in Singapore!



REC solar panels review

REC Solar has forever been received exceptionally well in all REC SOLAR PANELS REVIEW that have been published in Photon /magazine

The fact that the REC Solar wafer division filed for bankruptcy in 2012 , but had been resurrected in 2013 as the company was formed into Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC Silicon) with no debt and began offering premium solar panels, built to a high quality and now boast a positive cash flow!

2017 REC Solar panels review update

With The introduction of REC Twin Peak panels in Australia we have seen great success in REC solar panels sales in recent years and even more happier customers.


You can see our REC Solar panels Special pricing here


Thanks for reading our REC Solar panels review and we hope if you are considering purchasing a solar system

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Winaico Solar Panels


Winaico Solar Panels Review


Are you after a non-Chinese made solar panel? You must not go past WINAICO SOLAR PANELS. These Solar panels are fantastic, and have been around for quite a few years now. We have been selling Winaico panels since 2011, but they now have gathered some momentum in the Australian solar industry as a lot of Tier 1 Chinese Solar panel manufacturers have dropped the ball!

Winaico Solar panels are NOT MADE IN CHINA! – They are made in Taiwan by WIN WIN PRECISION TECHNOLOGY.

winaico solar panels

These Winaico Solar Panels are NOT made in CHINA province

Winaico solar panels rated in Australia Winaico Solar Panels are rated in Australia!

Did you know Winaico Solar Panels have one of the best Warranty system I have ever heard of a solar panel company having? Last I checked, These guys will replace your solar panels even if they are stolen from your roof by thieves within the first 2 years.

Winaico Solar Panels smoke a lot of other panels out there, including Trina solar panels, Csun Solar panels, and all those other Panels that solar sales reps have been plugging at your Dining room table.

Winaico Solar Panels are not for everyone though. They are very expensive as they are the only solar panel we offer that consists  of parts made in Germany. This sees the price tag on them sky-rocket, and out of reach for everyday Aussie families, but are still regularly snapped up by the Mercedes-Benz driving Yuppies, who only settle for the best of the very best!

If anyone asks me @what is the “Do you have any non Chinese Solar panels. I hate China and the products made there!” I simply tell them, “Winaico Solar Panels would probably be a good choice for you”  – But you can be rest assured that there is nothing at all wrong with Jinko Solar panels and their service here in Australia coupled together with a German Made SMA SUNNYBOY INVERTER or Fronius Primo. – These are tremendous solar systems.

winaico solar panels

You can always rely on the Winaico Solar panel company.


While the performance of the Winaico solar panels wont be any better than a good Tier 1 Chinese panel, at least it won’t be made in struggling China, and that’s why we pay more for the Winaico panels. Not made in China, but Taiwan (not far from China. haha)

Winaico Solar Panels have their cells made in Germany, then lastly assembled in Taiwan. Not a Chinese product. A great quality product.

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Hyundai Solar Panels Review


We are not sure where the LG and Hyundai solar panels get all their good reviews from. Often you hear of large companies who are already established in other areas and industries jump on the solar bandwagon.

Companies such as Bosch, Hyundai, LG, Sanyo….The list of these established companies is large and goes on for quite some time.

There are two ways of looking at this, you could look at a company, for example Bosch, and say, wow what a wonderful German company that has been around further such a long time.everybody has heard of Bosch and what they have done in their own market and industries, and they are from Germany, they must be great!

Hyundai solar panels

Hyundai, not only make cars, but Hyundai Solar panels too!

Look, Hyundai are now making Hyundai solar panels. This is incredible, as everyone knows that their cars that they make are now pretty good. I have a Hyundai car as a second car, just like everyone else and it has proved to be reliable in the time that I have owned it. Now that I trust Hyundai as a brand, I would be more inclined to trust them as a Hyundai solar panel manufacturer!

Or then there is the other way you can look at it. “I think Hyundai is a great car manufacturer. Hell, I even used to have a old Excel, and it was a great little car. Actually one of the best little cars I have ever owned. But as they have never been proved or tried in anything apart from the automotive industry, I would be very cautious at buying something so distant from a car, being a solar panel, I don’t think I will directly engage my business with high Hyundai just yet.”


The people with the thought above, are people that think just like me. I can see past the good brand and marketing strategy that I believe that these companies are trying to use as leverage to sell solar panels and other products that differentiate greatly from their areas of expertise. I simply see it as a clever company wishing to make some extra pocket money, get into a whole new market and industry just because they can, because they are already trusted as a trustworthy company, not being in the solar industry, but just by the public in general.

Whether or not these companies that I have listed above make good solar panels or not, that is yet to be seen. However, I do believe the proof of this will be brought forward in a few years time when we see just how reliable some manufacturers solar panels and inverters are.

Hyundai Solar Panels installed in Australia

Around 12 months ago, we did our first install using Hyundai solar panels for a customer in Helensvale. I suggested that he could get a proven solar panel for a cheaper price, and that I thought that he was crazy to spend so much money on a proven panel that we have not tried or tested ourselves. However, the man did not want anything to do with the solar panels I was suggesting that he install on his Gold Coast roof. He was not worried about the financial side of things, and ordered the Hyundai solar panels to be installed regardless of the cost to the customer.

Within a month we had the solar panels installed on his house. The Hyundai solar panels, as predicted were not performing like one of the premium solar panels we had on offer full stop we showed the customer data of a Seraphim solar system installed on a garage roof just a few streets away and the performance that the Seraphim solar system was exporting. The customer did not care, he was just happy he had bought a Hyundai solar system to match his Hyundai Accent in his garage.

We can order in Hyundai Solar Panels, just as we did this guy if you must have them.

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Trina Panels in Australia have WARRANTY ISSUES!!… And are TERRIBLE




JUST IN!!!!!






14/10/2013RE: Temporary suspension of Trina Solar Module Shipping

Dear Customers

RFI have a well established reputation for quality control.  We have proudly maintained accreditation to the international quality standard ISO9001 since 1993.  Our quality focus relates to every element of our business and every product we sell, whether manufactured directly or distributed on behalf of our supply partners.

RFIs’ quality procedures enable us to identify areas of concern, and to ensure the identification and rectification of potential product faults well before they enter the supply chain. Recently our quality processes identified such issues across some of the Trina solar panels we supply.

We are currently working with Trina Solar on these issues and a detailed investigation has identified a potential root cause.  The affected models include DC01A Mono, PC05A Honey and small area modules. We appreciate the strong support Trina are providing but our systems give us no option but to suspend the affected product range from further shipments until we receive new replacement stock.

The restocking process will take 4-6 weeks before we can return to normal order processing for Trina large area products. Meanwhile our sales team will work with you to assist in offering alternative solutions to ensure continuity of supply for your orders and will keep in regular contact as to the progress on these issues.

If you have concerns in relation to any stock of modules all normal product warranty processes through RFI Solar Central (1300 000 RFI) apply, alternatively Trina can be contacted on 13 000 TRINA.

We apologise for any disruption this may cause to your business and can assure you that both teams at Trina and RFI are working hard to rectify this issue as soon as is possible.
Managing Director – RFI Solar

RFI Solar Central 1300 000 RFI(734)

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What is the best Solar Panel you can buy?




These SERAPHIM SOLAR PANELS are the best because they were the make of Panel that came first out of over 150 panels tested over in Germany, by German PHOTON MAGAZINE.



Seraphim solar panel

Seraphim solar panels are the best solar panels in the world!

Seraphim Solar Panel Review.


see the results here


What is the best solar panel?


Seraphim Solar System Panels!

Not only do they perform the best, but they also have the worlds best warranties!


30 year Panel Efficiency Warranty

12 year Product Warranty.



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Trina Honey Panels Review


“Do you sell Trina Honeycomb solar panels? They’re the best!… TRINA HONEYCOMB! I need ONLY TRINA HONEYCOMB on my roof!”

Trina Honey Solar panels are the most OVERRATED PANEL in the world!!! – why on earth would anyone want to invest on a CHINESE overpriced  and unproven panel is mind boggling!! – Photon has only recently tested these dogs, with good results, but NOT EXCELLENT by any means, but they seem to be the flavour of the month in the solar game, and I would confidently say just because of the name ‘TRINA HONEY’ – Honey is a great word!!


Trina Consitently get pumped in real world conditions by cheaper and what appears to be better quality made products (WINAICO, SERAPHIM ECLIPSE, SUNPOWER, LG)

The marketing guys at Trina really deserve themselve a pat on the back with this one, as they have customers with no clue calling up solar companies and demanding ‘ TRINA HONEYCOMBS!!!’ – Too bad they dont perform all that special…

And how about the Financial strife TRINA is looking to be in?? DEADSET!


Trina Honey wouldn’t be on my list!

Maybe Trina should start making Confectionary?



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Monocystalline Vs Polycrystalline Solar Panels


So you’ve had a few solar salesman come around and tell you that the panels they sell are better than all the other competitors offerings’??

“Our panels are the best because they are (MONOCRYSTALLINE  / POLYCRYSTALLINE)!!” – A few have said this… now you are really confused??


Let me put it straight and simple, It’s 2013, Monocrytalline Panels are now considered old technology and redundant. Monocrystalline Panels were once considered the very best (and they were) but the Mono’s cost more to  make, and the Poly’s technology and testing has now caught up and achieve a result that has surpassed the Mono’s for a cheaper price. Because of this, most manufacturers are no longer considering Monocrystalline a viable option, either should you.

To put it bluntly, if any company is out there offering Monocrystallines to you, please take into careful consideration and  disregard this as they are more than likely using old test results (as all the current Photon Magazine test results clearly show that Polycrystalline panels out perform their more expensive, operation wound-down, redundant Monocrystalline counterparts.)

Also, Pollycrystalline panels are PROVEN TO PERFORM BETTER IN HOTTER CLIMATES, If you live in QLD, or DARWIN, NT, isn’t it a no brainer? Thinking Caps on people…


More is said on the matter here

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