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Abb Aurora inverter review - house fire


We are happy to write an Aurora ABB Inverter review to add to the list of inverter reviews we have now published.

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Growatt Inverter Review


Growatt Inverter Review

We welcome you in reading our very own Growatt solar Inverter review. We can write about these Growatt products extensively as we have been familiar with the Chinese Powerhouse brand since 2011!


Daniel, CEO, pictured outside Growatt’s factory in Shenzhen, China

 Have you heard bad things about Growatt inverters?

Many solar power companies have been using Growatt solar inverters since they first arrived in to Australia, way back in 2011!

Most early adopters, like many early solar adopters regretted their decision to offer budget Chinese Solar inverters between 2011 to around 2015, and Growatt was no exception! 

Early Growatt models have proven to be on the ‘Chinese Shit list’ – but to be fair I dont think there was a Chinese inverter made back then that would be considered to be a good unit today – They were all horrendous, and it’s a credit to Growatt just for the fact that in 2019 they are still here, giving warranty support for even the 2011 build inverters, and furthermore, designing and releasing new inverter models in 2019!

Growatt Inverter Review

This is the Growat Shine Vision

Growatt Website

Growatt Inverter Review

The Growatt 5000MTL was heavily installed by Queensland Solar and Lighitng until mass failures.

It now appears that Zeversolar inverters have cut their ties with German Company, SMA, so we will be cranking out the Growatt in their replacement! 

Growatt inverters – The Good

We are well into 2019 and Growatt are still making solar inverters and are still around to replace them. The best thing about the Growatt inverter is that we can install 6.6kw of solar panels on to them!

We are excited to include Growatt inverters in our Brisbane solar system packagessee our solar system prices here

Growatt are proving to stick around in this cut-throat industry, which is fantastic. A feat in itself.  

We believe other solar companies are using the Growatt inverters still. I’m not sure how they go for replacing them under warranty. They seem to have a few reviews.

faulty growatt inverter review

This was typical of the older style Growatt inverters before 2017. 2017 is when they modified their failed earlier design and sought out to fix the errors. This was installed on a local Toyota car yard.

Growatt in 2019

Growatt have been an excellent choice of inverter in the last few years. Not only have they sorted out their failure rates, they have also been putting their 250+ R&D staff to work!

Growatt’s dedication to FREE WIFI and Communication for the end user and their solar system is off the chart!

We were extremely impressed by their factory and assembly they have got going in China, just over the Hong Kong border, in Shenzhen.

The new 2019 Growatt 6000TL-X – Hook up 8kw of panels to this mean machine!

They have just launched their new range of inverters, the X Series. The X Series has a newer, modern look and includes a 6kw single phase inverter! This is exciting as we can now offer 8kw Solar systems, with a Smart Meter for single-phase households from just $6500!

This is their 10kw Single-phase rig they make for the USA market. I’ve asked them to re-design one for Australia. Growatt are looking into it!
Growatt factory was surprisingly as clean as a whistle! Honest to god, (even though I’m a full-blown Atheist!) not too far behind what I witnessed at the Fronius factory in Austria, in 2016.

Growatt Summary

Growatt have proved to QLD Solar & Lighting that they are Fair Dinkum’ in reagrds to their approach to the Australian Solar industry. They are showing great intent, especially with their innovative aproach, and technology as diverse as Batteries and EV Chargers for a range of cars all over the world!

If you have been offered a Growatt Solar inverter, in a solar system proposal, we fully recommend that you have no hesitations in questioning the solar retailers intent on providing you a good, reliable solar system for your home!

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Solis Inverter review

solis solar inverter spec sheet review

You will be very fortunate that you have stumbled across this Solis Solar Inverter review, as we have researched the Solis inverter and been in contact with Solis Australia who have provided a wealth of information!

Please understand that the Solis inverter is a fucking cheap inverter!

One of the most Chinese inverters you can get!

It is also the cheapest solar inverter you can buy in Australia. When is the cheapest ever the best?

PRO’s for Solis is they have been around in Australia for a long time now, but we are unsure on how well they handle warranty claims.  We are just letting you know that they are the cheapest solar inverter you can buy from an Australian wholesaler – They’d be cheap for a reason.


If you have been told that it is a ‘PREMIUM INVERTER’ you have been lied too! Premium inverters are SMA, FRONIUS, SolarEDGE and ENPHASE.

If you are researching the Solis Solar Power inverter then you have probably had the Solis inverter included in a solar package you have been quoted for – Are we right in guessing that the Solar quote you have received fits in the ‘Too good to be true?’ price range?

The Solis inverter is the cheapest solar inverter we can find on the market. When is the cheapest ever the best? The Solis inverter is cheap for a reason?

Solis Solar inverter – CHINESE Quality?

You see, the Solis inverter is actually a rebadged ‘Ginlong’ inverter – If Ginlong sounds Chinese,it certainly is. Check out the Solis inverter website here – Provides a wealth of information.

You are best to purchase a good quality European inverter, such as the Fronius Primo inverter or SMA Sunnyboy. This inverter is Made in Germany. We also have fantastic prices on systems using the SMA German inverter also! However many may want to take a punt on a cheaper Chinese inverter, such as the Solis, and be careful we warn,

You would be best to ask us for the German SMA companies’ Zeversolar range that is made in China and at a similar pricepoint, but with a far greater reputable reputation and mother company SMA pulling the strings and looking after the warranty for Zeversolar – No brainer for those that want to save some money on an inverter.  German company, but the inverter made in China. A much better option than the Solis Inverter.

Being the cheapest inverter available in the Australian Solar market, theSolis solar inverter  most probably is built of the poorest quality, and judging Solis by their Chinese websites and offices you would imagine so.

solis inverter review

A wealth of information is provided on the Solis Ginlong website.

Who is Ginlong then?

So we have now established that a ‘Solis’ inverter is really a ‘GINLONG’ inverter – then who and what is Ginlong?

We have been fortunate enough to have Peter from Ginlong Australia contact us, and share his information and knowledge about the Solis inverters in Australia, you can read below what he has sent us. Seems impressive!;

Hi Queensland Solar & Lighting,

Yes our Solis inverters are manufactured in China and yes we must compete with other Chinese and Asian manufacturers and this is often based on price. However we are rarely the cheapest and also compete with the very best of the world’s manufacturers based on quality and technology. In each of our global markets we usually supply only through the top 3 or 4 companies in that market. We from time to time have lost customers due to price, but never based on our quality, reliability, service or technology. Our inverters are being used on the Eiffel Tower in Paris for example….they could have chosen an inverter from Europe but our equipment is also very well regarded there.
You will find that much of the high end electronics in most Australian homes will have the manufacturer often located in China. Chinese manufacturers can and do manufacture leading technology and high end quality when that is the specification. It is also true that when directed to produce something to a low price point this will also be achieved. Of course anything that is purely aimed at meeting the lowest price point will most likely have its quality compromised.
Our manufacturing company is Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd a specialist engineering and small scale wind turbine (<30kW) manufacturing company. Our solar PV inverters begin their design life as being for use with wind turbine equipment. The programming and design is then altered for the simpler requirements of solar PV.
The Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co. Ltd facility was purpose designed and built for the manufacture of small scale wind turbine equipment and solar PV inverters. Manufacturing takes place in atmospherically controlled rooms and utilises sophisticated automation where appropriate. Every inverter under goes lengthy operational testing prior to final packaging. Random inverters are also removed from the production line for more intense testing. The Solis branding originated here in Australia for our solar PV inverters and is now used globally.
We have a long history in the Australian market as we were one of the first three imported solar PV inverters to enter the Australian market. Solis continue to supply through one of the top 3 energy retailers and also through a small number of specialist solar wholesalers including PGK Distribution, OZ Roll, and Si Clean Energy. It has never been our desire to sell through every available outlet. It is more important to us that our sales channels are invested in the Solis products and service, not just moving boxes.
The CEO of Ginlong Technologies has directed our engineers to maintain product reliability and longevity in all aspects of design through manufacture. Many of our clients from around the globe put a premium on the consistent delivery of a reliable product, particularly where PPA and finance based sales products are involved. The Ginlong Technologies manufacturing facility is routinely (on a monthly basis) quality audited by third party quality auditors to satisfy these clients. It is this ongoing pressure applied to our manufacturing facility that brings about continuous improvement in design and manufacturing processes.
Solis Australasia Pty Ltd is the direct Australian subsidiary company to Ningbo Ginlong Technologies Co Ltd. We are well established in Australia to provide after sales back up and warranty support to our clients. We directly support the end user should they experience any problem with a Solis inverter. Our reputation for the supply of very good quality products and the necessary back up service is extremely important to us. The Australian renewable energy industry has had many companies arrive, make a big noise with their products and then disappear again. Some of those products have come from China and others have originated from Europe. Our approach has always been to thoroughly design and test our products prior to release in our various markets. It is our hard earned reputation for very good products and back up support that has steadily and quietly increased our market share in all of our markets.
ginlong solis inverter

– They make the solar inverters in China, in this factory. Do you want to visit there?

Solis inverter review – Performance

solis solar inverter spec sheet review

Solis 5000 takes on all other Chinese inverters in it’s price range with similar specifications.

Solis inverters have been around for quite a few years now. They are still here, whilst others have come and gone in that time, Aerosharp, SunnyRoo and more recently BOSCH. Not a lot of reputable solar installing companies are offering this Chinese inverter, as they dont like dealing with the high range of faults that Chinese inverters are known for.

AGL Electricity retailer are notorious for selling this cheap Solis solar inverter

You may have been quoted a solar system from AGL energy retailer, they are well-known for using the Solis inverter, and still keep using the inverter, even after many problems experienced with the Solis and unsatisfied customers.

agl solar power and Solis inverter review

Best to steer clear of AGL and their Solis inverter, or you mmay very well end up a statistic too. Click to enlarge.

The Solis inverter is seen to be a favourite inverter offered by the companies who mass advertise, whether it be on TV, RADIO, or the internet. Thanks for reading this Solis Inverter review

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Goodwe Solar Inverter Review


Goodwe Solar Inverters

goodwe Solar inverters

Goodwe Solar inverters are an extremely good value inverter that we are now pleased to say that we are offering.

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Zeversolar Inverter Review


2019 Update

In the 3 years installing Zeverlution model Zeversolar inverters, we have only had one die! a 5kw Zeversolar insatlled last year that surprisingly died within the first month – All was replaced easily by Zeversolar and we had the problem sorted within about 8 days by memory.

Fronius inverters, we have now had 4 fail, and it takes a lot longer to convince Fronius that their inverter needs replacement under warranty, but we usually have the Fronius setup and replaced within 17 days of customer letting us know.

*Our install ratio of Zeversolar inverters to Fronius are 1:1 (we sell roughly the same amount of Zeversolar and Fronius)

*since the end of 2018 Zeversolar has been sneaking the price up of Zeversolar inverters, compared to the bottom end of the market – i.e Your Goodwe’s, SunGrow, Solis’s and stuff… We think they have realised that they are on a good product and know that they’re Zeversolar Zeverlution is brilliant. They also have Australian born workers at Zeversolar in Australia. Not having to speak Chinglish, as needed with the other inverter manufacturers.




2017 Update

Finally the 4 and 5kw Zeversolar ZEVERLUTION inverters have arrived in Australia! 

We have been waiting for these as they are the first 5kw inverter made after the German company, SMA’s takeover a few years ago. The new 5kw Zeverlutions include WI-fi as standard, can upgrade to a 10 year warranty for just a further $150 and because they are rated at 5000 watts we are able to put 6.5kw of panels into them!

99.25% owned by SMA… Too good!

How to Set WI-fi monitoring up for Zeversolar inverter?

Here we have uploaded the manuals from Zeversolar to help you understand how to connect your Zeversolar inverter via wi-fi using your Iphone.

Connecting a Zevercom using an Iphone

Creating a Zevercloud Account

Queensland Solar and Lighting has been using Zeversolar inverters with fantastic results for over 6 months now, after we gave our former Chinese inverter – JFY inverters a flick, that we decided to write a Zeversolar inverter review.

zeversolar inverter


Let me introduce Zeversolar inverters by suggesting that they are a ‘cheaper solar inverter alternative to a European inverter – namely the German SMA Inverter, or Austrian Fronius inverter. Nevermind the Italian made ABB Aurora inverter – Nearly any inverter sold is easily better than that Italian dog box, hands down.

Zeversolar Inverters Website

Zeversolar – Best Quality at Best Price

ZeverSolar inverters are for those customers who don’t mind what country the Solar inverters are made in, as Zeversolar inverters are Made in China. But most importantly, Zeversolar inverters are for those who want piece of mind knowing they are getting a fantastic inverter with an even more impressive warranty behind the product. This is Zeversolar’s strength. You see, unlike the majority of Chinese solar inverters sold in Australia, Zeversolar actually has an Office and Representation here. Sure, that alone doesn’t mean much as horrendous inverter competitors such as ABB and JFY do too, but what sets Zeversolar inverters apart from the rest is the fact that ‘Zeversolar is part of the SMA Group’ and if you don’t know who and what SMA (a German company) are in the solar industry, it’s worth more than your while to check them out. SMA are the Ducks Nuts or Bees Knees of the solar game. SMA offer the best inverter on the market, the SMA SunnyBoy, but it comes at a price, over $1000 more in price than the Zeversolar – put simply, SMA’s Chinese inverter alternative.

Sma Zeversolar chinese inverter - part of the SMA Group

Zeversolar – Part of the SMA Group.


Zeversolar inverters are not an SMA Product. They simply are owned by SMA. If you are familiar with the Australian car market back in the 90’s… remember Daewoo’s, cheap Korean cars, yet not bad, and excellent warranty service. They were not a Holden, but all part of the General Motors group, so your warranty ultimately lied with General Motors. Daewoo actually now go by the name of GM Korea. What GM did to customers in Australia who purchased Daewoo’s at their local Holden dealership, for those who opted for a cheaper Daewoo Sportswagon over the VT commodore wagon, was take the risk out of Daewoo potentially closing the doors while in Warranty period for their customers. Just like SMA operates with Zeversolar. Put simply, there has to be no more SMA, for there to be no more Zeversolar. A Daewoo wasn’t a Commodore, but it was a car, and a Zeversolar isn’t a German Made SMA SunnyBoy, but it is a solar inverter.

SMA Takeover of Zeversolar

Zeversolar were once named Eversolar, this was earlier on, before the mighty German SMA solar company bought into them in 2012, as SMA were losing many solar customers to those in the market looking to install solar onto their houses and using good ‘bang for buck’ Chinese solar components.

In the beginning Zeversolar was only 70’% owned by SMA, nowadays they ramped up ownership to 99.25%

Who knows, maybe preparing to Manufacture SMA Sunnyboy’s in China in the near future? 2017 answer, YES! SMA 5kw inverters are now made in China!

Zeverlution series solar inverter

Zeversolar Zeverlution is by far the best Solar inverter Pound for Pound on the market right now!

ZeverSolar now has a new inverter range out, THE ZEVERLUTION S, and it does seem very impressive. Only available for 1.5kw, 2kw and 3kw at the moment, with the bigger inverters to come out later in 2016. These inverters are keeping up with the latest in solar inverter technology offered by reputable competitors around the globe. With the inclusion of built in wi-fi connection, and 5 year standard warranties upgradeable to 10 years at the price that the Zeversolars are sold for, with the warranty that is provided clearly make the Zeversolar inverter a personal favourite of mine.

1.5 – 3kw Zeverlution Datasheet

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Sunteams Inverter


Do you own a KLNE Sunteams inverter?
Has it stopped working?

KLNE Sunteams inverter

The terrible KLNE Sunteams inverter… Get it replaced!

Has your KLNE Sunteams inverter become faulty?
These KLNE sunteams inverters have been known to be amongst the worst inverters ever installed on solar systems in Brisbane and around Australia.

At Queensland solar and lighting we have been getting many phone calls and emails from customers who have a broken Sunteams inverter sitting on their wall, and no longer powering their solar panels.

The worst thing is, these solar panel customers call us warning the contact information for KLNE. We cannot help these customers as KLNE is no longer around. They flooded the market with these inverters back 2010 2011. They had many solar power systems in Brisbane and Gold Coast hooked up with their Sunteams inverters, but have failed to show up when their customers need them most, in the event of a KLNE Sunteams inverter warranty claim!

We believe that KLNE went into liquidation as they could simply not keep up with the demand of inverter replacement needed. Put simply, this inverter was so bad that was the end of the company. The Sunteams inverter was and is horrendous.


Do you want to contact  and phone KLNE  (KinLong New Energy) for their inverter warranty? Ha, good luck!

All we can tell Sunteams inverter customers is that there inverter is out of warranty and all we can do to help them is replace their faulty KLNE Sunteams inverter with a brand new JFY or SMA warranty. This new inverter replaced by QLD Solar and Lighting will come with a 10 year warranty and will service their Brisbane solar system very well!

KLNE Sunteams inverter warranty

Don’t believe everything Photon magazine pumps out… one thing for sure is that they cannot rate and score on reliability – Clearly!

Another option you can do, is have these inverters fixed by a local inverter repairer if the inverter failure isn’t too traumatic. However, in this case you will still be out of pocket around $500 and steel, with a inverter that is known for its faults, and also an inverter with no warranty. For this reason it is just best to write off your loss and whack in a new JFY or SMA inverter.

A poor man pays twice, just get the faulty some teams inverter replaced.

KLNE Sunteams inverter review

KLNE Sunteams inverter review

KLNE Sunteams inverter review

These inverters are so poor that they are not even worth doing a KLNE Sunteams inverter review on. The solar inverters are just horrendous. However, if you are reading this in 2015 I would say that you have definitely got your money worth out of the solar inverter, and consider yourself lucky, as there are many many other customers who weren’t so lucky and had to replace their inverter fairly soon after installation. As you can imagine, this left quite a few solar power customers pierced off with KLNE Sunteams Inverters, and rightly so!

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So a few years ago you thought you would put  a solar power system on your home and you thought that getting the cheapest quote possible was the way to go, so off you went and went with the cheapest quote that sat on your on the kitchen table, the beyond building energy quote. Well, didn’t that turn out to you bite you on the bum?


sunny-roo-inverter warranty

What a Struggling inverter the Sunny Roo 5000TL turned out to be! Have you been SunnyRooted?

Beyond Building Energy – Sunny Roo inverter

So along came beyond building energy, a few weeks later and installed your system complete with a sunny roo inverter. You had now been sunny rooted!

Let me clarify what it means by saying that you have been sunny rooted – your sunny roo inverter now no longer has a warranty. It’s a boat anchor, and probably a very good one at that. Your SR 5000TL is dead!

Replacement and Repair – Sunny Roo Inverter Warranty

This inverter was doomed from the beginning, a terrible inverter with a solar installation company who had entire interest in the inverter, and also the warranty with that. Beyond building Energy actually owned sunny roo inverters.

So you’ve stumbled across this page in search of sunny roo inverter warranty. Well, I’m going to now tell you that no such sunny roo inverter warranty exists, the sunny roo inverter warranty disappeared the same time that the beyond building energy when out of business.

The good news is you have a solar sytem on your roof of your house now for at least three years and it’s been working well. Up until now.

The generous feed in tariffs that the government were dishing out back then and  unbelievably cheap prices that beyond building energy were selling the solar systems for means that, all the more likely your system has well and truly paid for itself. Now that’s a good thing. DO NOT REPAIR YOUR SUNNY ROO inverter, you will continue to waste money!

Beyond Building energy receivership

The thing is that now you have a dead sunny roo inverter with no warranty, and this sunny roo inverter will need replacing. This is going to cost you money.

The good news is that Queensland solar lighting can replace your dead sunny roo inverter. We can replace it with a quality Chinese inverter inverter, such as a JFY inverter or perhaps this time around you want to do it the entire opposite way of how you first did it, and get the best inverter in the market, a German SMA inverter. Either way that this is done, you are surely going to end up with a better result than having beyond building energy go out of business on you and at the same time forfeit your inverter warranty.

Every week we get a few calls from  beyond building energy customers calling us up and asking if we fix sunny roo inverters or if we have a suitable replacement inverter for them and their system.

We are  always happy to help these customers who’ve been burnt in the past, we will show them how to operate their new and far superior inverter. We show them how to troubleshoot and identify any problems that may arise in the future.

We really want all our customers to feel that they really understand what a solar inverter is, what it can do further them, how to operate it, how it operates and why it is important that it is always working for them.

sunny roo inverter review

is your Sunny roo inverter not turning on too?

There are a few clever people around out there who are fixing the sunny roo inverters that have died. However, while these people can easily fix the inverters, the inverters are also prone to breaking again. Then you guessed it, under no warranty. This is the reason it is best just to replace the whole inverter, get a proper inverter and do it properly from the beginning.

Replacement inverter price list

if you need to replace your sunny roo inverter because it is faulty and not turning on, the below price list applies to you if you live in Brisbane or Gold Coast.

Inverters that we install come with a five year warranty minimum. These inverters warranty is backed by Queensland solar and lighting and also the solar inverter manufacturer’s warranty.

Please see below for the replacement inverter pricelist



1.5 KW $1100 — $1700

2.0 KW $1200 — $1980

3.0 KW $1400 $1590 $2295 (DUAL TRACKER)

4.0 KW $1500 $1600 $2460 (DUAL TRACKER)

5.0 KW $1600 $1700 $2700 (DUAL TRACKER)



Sunny Roo Solar Inverter Error Codes and Descriptions

LCD Indicate Designation Description Repair
Er00 DC_BUS pre-Charge fail The inverter is in soft start procedure, but the DC Bus cannot reach and maintain anticipative charging voltage 1. Disconnet ALL PV (+) or PV (-)
2.Wait for a few seconds
3. After the LCD switches off, reconnect and check again
4. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor
Er03 INVERTER voltage
The inverter output
voltage is abnormal
Er07 DC_BUS over-voltage The DC BUS inside is lower or higher than expected
Er08 DC_BUS under-voltage
Er17 EEPROM ERROR on the control board EEPROM data is wrong
Er19 DC_BUS discharge fail Capacitors of the DC Bus can’t be discharged down
Er22 Output relay fail The Sunny Roo inverter output relay is abnormal
Er24 Output current sense fail The inverter output current fails to detect
Er25 BOOSTER_A over-current Over current on the DC side. This fault code is displayed if the current in the DC network is larger than specified.
Er26 BOOSTER_B over-current
Er30 Rating setting of driver board does not match EEROM of control board EEPROM data is wrong
Er06 EPO Inverter enters into EPO mode (Emerge Power Off) 1. Remove the short circuit occurred at the EPO terminal
2. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor.
Er09 Inverter output over-current Over-current on the AC side. This fault code is displayed if the current in the AC network is larger than specified. 1. Turn off AC breaker, then check the peripheral AC system configuration and the grid connections.
2. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor.
Er11 Inverter over-load Overload on the AC side. This fault code is displayed if the load on the AC network is larger than specified.
Er13 INVERTER short circuit Short circuit on the AC side
Er14 INVERTER PLL fail The phase of inverter can’t synchronise with the utility.
Er29 INVERTER output DC current over spec. The DC component of the electricity fed into the grid is longer than permissible range.
Er10 Inverter over temperature The internal temperature is too high. 1. Try to reduce the ambient temperature.
2. Move the inverter to a cooler place.
3. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor.
Er18 Heat sink over temperature The heat sink temperature is too high.


Sunny Roo Solar Inverter fault alarm codes and descriptions

LCD Indicate Designation Description Repair
AL00 Utility voltage over-voltage Utility voltage greater or smaller than the permissible value 1. Wait for 1 minute, if the grid returns to normal, the Sunny Roo inverter automatically restarts.
2. Check grid connection, such as wires and connectors
3. Make sure grid voltage and frequency meet the proper specifications.
4. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL01 Utility voltage under-voltage
AL02 Utility voltage over-frequency Utility frequency greater or smaller than the permissible value.
AL03 Utility voltage under-frequency
AL04 BOOSTER_A Input over-voltage Over or under voltage at DC input 1. Disconnect ALL PV (+) or PV (-).
2. Check the open PV voltage is outside the 120Vdc ~ 500Vdc
3. If PV voltage is normal and the problem still occurs, contact your local distributor for help.
AL05 BOOSTER_A Input under-voltage
AL06 BOOSTER_B Input over-voltage
AL07 BOOSTER_B Input under-voltage
AL08 Anti-Islanding No utility or utility fail 1. Disconnect ALL PV (+) or PV (-).
2. Check grid connection, such as wires and connectors.
3. Check grid usability.
4. If utility is normal and the error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL09 Inverter voltage unbalance Inverter voltage waveform is unbalanced 1. Shutdown inverter (unplug PV generator from the input).
2. Check grid usability and restart the inverter (plug PV generator back into input).
3. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL10 GFDI Leakage current on ground conductor is too high. 1. Unplug PV generator from the input, check AC peripheral system.
2. After the problem is cleared, re-plug the PV. Check the PV-inverter status.
3. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL11 Isolation Fault The impedence is between PV (+) & PV (-) and ground is lower than 2M Ohm. 1. Disconnect ALL PV (+) or PV (-).
2. Check the impedence between PV (+) & PV (-) and ground. The impedence must be larger than 2M Ohm.
3. If error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL13 Phase or utility fail No utility or utility fail 1. Disconnect ALL PV (+) or PV (-).
2. Check grid connection, such as wires and connectors.
3. Check grid usability.
4. If utility is normal and the error code keeps recurring, contact your local distributor for help.
AL14 Waveform of utility fail

Below are also some pictures for you to download with the relevant error code.

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter alarm codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes

Sunny roo inverter error codes



Thank you for reading our sunny roo inverter review and also our information about beyond building energy receivership.

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Samil solar inverter review


Dependable and affordable, Samil solar inverter review


Heard of the Samil solar inverters? In fact, ever heard of a solar inverter? Whether yes or no, you are just about to find out whether this is an applicable solar power system for you? Therefore, read ahead to get the Samil solar inverter review.

In brief, a solar inverter is a unit which transforms the direct current output received from a PV solar panel into a utility alternating current. This is then supplied to commercial or residential electrical grids.

Moving ahead, let us see if the Samil solar inverter review is favorable or not, whether it is a good buy decision!




  1. Introduction Samil solar inverter review

The company Samil, is a leading and well known inverter manufacturer, started in China. Samil Power Company Limited is a part of the Samil Group. This segment was formed mainly for the purpose of manufacturing solar inverters. The company has ISO certifications which add to the certainty of the quality of the Samil solar inverter.


Samil solar inverter review

We have tested and installed a few Solar River inverters. We were not impressed.

  1. Product range

There is a whole variety of the types of solar inverters available, as far as the Samil group goes. From having micro inverters to having MW station, they have inverters for setting up in a single small residential roof top to having facilities for medium sized commercial purposes.

The inverters are also doing well globally with the Samil solar inverters being increasingly installed in countries like Germany, Spain, China, France and others.


There have been many Samil inverter failures.


Samil solar inverter review

Risky Business? This is a Commercial solar customer that had a Samil fail. We had to replace one of the 4 inverters within the first 12 months. We told him that more than likely we may have to be back again

  1. Features


Here are some features of one of a typical Samil solar inverter.

  1. PV Grid-tied Inverter

These are simple and flexible solar inverters.The utility is for small PV systems. There is a very easy installation process and the inverter reduces the impact of dust. The inverter is also open and interactive. These solar inverters are also very secure and effective. To add to that, there is a free access to the company’s power monitoring panel. Lastly, there are very good warranty periods promised.


The inverters have become quite popular in many countries. These solar inverters give a very good value in terms of the product performance and also have first class manuals and specifications written for support to solve any further doubts. In addition, there is a continuous marketing effort with sales people constantly trying to sell these inverter systems.

If you believe the word of the solar magazines, the inverters have been rated excellent. In fact it is also called the best inverter in Asia. The quality has always proved poor when we have used them. Moreover, the efficiency rate of the inverter is also excellent with the efficiency rate being around 97%. – This could be why we have seen so many fail.


All in all, the inverters are a poor choice. We have had too many fail to recommend installing one. The solar river series of the Samil inverters are installed all over world wide. Keep them in a clean and dust free environment, and these solar inverters will perform as is required. This ends the Samil solar inverter review. 

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Fronius Solar Inverter reviews

Fronius inverter sales in Brisbane
Fronius solar inverter reviews

The new and Improved Fronius Galvo for three-phase use in Australia

November 2017 – Queensland Solar & Lighting visit Fronius factory in Sattledt, Austria

Fronius inverter factory Austria

The Queensland Solar & Lighting CEO made the flight over to Austria to find out for himself exactly how the Fronius inverters are built and constructed.

I was happy for them to show me around the factory and meet the workers, and all the Fronius bosses that look after Fronius technical support and customer care in Australia. Fronius have an impressive workshop and factory. It is clear why Fronius now make the best Solar inverters in the world.

Fronius inverter sales in Brisbane

Queensland Solar & Lighting enjoyed their time at Fronius factory in Austria.

Although it was cold, it was well worth the trip, and we got to go Skiing in the nearby town Sölden.

Queensland Solar & Lighting have a very healthy working relationship with Fronius. How many solar companies in Australia can say they have visited the Fronius inverter factory in Woop woop, Austria? Not many.

Introduction to Fronius

Fronius has long been a front runner in doing intensive research development for innovative solutions over the last 60 years. They have been in the field of creating new solutions and technologies for monitoring and controlling energy. Fronius are also front runners in battery charging systems and solar electronics, as they have their own Fronius Battery made for the Fronius Symo Hybrid (Their 3 phase solar inverter) currently, but are very close to releasing their Fronius Primo Hybrid inverter.

Fronius, a European company from Austria, is known for producing products of very superior quality and high performance unlike the constant cheap rubbish inverters that are dished out by China in the masses.

Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius has developed a wide range of products in system monitoring and also has a grid connected inverter which has high performance as compared to others. Fronius has been in the Solar photovoltaic area early on since 1992 and started by selling their grid-connected solar inverter in 1995.

Today Fronius offers a wide product range of solar inverters, they have developed both 3 Phase Solar Inverters as well as Central Inverters. It offers both transformer based and transformerless solar inverters to cater to both the European as well as the USA, and Australian solar markets.

Fronius inverters are also a partner with Tesla and have exiting new Hybrid inverters due for realease next year that will work with the Tesla Powerwall.

Current Fronius Inverters we sell – Fronius Primo Review – AUS vs INT

We sell the Fronius Primo 5.0 AUS as our most commonly sold and poplular inverter. The AUS is the purposely built for Australia version Vs the International version which could have the potential in running hot as the AUS version can handle a lot more DC current thann the INT version – The AUS version is built on the Primo 6kw-8kw design and frame. You can even see on the Fronius Primo spec sheets where it says the obvious difference, meaning that the AUS version is ‘derated’ and wont be working as hard, or getting as hot as the Fronius Primo INT version. Fronius knows now that inverters get hotter in Australia than most other parts of the world so they have made the AUS version like this. You can see on the photo below, you can design much better and more flexible systems with the Fronius AUS model.

Fronius Primo AUS vs Fronius Primo INT Fronius solar inverter reviews

The Fronius Primo AUS will be the perfect solution to a house with a tricky roof as the inverter can accommodate a bigger variance in string sizes

Why we recommend Fronius Primo inverters over SMA SunnyBoys?

There are a few reasons why you should buy the Fronius Primo inverter over the SMA Sunnyboy.

Reasons being:

  • Fronius has extended their 10 year inverter warranty until 1st January 2016 – A similar warranty costs an extra $500 with SMA – Get in while it is on offer!
  • Fronius Primo is only around 18 months old, whereas the SMA Sunnyboy has been around for 8 years or so and is being left behind and stuck in the past. The Fronius Primo is truly ‘Next-gen’ compared with the older, but still reputable SMA Sunnyboy. For example, the SMA Sunnyboy has Bluetooth or the need for Ethernet connection whereas the Fronius Primo is more advanced with a direct WIFI connection to your home WIFI router.
  • Fronius Primo has the benefit of being able to add the Fronius SMART METER to your solar system so you can not only see what power the solar inverter is producing, but also how much power your home is using, and how much more power you could use without drawing from the grid. The Fronius Primo and Fronius Smart Meter is truly an impressive combination. A similar offering by SMA at this point in time can cost you around $1000 – YIKES!
Fronius Primo inverter review, Fronius solar inverter reviews

Fronius Primo – Our favourite inverter

Fronius Solar Inverter Downloads – Fronius Spec Sheet

Fronius Primo AUS Operation Manual Instructions

Fronius Smart Meter information

10_year_warranty_2016_5+5 year for Fronius Inverters Promotion

Fronius Primo AUS Datasheet Spec Sheet

The soon to be released Fronius Primo Hybrid 5kw inverter


Fronius Solar Smart Meter Review

The Fronius Smart Meter is an outstanding gem because it improves life, especially where solar power presents new problems for homeowners. Spoiler Alert: the Fronius Smart meter is the solution to those problems.

The Hurdle To Be Overcome

Solar is a tough deal if it is simply put in place and then left up to homeowners. Not all homeowners are engineers or very interested in doing the work to get the most out of their solar system. Reading inverters and making calculations on efficiency is work, but it is essential to getting the most out of solar. What happened is that most homeowners would give up and stop looking at the inverter. When their electric bill arrived, and it was expensive, that is when the homeowners cared.

The Real Issue

The homeowners, simply stated, were not utilizing their solar power when it was available freely from their system. That meant the electricity they were producing and needed for their home use was getting sent off to the grid for 8 cents. That was not what the brochure said when you went all in to get solar! Even worse yet, you had to guess at improving self-consumption timing. You tried using all of the appliances right at dusk, or mid-day. Were you supposed to have to guess when you could use the electricity?

An Unexpected Answer

Get up-to-the-minute information whether you are on site or at work via reports that show historical usage and energy production. It will also include information such as when the inverter is sending power out, and to subsequently turn on the pool pump to make use of your power.

Solutions That Missed The Mark

But how, when there have been so many other monitors and meters that just did not perform as expected or needed? Many inverters can perform some remote work, but it comes at an added cost. The reason that you invested so much money into solar was not to get roped into some other financial game. In addition, these inverters are unstable and not well designed. At the least, inverters are less expensive and a tool that is beginning to have use for more typical consumers. for

Both the Watts Clever and the Watson Meter missed the mark. They are unreliable, quirky, and not even accurate. They are not worth buying because they do not work. Both SunnyMate and ImmerSUN market their solar diverters, as they call them, as an aid in consumption. Financially they do not make sense.

One way to limit exporting of power is through the use of a twenty-four-hour-load shift timer. This is a reliable and economically friendly manner to minimize power being exported. Here is how it works. Set the pool timer to be on and running when you would normally be exporting power.

The problem is that the weather can change or if there is irregular consumption to overcome. On cloudy days when there is lessened production, or during upsurges in daytime usage, set the pool to run anyway. If not set up right, it will cost money with an increased power bill. In those cases, you will have to leave electric devices off during peak hours.

The Real Solution

Fronius Smart Meter is three-pronged, including its Datamanager, Smart Meter, and the Appliance Relay. The Datamanager is internal and records and relays the actual production information about the inverter to Fronius.

Fronius has an online platform for monitoring, called SolarWeb. It is not a new concept, just that this is the best execution of it. It makes Fronius a bellwether in the industry.

SMA and ABB cannot hold a candle or a solar panel to Fronius’s performance. The monitoring solution is seamless. It makes it easy to set up Solar.web as part of the installation process.

The Smart Meter is an add-on that connects externally. The main point is to measure the export power. It is essentially a digital kilowatt meter, so it is not new. The fat that it integrates so seamlessly with Solar.web is what is new. It is both user-friendly and provides useful and informative graphs to the smartphone app or desktop.

Knowing With Certainty

It is great to have some data that helps paint a clearer picture of when to run appliances to avoid selling back needed electricity, and ending up with a bill in return. Knowing how much of your produced power is getting sold to the grid for a cut rate is great information.

The Appliance Relay is the part of Fronius’ Smart Meter that takes all of the information that the Datamanager and smart meter record. The inverter can signal appliances to turn on when your solar system over-exporting power that you are producing.

Put the appliance relay to work with your hot water system to turn it into a solar appliance. It is like turning your hot water into an energy storage tank you bide your time. You could connect the relay to another big energy consumer, your pool’s pump.

This Smart Meter has an appliance relay, and that is what sets Fronius apart. The Symo Hybrid inverter is the absolute best device for any homeowner who has solar on their home. It is available and ready to use today.

Combine this with a solar battery, either the Tesla Powerwall, Fronius’ Solar Battery to get reliable electric power every night. No more guessing when it is safe to use the electricity and hopefully no more astronomical electric bills. After all, you invested in solar and should be getting to benefit from it.

Old Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius inverters below were not so reliable as they should have been in Australia. This is put down to the hotter climate in Australia that seen regular failures on the old Fronius IG ranges.

1) Transformerless Solar Inverters (IG TL Series)

This series is targeted at at single-family homes, agricultural or commercial operations, it comes with the standard system monitoring. This series offers 5 inverters in the range of 3 – 5 kilowatts.

2) IG Series of Inverters from Fronius

This series of inverters are targeted for installation in home as they come in a low kilowatt range. For better protection from the weather, they also have a solar inverter which is suitable for outside installation.

3) IG Plus Series of Solar Inverters from Fronius

This is an improvisation over the IG Series and is available in power ranges from 3 to 12 kW .There are both 3 phase and single phase inverters.

4) Fronius CL Series of Solar Inverters

These are central inverters and are the largest inverters offered by Fronius and come in 3 sizes of 36,48 and 60 kw.

5) Fronius IG Central Series

This series of Central inverters are targeted towards photovoltaic systems which need power in the range of 24 kW

Benefits of Fronius Solar Inverters

Fronius inverters offer many advantages and key features like –

  • These inverters have been made by combining many power panels into one inverter and thus they always lead to giving the maximum yield
  • The MIXTM concept which they use ensures an extended inverter service life, since there is an algorithm which handles input voltage fluctuation
  • Fronius inverters have been designed with PC board replaceability in mind, so that if an issue arises the entire unit does not need to be disassembled
  • Fronius has a unique Ventilation concept which seals away dust getting into the internal parts.
  •  An innovative approach to inverter design which ensures the perfect design
  • An excellent brand name in the Solar energy area
  • Fronius is acclaimed by all customers to provide superior service
  • Diverse catalog of inverters to choose from
  • Fronius offers the best warranties in the solar inverter business ranging in 10,15 and 20 years , which places it above many other inverter manufacturers.
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SMA Inverter Review



SMA inverter review

Sma Solar inverter Review – The SMA inverter is world recognised as being the best in the business.

Australian SMA Inverter Website

My quarterly electricity bill is only around $500 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?

What is the Best Solar inverter in the world?

Undoubtedly so!  No one can overlook the years of reliability the German SMA Inverter company has pumped out since it’s founding in 1981.

This review was written in 2014, before Fronius released it’s FRONIUS PRIMO 5kw inverter. 2016 see’s us in favour of the Austrian Fronius Primo – Click here to see why!

These brightly coloured and often attractive looking boxes in an otherwise dull solar-industry have proven year-after-year to stand the test of time!

They are truly a remarkable inverter, popular with solar enthusiasts around the globe as the inverters are second to none.

They have all the Bluetooth monitoring, Remote monitoring,  detailed info of your solar harvest for even the biggest solar FREAK / GEEK to get into.

Although Chinese inverters have wireless monitoring features at a fraction of the cost, they are simply all rubbish in comparison to the reliability of the SMA Inverter. Why anyone would need to know how many KWh their little 3kw system bolted on their Brisbane home’s shed roof has made, while they are on holiday, 15,000klms away is lost on me… anyway, that’s a debate for another day – Suppose just to make sure their system is working?


Whilst these SMA INVERTERS have an impressive track record when it comes to reliability (They still do fail too, you know – They aren’t totally immune from failure – Although some SMA Fanboys and Shonky salesmen will tell you otherwise).

When it comes to the Performance of an SMA they appear to be up there with the best performing systems in Australia, ad in particular, this region locally. No surprises that most of the systems that put out the most Kilowatt’s, have an SMA inverter included in the DNA of the system.

The old saying is true when it comes to solar inverters, “you get what you pay for”.

Effekta Inverter Review

We have replaced too many of these inverters, see the proof for yourself. GERMAN DOESNT MEAN BETTER! We replace Effekta inverters. If you have a faulty Effekta inverter with an error code, we will install you a new inverter, with full warranty.

effekta inverter review

But what do you pay for an SMA INVERTER?

As much as the quality costs in my opinion. Really, you can get a similar Chinese inverter, however the reliability will be terrible, for example, a JFY INVERTER, you will have great difficulties of late getting in touch with JFY to offer after sales and service. If you want as much hassle free solar system as possible, make sure you get an SMA inverter.

If you have the cash to get an SMA inverter – in my opinon, do it! the cheaper Chinese inverters and their manufacturers are truly hit and miss.


The SMA inverters are the best inverters in the world, other mobs such as Fronius are trying to keep up, but fall well and truly short If you want the best inverter money can buy, it’s a German Deisgned and Manufactured SMA Sunyboy, or if you have 3 phase, it is an SMA Tripower. I hoped you have enjoyed reading my SMA INVERTER REVIEW.

Use your brain, stop procrastinating (I know you’ve got 8+ solar quotes in front of you), and actually GET A ROCKET UP YOU and get some panels on your roof and start SAVING MONEY! -Grab yourself a Solar system today!

Although the SMA is expensive, Not one person would have regretted the decision in including it as the main component in their home solar system.

5 star rating as SMA Solar inverter’s are simply the best in the business today, and have been for a very long time! – But in 2016 the Fronius Primo is well and truly established in Australia as the leading inverter for choice.

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JFY inverter Review






JFY INVERTERS have turned horrendous, like many CHINESE COMPANIES before them, They are good for a period of time, then BANG – ALL of a SUDDEN (Like Growatt – Read Here) they STOP RETURNING OUR PHONE CALLS and EMAILS, AND HELPING CUSTOMERS who have had their JFY INVERTER stop working and want after-sales assistance. Effectively meaning that their 5 or 10 year warranty doesn’t mean a thing if your solar provider/Electrician or JFY don’t want to know about the issues that your Faulty JFY inverter has!

  • We have known about JFY’s inverter problems for 3 months now, and do not sell it anymore.

A message to JFY Inverter customers and installers, WE ARE NOT JFY – Please do not contact us in regards to a JFY fault in Woop Woop, SA or QLD, or VIC or wherever you are. We feel your pain also, but unfortunately cannot help.. all we can say is ‘keep at them’ – We are not JFY

JFY were doing so well for the best part of nearly 4 years in Australia, but now, they have become like all other Chinese Inverters before them, HORRENDOUS for AFTER SALES SUPPORT AND SERVICE.




JFY Inverters have been proven to be the best Chinese inverter on the market for some time now!

While we have been in the solar game for quite some time now, we have seen our fair share of absolute garbage inverters, and a few that are considered absolute rare gems!


The Jfy is a sound piece of equipment. Very reliable, top performance (even out-performs SMA in local area)

My quarterly electricity bill is only around $600 per Quarter, Do I really need a 6kw solar system?


This is the JFY SOLAR DOG – Wireless Monitor – Please call or email us if you would like to buy one. S199 delivered

Coupled together with the WIRELESS SOLAR DOG, it really is the inverter with all the bells and whistles at more than half the price.

Buy JFY Wireless monitor – JFY Remote Monitoring 

Not a lot of people know that the JFY’s offer JFY Remote Monitoring device. We can assist and help you buy a device so you can do some JFY Remote Monitoring of your own.

JFY WIFI Adapter



We now have the JFY WIFI Adapters in stock! $250 – Postage included

Do you want to buy a JFY Solar Dog? for JFY wireless monitoring? We sell the JFY Solar Dog and can deliver to anywhere around Australia for $199 inc Delivery! Please call us or email [email protected] if you want to purchase the wireless monitoring device for your Jfy Inverter today. – We have been selling these things like crazy! We have just placed a new order!

Why buy a JFY Solar inverter Vs German SMA or Aurora inverter?

Because it comes from China! – Not a bad thing, your Iphone or Ipad does too remember!

They have more service Centres in Australia than ANY OTHER INVERTER company!, meaning your warranty is always safe! – see here – Jfy Service Centres in Australia

It is such a blessing to install on a hot summers day, clicks in, mounted all within half the time an Aurora is mounted and is up and firing!
I would recommend the JFY Inverters to any potential solar customer. They are the best chinese inverter you can get I say. Make sure you copmpliment your JFY inverter with a JFY Solardog Wireless monitoring device.

Trannergy, SAMIL, AURORA (SO OVERRATED!!), Delta, Growatt… – ALL TERRIBLE, and we will not install, even if you insist. We believe we know better than your neighbour/friend/family member.

jfy inverter review, Solar power brisbane

The JFY inverter is a very good inverter!

But we have been told to only use German inverters?


What a load of shit!!

Do you only drive German cars?

Seriously, surely you would stop and ask yourself, ‘why do chinese inverters exist?’

They exist because they work! If they didnt work do you think we would install them?

Do you know how much money we lose having to go out and replace a faulty inverter?

IT’s TWO trips to the customers house, rather than just 1!

Obviously we would want to have done enough Testing and Research to ensure we are not installing everyone with cheap, nasty inverters!

It’s not in our best interest to go back a second time to your house!



Introducing the JFY 3 phase inverters, SUNTREE series. Here is what a happy JFY inverter had to say about an install for a 10kw systems on his Brisbane business, using a 10kw JFY Suntree inverter.

commercial solar power system review Brisbane

We recently installed this Commercial solar power system in Sumner Park, Brisbane. This was a 10kw system using Luxpower Solar Panels and JFY 10kw Suntreei inverter. This is what it produced the very next day after installation!


The text below sadly no longer applies to JFY and their inverters!

The Manufacturer’s importers ALL replace the inverters and give $200 credit to the installer for doing so as well.

The warranties for JFY inverter is Paramount.




I Hope you have enjoyed reading this JFY inverter review, as much as I have writing it. Let me know if you hate a good Chinese inverter, and for what reason. Or perhaps you will share with me, your love of your JFY 5000TL or JFY SUNTWINS 5000TL.



JFY Australian Website


Click here to download the JFY Inverter user manual to view the inverters capabilities.



Had a solar quote from another company? check our 5kw solar system prices here!


GET A ROCKET UP YOU! – Stop thinking about it, Get a solar system.




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