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Solar Panel Installation in Brisbane

3 January 2018

Today, the popularity of solar panels continues to grow rapidly. More and more people are choosing to make the switch to renewable energy in Brisbane, and for very good reasons! As it turns out, there is virtually nothing to be lost from switching… Read more

Solar Panel Installation in Brisbane | Solar Power | Solar Inverters – QLD

8 November 2016 Read more

CSUN solar panels reviews

4 March 2019

CSUN solar panels reviews

csun solar panels-logo - selling csun solar panels in brisbane and gold coast

China Sun Energy, or CSUN as they are more commonly known, is one of the largest manufacturers of solar panels in the world. In the past the business operations of CSUN was mainly focused on producing solar cells for … Read more

LG Solar Panels – Neon R

27 September 2018

LG Solar Panels – Neon R series


LG Solar’s history dates back to 1958, when the company (then GoldStar) was founded. Only in 2004, after consolidating several solar research laboratories under the LG Electronics umbrella didRead more

6.51kw Premium Solar System using Jinko 310w Mono Perc panels and Fronius Primo Inverter

15 June 2018

Jinko 310w Mono Perc panels and Fronius Primo Inverter

6.51kw System



This system has only just been made possible this morning, 15th June 2018 as our wholesaler called us and let us know the exciting news – Jinko Mono PERC… Read more

6.48 KW Solar System – Tier 1 Panels – German Owned Inverter with Consumption Monitoring

19 April 2018 Read more

REC Solar Power Panels REVIEW

13 February 2018

REC Solar Panels – The European giant

Founded in Norway in 1996 REC Solar is currently the largest European solar module manufacturer.
Despite being founded later than most of its European competitors like Solar World and SolarWatt,
REC Solar… Read more

Longi Solar Panels Reviews

27 January 2018

Longi Solar Panels Reviews

Longi Solar Panels are the latest premium solar panels to hit Australian shores. They also arrive with the latest technology, so can make for an excellent bargain among those seeking higher efficiency panels with… Read more

Different Types of Solar Panels

3 January 2018

Solar panels have been identified as an important player in a future geared towards the greater use of renewable energy sources, and have therefore become much more apparent in the energy-saving market worldwide.

When it comes to purchasing… Read more

How Do Solar Panels Work?

2 January 2018

Solar panels have been around for some time now, but very few people can describe how they work. First of all, solar energy is energy provided from the sun. Fortunately for us, we can manipulate this energy for human use. How? With solar panels.… Read more