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Is there a ray of hope for Clean Energy Finance Corporation?

9 August 2015

Clean energy finance corporation’s hope:

As you must have thought by now that the new government’s measures against renewable energy were over, a small hope has come for its escape. Has it or has not? In this article I will talk about the… Read more


9 August 2015

Pacific energy summit in NZ

Though not covered by mainstream media, powerhouses of the world do meet to discuss recent developments. The powerhouses I refer to are energy producing nations that met recently at a very significant energy summit.Read more


9 August 2015

Removing the dirt using solar energy:

All of us have come across at least one strong headed environment activist who is convinced that renewable energy is the way into a bright future. There are many however who opposed the idea saying that not… Read more

Australia should go for Alternative Energy Forms

5 August 2015

 Depletion of fossil fuels has always been a concern with nations worldwide. Leaders have been searching for other forms of energy, harnessing which will help them face the threat from future energy crisis.

Alternative energy sources… Read more

Why is Solar Energy Still Popular?

5 August 2015

Many countries in the world have started using solar power in a big way. Initially, since the governments reduced the tariffs and supported households as well as business to start using the energy. Solar systems are still popular among small… Read more


4 August 2015

The most interesting developments in the field of science are always the new discoveries or inventions. The same applies to the renewable energy sector. It is a sector that is rapidly expanding, both in terms of investments as well as technology.… Read more

Can Australia Dream to be the Next Energy Super Power?

2 August 2015

 In the recent times, Australia has been hailed as the next super power in renewable energy sector. As the country is blessed with vast landscapes and open coats, the hearsay could be more than true. This is not just in the case of solar energy,… Read more

Subsidies for Alternative Energy Affecting Lower Income Group?

2 August 2015

When most of the countries are analyzing the positives of solar energy sources Australia is debating about the increased electricity charges. Australian consumers seem to deal with energy poverty. While not all are affected by it, lower … Read more

Solar Energy to Lead by 2050

30 July 2015

Study says Solar Energy would Lead by 2050

As per the latest study by Deutsche Bank, Solar energy is to dominate other traditional energy resources, like fossil fuels, in terms of production and usage by 2015. The report stated that in the coming… Read more

Solar Energy to Provide More Electricity to Africa?

30 July 2015

Africa to get more electricity

It is a well-known fact that most of the African villages and, some cities, sustain themselves without electricity, affecting their day-to-day living as well as many other industries.

World Energy Outlook Read more