If you are renting or own a warehouse, more than likely your lighting is coming from the high bay lights that are situated on the roof.


High Bay lights

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High Bay Lights are used when there is high-ceiling space to light area of at least 15 feet in distance. You will find High Bay Lights in many industrial and commercial manufacturing plants. Gyms, small and large warehouses, and retail shops of various sizes. All the  lamps mostly that are used in high bay rooms are made of Mercury and many other outdated chemicals which are not only damaging to our earth and environment, but also are becoming rarer and harder to get. Ther are a lot of varieties when it comes to the amount of how much Mercury  the lamp is mad up of,  mostly considered are the high output T5 tubes and the induction fluorescent lights – these offer a smaller percentage of  mercury.


Light that comes from a standard fluoro tube or incandescent bulb is not strong, bright or powerful enough to have the boost to light a room safely for the area needed for high bay buildings. Special High Bay Lights are needed in this instance. The Proper long distance lamps for such rooms are listed as follows,

These are all examples of High Bay Lights:

  •  (HID) Metal high intensity discharge lighting lamps
  • (HID) Sodium High pressure lighting lamps
  • (HOT5) fluorescent T5 High output lighting lamps
  •  fluorescent lamps that operate on Electrode-less induction. These lamps are really cool!
High Bay Lights

This is a new LED High Bay light that we have in stock in our NSW warehouse

Metal halide HID lamps are the most popular and common found lamps on the market. You will find these in over 90% of commercial and Business buildings with High Bay Lights.

The Sodium HID lights are considered to be very degrading when it comes to quality meaning they are a very expensive option and alternative when shopping for High bay lighting in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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We recommend everyone swap and switch over their existing 400w High bays to a brighter and more efficient 150w LED HIGH BAY LIGHTS equivalent.

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