Growatt Inverter Review


We welcome you in reading our very own Growatt Inverter review. We can write about these Growatt products extensively as we used to use them extensively. For a few years we were installing the Growatt Inverter until the range all of a sudden started to fail on us Mid 2012.

Growatt Inverter Review

This is the Growat Shine Vision

We were sent over these in many containers, and we seemed to be happy with them for quite some time.Then all of a sudden we had them fall over like flies!

After Growatt initially started replacing their damaged and non-performing inverters, they soon didn’t want to know us.  Once they realised their profits were evaporating from their bigger failure rates, they soon worked out they would only be losing money if they answered a phone call from us.

In the end they did the right thing by us, but our perception of the Growatt inverters and relationship with Growatt has been tarnished.

While we always did our best to make sure we would have our Growatt customers had another working inverter installed on their side wall within 2 weeks, it sure is an embarrassing, annoying, costly feat we would ultimately like to avoid.

Growatt are very, very Chinese.


Growatt Inverter Review

The Growatt 5000MTL was heavily installed by Queensland Solar and Lighitng until mass failures.

Since this we have changed our aim and ramped up our relationship and orders with Zeversolar inverters. These JFY inverters have proven to be a superior unit compared to the Growatt models, from our yield measurement, beating them in performance and ultimately reliability. The SMA Zeverlution inverters are proving to have a failure rate of not much more than the SMA SUNNYBOY inverters at this stage! ( yes, this is NOT BULLSHIT)


Growatt inverters – The Good

We are nearing 2017 and Growatt are still making solar inverters and are still around to replace them. The best thing about the Growatt inverter is that we can install 6.5kw of solar panels on to them!

Growatt are proving to stick around in this cut-throat industry, which is fantastic. A feat in itself.  Growatt are a common inverter for those who want the

We believe other solar companies are using the Growatt inverters still. I’m not sure how they go for replacing them under warranty. They seem to have a few reviews.


faulty growatt inverter review

as you can see, here is one of our many faulty Growatt solar inverters we have had to replace for our commercial solar system customers.
We now know to eliminate Growatt as a inverter to use. This was installed on a local Toyota car yard.

We hope you enjoyed reading our Growatt Inverter review.

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