Gold Coast Solar Power


With the intention of reducing the dependency on fossil energy, in the recent past Australia has been encouraging the use of Solar energy and other renewable sources of energy across Commercial and Residential locations.

There are many rebates which schemes which act as an incentive to have Solar systems installed. By this the emissions of carbon and green gases are reduced, the depletion of the fossil energy is reduced and the cost savings are many.

Solar Systems in Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a very sunny city and has thus found a very good benefit of encouraging the use of Solar energy. The in-exhaustible energy source coming from the sun’s rays is converted into electricity through Solar panels which are installed in buildings. Thus you get clean renewable energy at a low cost.

While multiple alternate energy sources are available within Australia like energy from Wind, Bio Gas, Bio mass and hydro electric but Solar continues to maintain a significant presence  with more than a million installation of panels across houses in Australia.

Advantages of going Solar in Gold Coast

By moving towards Solar power , the residents of Gold Cost can experience many advantages, some of them being :

  1. Making use of the Renewable Energy rebates which the government offers for installing Solar energy
  2. Reducing the electricity bill considerably by powering appliances through solar power.
  3. A very Good return on investment – by installing a solar panel, within a short time the savings on electricity bill will offset the cost of solar installation itself.
  4. Low maintenance of the solar systems and they come with long warranty on performance.
  5. Excess solar energy generated which is not used by the house, can be fed back into the system to get credits for it.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Powering Gold Coast

QLD Solar and Lighting has been an established name in the Solar energy area in Australia for a long time now. They started off their operations in Queensland and since then have successfully grown and made a foray into other cities like Sydney, Brisbane, Narooma, Victoria and also Gold Coast.QLD Solar & Lighting is a distributor and an installer of Solar and offers a wide range of Products and Services which help their customers in moving towards Solar energy.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting

QLD  has developed its own knack for making it easy for customers to get Solar systems installed. Some of the benefits that comes in partnering with them are :

  1. While many products are available in Solar panels and inverters, QLD has done an indepth comparison of all the available brands and can offer the best and most efficient solution for your requirements based on efficiency needed and space available.
  2. Has an experienced team which works with you from starting to end for making a smooth move towards Solar installation.
  3. Has an excellent Customer Service network across Australia and has a short turnaround time for installation.
  4. Offers sound and cost effective solutions.