So you have seen many Euro solar advertisements on the TV lately? And you felt the need that the Euro Solar systems TV ad special deals warranted further investigation so you decided to type into Google ‘Euro Solar reviews’ because you wanted to see what the public and previous customers think about Euro solar as well.

euro solar reviews

These guys market heavily, but whats their story?

QLD Solar and lighting hass done the homework for you when it comes to researching Euro Solar reviews and complaints.

Euro Solar are what we call a national solar sales company. This means that their only interest in solar power systems is selling them. They employ skilled salesmen, who are very keen and hard-working because they knock on a lot of doors trying to sell their stuff. ‘Their Stuff’ – We will get to that in a moment.

Euro Solar in trouble in August 2017 for supplying panels that are not eligible for STC’s!

This is some incredible news that has just come in, you can read more about it here.

We could not believe the story that this guy told us!

The door-to-door salesman that Euro solar have, are pushing APS solar panels with JFY inverters (the worst inverter you can get) and are priced more expensive than we sell them. We believe they are selling these more expensive because the door-to-door salesmen have just created an exclusive solar lead for themselves. This means that the potential customer is sitting in front of their door-to-door salesmen, waiting for the customer to make their decision, usually on the spot in a high-pressure situation. In this situation, the customers don’t have time to research the solar panels and inverters that are on offer to them. They certainly do not have the opportunity to make their own enquiry or research into Euro solar reviews on the Internet.

In fact, if this same customer purchased the exact same system coming from a Euro Solar TV ad as they did from the solar door to door salesman, they would find themselves to save thousands of dollars on the price of the exact same solar system.

Eurosolar STILL giving themselves fake and dishonest reviews in 2017

Oh. This is too outrageous to think they would still carry on like this, but we have proof!

The other day we received a SPAM SMS from Euro offering solar to people they were once in contact with. We have no idea why we are on their contact list after having telling them to remove before, so we replied ‘YES we would like contact with them’ – That way we can tell them again to stop sending us their annoying Spam SMS messgages. Modafinil drug

2 hours later we are notified that we had received a 1 star review on Google by the name of ‘ Jai Singh ‘ – I thought to myself Hang-on, we have’t dealt with a person named Jai Singh. Checked our database and it appears we have never ever spoken to a Jai Singh.

A few hours went by and it was playing on my mind, who is this Jai Singh that rated us 1 star?? No staff here could recall of dealing with what sounded to be an Indian customer for some time… Then it hit me. The Eurosolar SMS I had replied to earlier in the morning. They had not called me either…
I tried to find information on this Jai Singh character and not long into my hunt I found that just 2 days earlier he had left a glowing 5 star review on EuroSolar. You can check that here. Quite unbelievable, I thought to myself.  The guy obviously is working there, gave himself a 5 star review, spams our business via SMS and leaves a 1 star review for us. Phentermine online

euro solar sms spam

Here is the Spam message that started it all. Not the first time they have contacted me either. How did they even get our number?

eurosolar reviews 2017

This one is a bogus review folks. EuroSolar have it in for us big-time and it is evident why, we have been truth telling for sometime now.

Euro Solar reviews fake

They had already been find and warned to stop doing this, but it appears they just ignore the law and do whatever they please. I would take all Euro Solar reviews with a grain of salt, especially after seeing that they even pay money to that review website to be featured on there.

We have fantastic evidence that Euro Solar do not like this web page either. They have been trying to make it hard for Search engines to bring up this page if anyone searched for reviews on EuroSolar.

Euro Solar russian backlinks

As you can see EuroSolar do not want the publice to read this page. 10 years ago you were able to link from dodgy Russian websites to decent websites and Google would drop them from their search engine results.

Full blown .RU Russian links folks targeting this Euro Solar review website, with the Anchor text ‘Euro solar’ and ‘eurosolar’ in the hope that this page stops coming up in search results when in fact, all it is doing is giving us more to talk about!


It appears Eurosolar are still hiring dodgy electricians and doing poor installs in 2017! STILL! I couldn’t believe what this recent customer was telling me, well I could… but somewhere deep down inside me I thought maybe EuroSolar have sorted themselves out by now, but it appears not. Have a listen.


APS solar panels have been around for some time now, over 4 years. In this time we have seen no major product recalls, as we have with other more glorified solar panels (i.e Trina). APS Solar Panels have proved to be a cheap solar panel. The APS solar panels appear mostly to be working well on many installs, but reports nearly 5 years later have come back not so good, but expected considering the APS solar panels are as cheap as a solar panel you can get.

They have only been called APS solar panels for the last 18 months I believe. This is because ACCC has made them change the name of their solar panels from ASP, which stood for Australian Solar Panels. These Australian Solar Panel’s were one hundred percent made in China. However, Euro solar salesman were flogging them off as ‘Australian Solar Panels’ – that doesn’t sound too honest, does it?

Because of this, dodgy EuroSolar salesman have dragged their cheaply-built, average performing panel with a lack of warranty support through the mud. You can read our APS Solar Panel review here.

APS solar panel reviews

Here is the former Director (before he got the sack) standing proudly next to his cheap Chinese APS Solar panels that they were trying to portray as Australian Solar Panels.

Not only were the Euro solar salesman going around telling all their customers that they were Australian solar panels, but I also remember on their website that they stated that they had a factory in Brisbane. I definitely don’t think they manufactured any solar panels in Brisbane, do you?

euro solar reviews

Have a go at this, too funny!
You wont see us writing ‘sorry letters’ in the public. We are honest people.

What we do know about APS solar panels is that they are a cheap solar panel, that over 4 years now has so far proven quality issues and consistency in the market. You will find and read many people in forums bagging the christ out of APS solar panels, you  will find many people saying that their APS solar panel has begun to turn Yellow, have snail trails, or Hail damage. Once again, over 4 years of installation on thousands of Australian homes, they have proved to be a fantastic working solar panels.

Australian Solar Panels – or now APS Solar panels’ on them are a cheap panel if you are looking for a well priced solar system,but it is for this reason, that EuroSolar (has a terrible reputation in the industry) have tried to claim they were Australian made solar panels. If there is any reason  moreso to speak bad about the APS SOLAR PANELS this is it – Not only because they are a bad solar panel, because so far we have only seen cheap things from APS solar panels in nearly 5 years, and sadly that is not a good thing to say. Choose other solar panel manufacturers.

Euro Solar Reviews – Fake Testimonials

2013 was not a very kind year for Euro solar. Three months before the ACCC intervened and made them change their name of their AFP solar panel to APS solar panel in order for them to stop trying to deliberately deceive solar panel customers misleading them from where the solar panels were really made, the ACCC upped them for the rent in regards to giving themselves fake testimonials on their website. They had their own employees give themselves a good rap. They were fined $145,000 for this. They must not be very good if they have to give themselves fake testimonials-what do you think?

Is this above video testimonial one of their fake ones? You be the judge.

ACCC’s investigation found that their misleading testimonials were made in newspapers on the TV and online. Even going as far as trying to blatantly deceive customers with the whereabouts of where their Australian solar panels were made, as they know that Australians will pay more money if a product is made in Australia or Germany rather than China. This is especially true when it comes to solar power equipment.

It’s just crazy that Euro solar are out there still getting sales, and installing solar panels on people’s roofs. Euro solar are a nationwide solar sales company. As I said before. One vital thing about nationwide solar sales companies is that they only have one head office and it’s more than likely in a capital city of another state to where you live. Secondly, the solar installations are often done on a budget and primarily by subcontractor solar and electricians. This is definitely not what we do. We have our own solar electrician install team. These guys are all in-house employees and have worked for us for many, many years.

Please read here to see what this website has said about Euro solar. With this many Euro solar reviews on the Internet all saying the same thing, I wonder how many Euro solar customers are in fact happy? I’m sure there would be a few, but maybe not a very good percentage of customers.

It turns out that the director of Euro solar had to stand down and is not allowed to operate a company for three years now because of Euro solar is once misleading and deceptive ways.

Euro solar have definitely made news in the solar industry, but not much of it good.

If Euro solar has knocked on your door and offered you a quote, or if you have had a positive experience with Euro solar, please let us know. We would love to hear from you.

Contact EuroSolar

People who have been trying to contact EuroSolar in Brisbane have often complained about not being able to get through to the guys at EuroSolar to cancel within their 10 day cooling off period. You have either two choices. Keep trying to get through to EuroSolar on the phone or Email, or just give up.