Brisbane Commercial Solar Power


In the recent years, Australia is encouraging more and more Brisbane commercial solar power and use of solar and other renewable sources of energy in residential and commercial both. The government offers rebates and subsidies for commercial enterprises which are going the solar way. Since Brisbane gets a lot of sunshine throughout the day and for most of the year, installing solar panels will give benefits throughout the year.

Many commercial facilities are looking towards installing Solar panels on their rooftops, so that their electricity bills can get offset. They look for high efficiency panels which will be tolerant to temperature and pressure and give high efficiency output with low maintenance costs.

Brisbane Commercial Solar Power

we install 50kw solar systems, for commercial property and local businesses

Brisbane commercial solar power is installed all the time!

commercial solar power system review Brisbane

We recently installed this Commercial solar power system in Sumner Park, Brisbane. This was a 10kw system using Luxpower Solar Panels and JFY 10kw Suntreei inverter. This is what it produced the very next day after installation!

our other installs.

Advantages of going Solar for Commercial

Commercial facilities have realized the advantages in going the solar way, key amongst them being –

  1. Reducing the electricity bill and thereby combating the growing energy rates.
  2. Moving to a source of energy which is reliable, green and renewable.
  3. Availing subsidies from the government as a part of special rebate schemes which it offers for companies which go the solar way.
  4. If excess solar energy is generated than can be used, the excess can be fed back into the grid. This will give credit points on the electricity bill that will lead to further reduction in bill.
  5. As most appliances run during the day, on sunny days most of the solar energy can offset the electricity needs.
  6. Solar water heaters can be used for water heating purposes, as hot water is a key consumer of energy, this will lead to significant savings.

QLD Solar and Lighting – Brisbane Commercial Solar power

Sunpower make a Great solar panel for businesses

Though QLD Solar and Lighting started off as a Queensland company but they have a strong presence in all other regions and cities like Sydney, Victoria, South Wales and Brisbane commercial solar power too.

QLD offers services across Solar panel and system installations in both residential as well as commercial buildings and give a cost effective solution to their customers.QLD deals in solar panels of all leading brands and only use the best quality products which give the highest efficiency output.

Benefits of going with QLD Solar and Lighting

  1. QLD comes with a vast experience in both residential as well as commercial solutions and offers best fit solutions for their customers. Brisbane Commercial Solar power
  2. QLD Solar and Lighting has an established presence in Brisbane and a network with all solar panels and is a strong distributer of all the top brands of Panels.
  3. QLD Offers a comprehensive design for its customers since they have a good view of the pros and cons of all the panels and know exactly what will work for the customer.
  4. QLD makes the whole process of moving to Solar very simple. You order a quote and within two weeks they finish installing the panels.
  5. QLD offers the services of expert technicians and specialists for all their installations who are experts in commercial solar installations.
  6. QLD uses the best products in their installations and offers long term warranty on performance and workmanship.

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