Beyond Building Energy was a solar power company that had many offices in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. This company was known for selling very cheap solar power systems. So cheap that it effectively would bring Beyond Building Energy into receivership and liquidation.

Beyond building Energy

Beyond Building Energy – Definitely turned out to be the most non-sensible solar choice you could make

We here, at Queensland Solar and Lighting have had many phone call and email enquiries asking us if we help out beyond building energy solar power customers with their not-working solar inverters and faulty solar panels.

Beyond Building Energy – Sunny Roo Inverter

sunny roo inverter review

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Beyond Building Energy was known for not only installing Sunny Roo solar inverters, but also being so involved that we are led to believe that they were the main distributors of the Sunny Roo inverters and received thousands of these dodgy solar inverters in large shipment quantities from China. The sunny roo solar inverter is profusely known as one of the worst solar inverters to ever hit the Australian market. You can read about the sunny roo inverter here and also what to do if you need to replace your faulty sunny roo inverter or if you think that it is covered under warranty – which it definitely is not!

Beyond Building Energy – Warranties

The interesting thing about Beyond Building Energy and their warranties on all products and workmanship, is that they had the best in the business!

When everyone was out offering  their honest five-year inverter warranties and also standard five-year workmanship warranties, Beyond Building Energy was out there offering their ridiculous 10 year inverter warranty on what had proved to be a really bad piece of junk of a solar inverter.

So now there are many customers who had solar panel systems installed in Brisbane and the Gold Coast by Beyond Building Energy who believe they still have their solar system covered under warranty by Beyond Building Energy.

However, when they go searching on the Internet or ring the office number that was on the solar sales Representatives business card, they find that the phones are disconnected and emails that they are sending out to beyond building energy are just bouncing back!

This just goes to show that in some cases the length of warranties or what they cover don’t mean a damn thing! The poor old Beyond Building Energy customers have no customer service phone number to call or contact and no one from Beyond Building Energy to give them a helping hand when in need.

Beyond Building Energy warranty

What do now that your BBE System is not working?

So what we tell these disgruntled Beyond Building Energy solar customers is that all they can do is replace their Sunny Roo Inverter with a new inverter with full warranties while they are that, it is often advised, that they should really consider replacing those or performing and terribly built in manufactured 190 watt Monocrystalline panels.

These systems were also not installed as well is customers may have like them to be. They were the work of some very ordinary early sub contract installations, and it is highly advised that any beyond building energy customer has their existing solar system thoroughly checked out by a current CEC approved solar installer. This is to make sure that everything remains safe and protect you against a possible solar panel calls house fire. We hope that you have better luck with your solar system than you have had with Beyond Building Energy.