It is now 2015, and we have been getting many enquiries now in regards to solar systems that are operational either now, or at a later date with batteries.  These are known as Hybrid Solar systems, or ‘off-grid solar systems’.


solax solar inverter

We are now selling the Solax hybrid inverter quite heavily, as it is often asked to be quoted on, by customers who have batteries for their solar system in mind.

solax x hybrid inverter brisbane

The Solax inverter is very affordable for those wanting a ‘battery ready inverter’. It is only a few hundred dollars more expensive than the SMA Sunnyboy inverter made in Germany. The Solax inverter is made in China.

Solax hybrid solar systems brisbane and queensland

You may call or email us to receive a free quote on the hybrid Solax Inverter.

Click here to see how the Solax hybbrid inverter systems work.