Have you been installed by a solar company who doesn’t want to hear about the issues you are facing with your solar power system?

Anish is the head of the customer service team at EuroSolar. From time to time he sends us his calls he has with real customers who have fallen victim to ‘buying cheap, but buying twice’.

Anish’s style is… how do we say? His delivery to his customers is very blunt.

Anish’s phone calls are a great example of what can go wrong with buying cheap solar systems. As you will be able to see with many of the phone calls, the warranty a customer has with the solar system – panels, and inverters, can amount to nothing more than ‘a pinch of shit!’

Just because a solar panel comes with a ’25 year warranty’ or an inverter comes with a ’10 year warranty’, you really need to have a good think if there is a possibility of having a potential phone call similat to one that Anish’s customers experience. As is evident, It’s not just the solar company’s that can dodge waranty, but also inverter and panel manufacturer too.

Have a listen to Anish’s phone calls below