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Renewable energy given credit for 70% carbon dioxide emission reduction

25 August 2015

70% of CO2 emission reduction due to renewable energy :

Renewable energy and implemented energy efficiency measures have finally accomplished a quite uncertain possibility in the recent days. According to a report by Greenpeace, there … Read more

Misinformation by energy utilities crippling renewable energy?

6 August 2015

How long will energy utilities revert to misinformation to cripple the renewable energy target?

One of our previous articles dealt with the idea of big energy utility companies blaming green power as “the sole reason behind electricity bills… Read more

Renewable Energy: What do Australians Support?

5 August 2015

It’s a well known fact that fossil fuels are depleting pushing the world almost to the verge of an energy crisis. But to face this threat, countries are shifting focus to alternative energy sources like thermal, solar and wind energy sources.… Read more

Tony Abbott’s fabrication on renewable energy adjacent to Australia’s future

4 August 2015

Tony Abbott’s fabrication on renewable energy adjacent to Australia’s future

Tony Abbott’s government has battered up a controversy on renewable energy sources by taking up an antagonistic standpoint to it. Abbot has fumbled on the little… Read more

The feud over renewable energy is inciting a furor in Australia

3 August 2015

The agitation and dispute surrounding the renewable energy is grabbing awareness. This debate is taking attention away from the vital area of climatic concern and is taking up a more political facet. The government has consistently misled… Read more

Top Energy Company tricks people, campaigns against renewable energy?

31 July 2015

Top Energy Company tricks people, campaigns against renewable energy?

What can make your already high electricity bill look even nastier? A message printed on the extreme right side, on the lower half of the document in bold red letters-

“Estimates… Read more

Poor Nations Spending More on Renewable Energy Sources?

30 July 2015

Renewable energy sources: Poor nations

For many years, renewable energy resources have gained attention of many countries across the globe for their low production cost, energy efficiency, energy availability and less dependency on traditional… Read more

Solar Technology- The Blessing of Renewable Energy

15 January 2015


Solar Technology- The Blessing of Renewable Energy


Modern solar technology has enabled us to conserve power in many delightful ways, and one such way is converting sunlight into electricity. Solar panels are being increasingly used for
Read more

Renewable Energy in Australia

31 July 2014

Renewable Energy in Australia


Abc 4 Corners have filmed a fantastic story on renewable energy in Australia.


If anyone has an interest on what lies ahead for the future of renewable energy in Australia and the world, this story … Read more

What Is the Best Battery for Storing Energy?

3 January 2018

Solar batteries serve an integral purpose as an energy-storing solution for a variety of applications. As Australia’s dedication to supporting a cleaner future through the use of renewable energy resources has increased, so has the push… Read more