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Best Quality 6kw Solar System in Brisbane & Gold Coast

We know you have searched Google for the best valued solar system, and the best possible price! So we have put together a page to deliver an offer that is perfect for you! Below is our most purchased solar system. Did you know 90% of our customers purchase a Jinko/ Fronius package these days?

Or you can call us and see what we can offer closer to your price range, if the $5900 is a bit steep for your budget.

Premium 6kw Solar System

  • 23  x 260 Watt Jinko Eagle Solar panels
  • 1 x Fronius Primo WITH Fronius Smart Meter or SMA SunnyBoy 5000 inverter


Cheap Jinko Solar panels special deal in Brisbane

Our most popular solar system sold.
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For Just $5900 we can install a 5.98kw (6kw) Solar System on your roof using 23 x 260 Watt Jinko Eagle Solar Panels.


Solar Panels – Jinko 260watt Polycrystalline

Jinko panels are the most popular Tier 1 solar panel in Australia right now, and has just became world’s number 1 solar module supplier in 2016! 

Jinko Solar panels Downloads

Jinko Eagle 260 watt Spec Sheet 

Yulara Case Study – Jinko Australia

You can read more about what we’ve written about the Jinko solar panels we supply here.

Jinko’s Website

Solar Inverters – Fronius Primo AUS or SMA Sunnboy

Fronius Primo with the installed bonus of the Fronius Smart Meter has become the hottest selling solar inverter in Australia in recent times, and rightly so. The Fronius Primo, built in Austria, has a 10 year warranty as standard, totally Wi-Fi communications ready (not Bluetooth like the SMA), and we can plug in the Fronius Smart Meter if you have Single phase power at your house so you can see what is exactly happening with the power that you are making with your home’s solar system – Too Good. i.e How much you are using, and how much you have available more to use (can you switch on another Air Con?) and what you are currently exporting back to the grid!

Or If you want to choose an inverter with proven reliability and great track record, you can swap it out for the German SMA for no extra cost.


Fronius Primo Downloads

Fronius Primo AUS Datasheet Spec Sheet

Fronius Primo AUS Operation Manual Instructions

Fronius Smart Meter information

Fronius Website

SMA SunnyBoy Downloads

SMA Sunnboy Australian datasheet 5000tl-21 Spec Sheet

SMA Australia Website


If you are interested in this fantastic Solar System deal using Tier 1 Jinko Solar panels, and a Premium quality European Solar inverter to match, give us a ring or text on 0411 348 400, or you can fill out a quote request here.