Too many people have rung me up lately and are requesting a price and quote on a solar system using these panels. For this reason I have decided to write a REC solar panels Review.


Rec solar panels are recognised to be one of the best solar panels in the world… about 8 years ago.. There is so many better panel options out there in terms of price and performance that we wouldn’t dare mention these things to a potential customer. Remember, we want all our customers to be the happiest solar customers in the world.


The fact that they were one of the better panels on the market back in 2008 means that they were around in the earlier stages of the solar market. They were a Pioneer solar panel and many REC Solar panels review seen them rated highly, and rightfully so.

But it’s not 2008 anymore, times have changed, NSW Blues are about to go 3-0 in an origin series. REC solar panels have had their day on the pedestal. They are simply outperformed by newer companies on the market such as Winaico Solar Panels and Seraphim Solar Panels.


But still we find reports of sneaky solar system consultants who will place a REC Solar panels review (from 2010) under a potential solar system client’s nose, and prey to god that they dont discover the age of the performance report handed to them to glance over. A REC solar panels review from 2010… deadset what a gee up!

REC solar panels review

I wonder how long ago this REC SOLAR PANELS REVIEW was published in Photon /magazine?

The fact that the REC Solar wafer division filed for bankruptcy in 2012 goes to show that this once proud and established Renewable Energy Company from Norway is not all what it’s cracked up to be these days…

I mean, how could any sane person possibly go ANYWHERE NEAR  a company with that type of history and collaboration.

We once installed 1 REC system ever. We told him that we advised against it, and we were happy to get  him SERAPHIM solar panels for a cheaper price. Anyway, his brother knew better. What was even more crazy, this Sunshine Coast resident also wanted it coupled with an AURORA INVERTER would you believe! He could have spent all that money and actually bought 2 decent systems with a JFY inverter, than one overpriced pussbox system in our opinion.

The guy that loved his brothers recommendation of a REC Solar panels review in Sunshine Coast, well he is one of our most dissatisfied customers. And rightly so. His system is not making what he expected in terms of yield, and we have now replaced his Aurora inverter twice within 2 years. I reckon he would have upped his brother THAT HARD about it!  Haha, oh well. Hope it all works out for him.

Thanks for reading our REC Solar Panels review.


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